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I’d like to thank those for the screen grabs of what has become social medias dirty sweaty armpit….. Ivlog.

The below image of Hardwood holding up a cat exposing it’s backside was sent into me about a day or so ago. I haven’t a clue as to what was going on here so I wont elaborate further. However upon closer inspection it may look like he has his finger where it shouldn’t be. Not sure.

An email sent to me last night with the words …“Faroe & Jessica sure are some strange bedfellows.”Wasn’t it last week Jessica had her cast on Ivlog’s casters of the year for 2018 and joked that she was thrilled Faroe hadn’t won ?  Can you say bedfellows ?

I think these two were meant for one another brought on by some spiritual intergalactic mental institution that hands out meth filled twinkies.

Some fun silly stuff sent in however from my end alot of head shaking and head scratching …What’s going on with folks now a days ??





What started off as a single post quickly become a triple threat post by exposing both social sites Ivlog and Vaughn live at the same time. And I seriously can’t make this shit up.    

So lets start from the most recent and work our way backwards to Friday night.

And of course it’s BK snorting some Cocaine, and what else would you expect ???  I’ll just leave it at that and carry on with the rest of the post…….

However…It’s not been the first time hard drugs were used on Ivlog, perhaps it’s a regular thing ??? The image below was handed to me sometime last summer of 2018.As some of you may now know Karen (o ) ( 0 ) is back casting on Vaughn live and we do wish her well, but it seems one or two of you out there have a deep hatred or anger directed towards Karen, and I do believe it may be guilty by association with regards to Karen visiting this blog for the reason this next bit took place. Now that places us on Friday Jan 4th sometime in the evening in Vaughn live.

When someone decided to enter her cast by the name of Sallyslapper and say ……“No one cares about you Karen, stop casting and end your miserable existence why continue living ? “

Now I must say my first thoughts ran directly to a certain scum bag parasite Canadian formerly of Georgetown Ontario who loves to have 10 yr old boys lick peanutbutter from his penis. And the reason why HE came to mind was this is the EXACT sort of thing he has said to me in the past on dozens of occasions. Along with his other colleagues who are from a certain blog in the UK. Ring any bells ??? ………..DING DING…………

And yes Keith I do know the song….♪..♫..♫…♪..♫…..♫.

That now places us at 11pm in our very own blog chat and as you can see some idiot with the name sickofJews decided to join us, I quickly put an end to his nonsense with a ban. I knew full well if I had not done so this individual and those other creeps in that other blog would then lay claim that I and this blog support racism towards Jews and possibly other minorities. Something that THEY so poorly attempted in the past. You clowns in that blog aren’t so clever shit for brains.Now upon inspecting this individuals ip what should I find a Canadian who’s is living in the west end of Toronto, oddly the same area that Shawnio better known as Shawn W McQuaid now resides in…can you say BUSTED ?

With a recap we’ve manged to expose 2 social casting sites one low life sack of feces and a poorly thought out plan to create a false impression most likely brought on by that other group. Just remember you will always lose Shawnio and company for the simple reason I……AM…..NOT…LIKE…YOU….And everything I do makes you insane.

If I do say so myself great job and thank you to all those who sent in any images used on this post. Oh and Karen please don’t ever take up any negative thoughts in your head you do have a lot to live for.






And the winner is…………… well anyone who didn’t want Faroe to win….THANK GAWD, and he did not win.But what we do know is that the votes were rigged because anyone could go and change their ip by using various browsers and continue to vote multiple times over an over again. As I placed up the link to the votes it quickly became apparent this was taking place as the votes would quickly spike by 5 or 10 each time Mae began to close the gap, no doubt in my mind someone was jimmying the counts on Faroe’s behalf  in fact we here decided to test the theory by successfully changing our ips and voting multiple times for Mae. Thus proving it was indeed rigged.To further prove the results were fake one can easily see the amount of votes that were taking place and those results were……….682 ???Yeah right 185 votes in Ivlog for Faroe a caster everyone seems to despise mock and humiliate multiple times daily ? We’re not blind because there are not even 682 people on Ivlog to begin with, good try there but no luck…HA…. we beat you to the punch sucker, and the numbers don’t lie.Let’s be honest here Faroe is the real McCoy living on a Gilligan’s island as an actual Gilligan who couldn’t find his own nose in the mirror if his life depended on it.

I’ve placed up the LINK again to show you the results but it’s a sham so eh, your call if you feel the need to vote.










I wanted to end 2018 with something different..Maybe controversial ?

I’ve kept this post on hold since Sept 2017 for the simple fact I keep forgetting, as more interesting subject matters and topics become available I just shelve this one and move on. So thanks to the person who emailed it to me so many posts ago and I apologize for keeping all of you on hold.

A few notes before you get started at the 5:00 mark of the video it becomes freaky interesting as this wet moist flower decides to inform everyone of her secret desire to have sex with an 80yr old man, but to then kill him while she has sex with him. What can I say perhaps some of the older fellas need to get in line ?

Several of you out there have repeatedly requested the videos in it’s entirety so without further ado….enjoy…..

In the second vid she desperately asks “daddy” to place his cock in her ass and to fck her…She then explains how she’s a dirty bitch as she continues to moan and groan. However through out both videos she periodically places strawberries in to her vagina. It isn’t  until the ending of the second video that she now lays back and spits the strawberries from her moist vagina. For her sake I’m glad she didn’t go shopping for cold cuts or canned tuna.

Oh well there ya have it. Something fruity something moist and something sweet but most certainly something…….. tainted.




I know what you’re going to say who cares about Ivlog caster of the year seriously  ??

Well some one when to the trouble to send this in so I figure lets play along and maybe we can have some fun with it.

A quote sent in… “Don’t forget to vote in the ivlog caster awards 2018”

However I made the comment below and still with no response.

In reply to ivlog awards.

k…You forgot a whole bunch for example.
Who’s the biggest bitch on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest moron on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest whiner on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest PEDO on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest whore on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest drunk on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest FREE loader on ivlog ?

The below LINK is there if anyone wishes to vote.

As you can see Stupid fat bastard or as I call him Humpty Dumpty is in the lead with 68 votes, and in case your wondering I voted for Mae for the simple reason I really don’t care for any of these silly bastards and never watch them but I did spend time watching Mae’s vagina so I figure that has to count for something. So the weird chick gets my vote.

I just noticed this stupid pig has no eyebrows lol…I was like what’s going on here hahahahahahahaha.As far as Crazy caster of 2018, I voted for the crazy vagina woman again.

Making this post made me wanna go poo poo.