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I’ve been notified that today is Miss Ryan Jones birthday……and I’d like to thank her for the 45 videos she has recently sent me in emails, you so naughty you.

I will not not disclose the nature of the videos except to say ummm… comment.


Some of you may have noticed I have this particular post in the “Monkeysniffer” category due to reservations about publicly exposing this person. I’m at the point I think a hard smack across the mouth would be more prudent or a swift kick…maybe both I’ll never know.

These Ivlog casters are just a joke the amount of misguided mental misfits drunks..junkies and deranged psychotic train wrecks is a never ending pile of dung.

Oh btw Miss Unamed caster I have a video that goes on for 2 or more minutes with you rubbing your vagina as you sit there smiling and giggling like some crazed sex freak. I could easily post it up but my hope is that you will eventually witnesses your own actions and come to a full ground HALT….That’s my hope.

However the reality is your KIND will never learn….YOU like the others will only blame me and this blog. Like all the others before you…. Sam…Hipperzz…Faroe…Warren…the list is literally endless…..It’s all my fault….you say….I’m the one who hurt you….you say….I’m the one who ruined say….It’ the hate blog…

ME ME ME…blah blah blah.

And as usual you and your type sit in full contempt of this blog and myself all the while never taking responsibility for your own actions. Odd how that always happens.

For the first time ever I have given someone a FREE PASS…this time…but don’t blow it…..The world is watching.

Thank you to the person who sent in the pic and the video..I know this isn’t what you wanted, but then I never promised you your revenge just a post. And I have a pretty good idea as to your identity.



Mumbles to self 1000 times over…Can’t make this shit up.Seems recently dear ol Karensss discovered she had been messing around with the wrong Fixx (her internet boyfriend) Upon discovering the ghastly deed she quickly pointed out that it MAY have been Michelle Stacey who had committed sexy troll time in disguise fooling the dear helpless Karuns.

Did I mention IΒ Can’t make this shit up..????Things go from insane to down right hysterical as Karuns quickly places on her detective gear and using her logic and intuition discovers that Michelle Stacey and Monkeysniffer are one in the same person….Hmmmm MS and MS you dig ? …Course you do <3.

And the truth is YES I am Michelle Stacey….Now enjoy our lil sexual adventure Karunsss see you around <3.

But in the future I will no longer be having SEX in ims with Karens even if he offers me a dozen expired eggs. For 2 dozen I’d have to think on it.














Topcat manages to do it again, so thank you for this gif.It may be Karen and her 2 ( 0 ) ( o )Β  that seem to have an such an effect on the other casters on that site who knows, but it may be contagious.Keeping with the spirit of tit showing I to have decided to reveal my very own lovelies.






It has been an issue that has been brought up in every casting site and in every channel for many years, that some of you out there have a fear from members of this blog or as you like to affectionately call it


So let me clearify when you refer to this blog as “THE BLOG” you forget all other blogs and cast this blog above all others as being “THE BLOG” of all blogs. For this I thank you as it places a wide smile of joy upon my hairy face and makes me proud to be a part of “THE BLOG”.

NO other blog has broken as many records with views as many times as we have.

NO other blog has ever exposed as many PEDOPHILES..SCUM bags and LOWLIFES as we have.

NO other blog has had as much of a loyal following as we have for as many years.

NO other blog has refused to bow down to site owners as we do, and dare smack them in the face so BOLD and PUBLICLY as we do.

NO other blog has accomplished this and more.

So for the cheap black and white 2 cent photocopy wannabes who emulate and TRY to ride our coattails remember this.

There can be only 1…………….“THE BLOG” and that’s us.πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’.

Has never ever ever bent the KNEE and never will.