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I received this in an email days ago informing me that Sarah was in prison, but there wasn’t any other statements or comments about it, so I waited in hopes some other news would arrive on her release.According to this she was admitted on 06:20:2018- 09-23 and should be released 06:30/10…today.

I’m sure more news will arrive in time. All credit to the person who sent this in to me.



Once again Patricia Lynn Vaughn has screwed her self with her anus of a mouth as she now has a PUBLIC dispute on FB for the world to see…Big thank you to anon for this info.It all started today as Patricia Vaughn announces her bitterness towards SECURE for demanding that Sarah69 be banned from Vaughn. The reason ??? ……

You got it the whole Sarah69 DUI drinking fiasco that Sarah herself made PUBLIC in her FB not so long ago….But look how Secure PUBLICLY BASHES the HYPOCRITE site manager with her words….PERFECTLY put Secure and long over due. Read the juicy CRAP in RED at the bottom it’s a damn riot of laughs and hysterical hypocrisy straight out of the mouth of Cunt Vaughn herself…enjoyPatricia Lynn Vaughn “Keeping it classy there Secure” lmao…really coming from a sloppy cunt as yourself Patricia Lynn Vaughn…hahahahaha you’re a comedian.
Lynn Vaughn you’re as CLASSY as placing peanut butter on your private parts and fantasizing a 10 year old boy is performing fellatio on you while in fact it’s a dog. I rest my caseWhat YOU allow on your site….is CLASSY…. just like you…..Can’t make this shit up.I would almost be tempted to agree with the douche known as Patricia Vaughn on the matter of Sarah’s drinking not be a Vaughn TOS issue if it were not for both herself and Sarah69 who PUBLICLY announced the DUI charges to everyone, and then Patrica Vaughn then goes as far as to make a PUBLIC announcement stating it was Sarah’s PRIVATE business after it was announced PUBLICLY on FB… This only contradicts the whole damn mess to begin with or can’t they see this ??

And the last word goes to Secure………………






So the the weekend is almost over for some of us but for others the TEST of PROBATION and SOBRIETY is ongoing for both will and nerves that will last years.

And in Sarah69s case she’s already beginning to crumble and crack as she now feels the need to HIDE while posting her FRUSTRATION and ANGER in facebook for all to see. So she decides to lash out in anger in hopes of getting my attention and she succeeded…

I was told her PROBATION began on Tuesday June 27th 2017 and was to last 2 years, but since then the wannabe super model of whining has decided to STOP casting. Most likely in FEAR of being exposed by those of us here, so please continue to HIDE from us booze hag for it’s only a mater of time before your ugly true self is casting again and hundreds of followers of this blog will record the TRUTH. You know the ones I’m referring to on your Facebook on your Twitter on your Instagram…. EVERYWHERE. I mean after all it was your Josh who made this all PUBLIC to begin with and then began to beg for money …it was you who made every statement PUBLIC.

So don’t blame anyone here for your mistakes for it is you who cannot control your urges ….Unless ¬†you’re telling me WE control you ..WE are the reason you mess up…WE are what you fear the most…TRUTH. WE are the ones you now hide from.

Is that it ?????? ……..Is that the real reason or is it because you feel the need to now VICTIMIZE yourself by crying wolf so you may now lay blame on all of us here ???

Bottom line you wont make it….You haven’t the brain or the soul to do it. And I know you’re SHITTING your pants right now, trembling in fear and reaching for that bottle of booze. Remember Sarah I have 2 years to wait on you…don’t slip up.

And to the dumb twat of Vaughn, Miss Scruffy it CERTAINLY is our business and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

However you may wish to see what our anons have uncovered over the weekend.

A THREAT directed towards Adambro from Chicagoknight on a Sarah cast. Please take the time to not only READ it but then to REPORT it to the local authorities per your request…REMEMBER ????

YOUR WORDS… Miss Scruffy…So what ya gonna do big mouth???

UPDATE from Sarah69

Ok and so nothing changes.


All credit to Scruffy…Sarah and the anons who drop the screen shots in our chat.Let us begin with the comments from Scruffy…Make sense yes ???Sarah’s words not mine…PLEASE keep this in mind according to Scruffy it’s “HER BUSINESS NOT OURS”However over the weekend she consumes more alcohol, and then begins to BEG for CASH $$$$$$$$…Imagine that. Can’t make this shit up.Last word/screen shot on this post is goin to Roco…….

Now we sit back and wait. Let the PROBATION BEGIN….Good luck Sarah69

It would seem not everyone on Vaughn is thrilled with Sarah’s homecoming from jail, in fact one caster had a message for Sarah.

It takes GUTS to make such a bold statement on a site run by folks like the Vaughns…also takes GUTS to stand for something even when it seems you stand alone. Good for you.