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All credit and thanks to Pedro for this major breaking NEWS announcement from the fish eyed watery mouthed Hebrew lover …SAM….All I wanted was a bagel.
Yes, you heard me right, it appears SAM is done for the umpteenth time. I was in Jessica’s room this afternoon and there was a lot of SAM talk and she meantioned that he was getting phone calls, his sister was getting phone calls, etc. Not sure what the calls entailed but I guess it was enough for SAM to delete his iVlog account, AND he deleted his YouTube channel. Could this be the ultimate end of SAM or just another one of his “I’m done!, I’m fucking done!” rants, only to be back in a week or two. Time will tell.
Good day Sir,
Could Sam be with child ?… Could Jessica be the next president ?…  Could Lizzy and oldman Yetta finally be the couple they’ve always dreamed of ?…. All this and many other unanswered questions on our next episode of as CUMvlog turns. 

The Ivlog bar has been raised by Sam can any other caster stain/attain this level of liquid integrity ??

I’m a lil speechless from all this verbal diarrhea, but seriously Sam did you drool from your ANUS or is this a gag, or should I gag ??

Is  it any wonder why Sam is so runny when after all look at what he consumes for dinner.

All credit goes to SamsUnderwear for the shitty pic.





All credit and thank you to the person who sent me this video on the post.

What we have is a very recent Liklik cast where he confirms that both he and Sam will meet up at Sam’s home sometime during the upcoming weekend. However according to Liklik there may be more to it then that it may involve Sam finally spreading his wings and tasting the honey nectar fruit of a female..Oh la laaaaaaaaaaaa.

Or Liklik may offer Sam a mouth watering wiggling bowl of pinworms fresh from…..well you know. Or he may simply smother Sam with a pillow lol.I still have no words for this.




Can’t make this shit up, but this is serious.

I’ve known for many years Shawnio is a perverted psychotic sicko who lives in the muppets blog pretending to be various people, hiding under many names and profiles, but his recent comments have gone too far. You wanted attention Shawnio….you got it, so don’t cry to me deal with it.

I do believe that’s it’s Shawn W McQuaide and his internet terrorists comrades over in the other blog that have called Sam’s sister on the phone by spoofing his number and having take out food sent to Sam’e home 20 or more times a day.


This is the EVERY DAY.. EVERY DAY.. EVERY DAY.. EVERY DAY… EVERY DAY lifestyle mentality of Shawn W McQuaide a typical mental case reject, who has aligned himself with others who live with the same sickness as he. The comments can be found here. I say more ????An old saying if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.







I liked the comment so much I decided to make a shinning example of it and post it.

A quote in the comments 

“AAAAAAND he’s back. Took all of 6 days. And THIS is why NOBODY on these social media sites can be trusted. Sorry folks, dont care what you think, time and time again I’m proven right. No backbone. Liars. Cowards. Thieves. Pedophiles. Drunkards. Beggars. You’re fun to laugh and make examples of though, and trust me, people ARE laughing at you”

Full credit to BoscoMoney who made the comment. And the title quote is from Voltaire.