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All credit and thank you to the person who sent me this image today, I’m assuming this took place recently, as apparently Jackie had a slip during a cast.

I’ve never truly or completely understood what I was looking at, perhaps you can tell me ? Look closely.

I refuse to look

Happy Holidays from the seductive transgender wonder of Ivlog as he manges to not only grope herself but fall over during last nights cast. All credit to Topcat for this healthy holiday dose of prairie fairy shenanigans.

suck my penis.gif

I really do get a kick out of seeing this side of Jackie, but next comes the fall……………………..

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up springs to mind…. However all was not about Jackie no, Zelda got into the act and decided to moon Ivlog. Just in case you’re not up to speed click the link below. And from what I gather Jackie had her own lil moon mishap as well although it was not recorded.

Merry Christmas Jackie may your trans gender casting days be filled with plenty of good spirit and softer landings, if not wear a ton of padding like Helton does.


And people wonder WHY I can’t stand social casters, and the reason is because of the LYING HYPOCRITICAL CRAP they spew from the orifice they have as a mouth. As of this morning I sat back and for a brief second gave my valuable time to capture this LOADING screen shot of the CANCEROUS caster JackieLee on Vaughnlive. What grabbed my attention wasn’t the swirling technical nonsense that VL has become known for. No it was dear ol prim an proper nazi spell checker Cookie/Yetta Pisslips attention seeker extraordinaire.  The DRAMA these two crones regurgitate is enough to feed Jerry Springer’s white trash tv shows for the next 10 years.

Yetta I truly have lost all respect for you as of late not that I ever held you in any high regard to begin with, but to WHINE for all these months over and over and over about Jack and Michelle Stacey, and then literally in a blink of an eye jump right into bed with the ones you bitched about.

The ON again OFF again, HATE/LOVE of some of them is enough to make me sick. Seriously you creepy backstabbing old witches really are a CANCER or AIDS among yourselves. So glad I have nothing to do with the lot of you forked tongued old CUNTS, we can only hope the lot of you keel over quickly and finally clean up the internet making it safer for the rest of us…..amen.







Flipping around on VL and BEHOLD I came across the sexually magnetic alluring JackieLee, omg I wondered are my eyes deceiving me THE QUEEN has returned ???

The answer is YES, JackieLee for some strange reason has returned to Vaughn, gee I wonder why ?

With only 4 viewers, one of which was me lol, she danced and commented to her self very much like Shawnio or Hipperz would during a vacant cast.

Expending 4 whole minutes and 21 seconds of my life on the recording and knowing I shall never get back the lost time has left me with the need for another cup of coffee..Oh btw enjoy the FREEZING on the video courtesy of Vaughn live.


I was informed Jackie was BANNED from CUMvlog, to many folks ganging up on her and making reports due to the Bobb cancerous comments had her removed, so I decided to go back and record a few of her own words concerning what took place during that cast.

As she tries to explain I found it odd her thoughts drifted towards Michelle Stacey as being the culprit in all this, however never does JackieLee condemn or lay any responsibility on Bobb for the cancer comments. I found that to be interesting but typical in all casters who not only seek approval but remain in denial by never taking blame….Bottom line WHO made the cancer comments and WHY ???? That’s the person you need to blame.




I was handed the recent comments that Boob had made just days ago in JackieLee’s cast the same cast that her mods went rogue and stormed the chat in anger.

Wasn’t all that long ago sometime in 2016 when an ex blogger/comrade decided to contact the Vaughn’s by calling them on their bullshit and unprofessionalism, he stated if the owners would not make the necessary changes on their site by removing key individuals then as far as he was concerned Vaughn would be nothing more than a PEDO site supporting trash and would be considered wait for it……………….“a cesspool”.

Well it’s 2018 and that “cesspool” now lives elsewhere a different name a different site a different owner but the same stinking shit it was always meant to be. Oddly enough that same ex blogger made the decision to side with that same site owner of ivlog, and I’m sure he regrets it everyday by not standing by those who now can boast and use the words …..I WAS RIGHT.

The two links below that explain and lead up to this recent post.