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As stated a 6min review of what took place on the recent Vaughnmas Christmas special on Sat Dec 8th.

All credit and thank you to the person who sent in the video used on this post.

For those wondering if I watched the Vaughnmas special ? ….NO… I did not watch the mess unfold I was too busy licking my fingers on cam4 in the tranny section.




No idea if this silly pumpkin head jibber jabbering half wit is serious or just playing, but somewhere in her past she MAY have had brain damage. This MAY explain the fact she’s INSANE. Thanks for the first screen grab, 2nd one was my own personal archive stash dating back several years ago.

Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS, and may a baby eat your DINGO





Mark’s at it again, but this time he makes some very suggestive comments on his facebook page.However he’s confronted with someone who decides to challenge the comments and with that an argument ensues. I have no idea as to Mark and his mother’s hundreds of ailments, what I do question is WHY do people insist on placing their woes and troubled lives on facebook for all to see ??? Is this because their sites taken a direct nose dive so now it’s cry me a river on facebook ? We can only guess as to what’s on next weeks ailment of the month, maybe we should take a poll ?

All credit and thanks for Anon sending in the screen grabs.