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Pinworms pinworms deep in the butt
Zelda has pinworms cause Zeldas a slut
pinworms pinworms this is a sin
deep in your anus and how’d they get in
pinworms pinworms greasy and white
pinworms good morning and
pinworms good night.

All credit to Paullywood for the poem and video, damn funny.And another Zelda pinworm poem compliments of a certain someone we wont mention by name.




Would it help if I were to say I cannot make this shit up, and I do mean that literally here.

All credit to Liklik as he now informs us that his love Zelda has the itchy bum bum of a pinworm infection.

Pinworms can then be spread in the following ways: By an infected child not washing hands after using the bathroom. … Pinworm eggs can also be transferred to the fingers from clothing or bedding, and then spread around the home. Eggs may be inhaled from the air or deposited onto food and swallowed.


But the best quote ever is from Liklik: I was licking her asshole and something was liking me back, I put a flash light up her ass hole and I said WTF ???

Brilliant……..Ivlog just brilliant.

We need more happy couples, buTT let’s pass on the pinworm bum infection ok ?




Don’t get me wrong, but I think Zelda could be quite attractive…….with a burlap sack over her head and gagged. Here you’ll see she had a real crazy moment in Vaughn, and loving the attention.




Yes, Zelda the gypsy wants a bucket of cum……all over her fortune telling crystal balls.

ZELDA..I see a tall dark handsome man….with a jacket that has leather straps on it, and a padded cell !!!!


With a voice like finger nails on a chalk board, Zelda the gypsy said “she doesn’t want trouble with Liklik.”

This “never ending fight” with “Liklik The House Destroyer” takes on a new twist………






So a woman lies about her age. No biggie there. Maybe Liklik would be better off with JackieLee. *winks* Just a thought.

Zelda said the interview was “fabricated”, but that’s easy to prove.(or not) Just ask Babs.

admit it