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All credit to Infamousjoewalsh for this recent email sent to me.

I personally cannot confirm or deny this latest news on Fartmanspawn but………..

I do remember Foxman making online threats of beating the shit out of men and women alike and then letting them know he would force rape their mouth with his penis….For those of you who remember his teen story of a much younger Foxman at the age of 18, beating up a 15 year old boy and then forcing his penis into that boys mouth, and bragging about it….. well there ya go. (º.º)…..(º_•)

I can’t say I’m surprised to read this news….I personally thought his repressed sexual desires were common knowledge all over the internet. 

It’s been a long time since I posted a Foxman story and for good reason…HE’S BORING and STUPID.

However seems he’s being stalked by an individual who demands he cast or else be SWATTED. As you watch the video and listen you can hear Foxman ‘s plea for help and some blah blah about some female. No idea as to what DRAMA Foxman has gotten himself into this time. I will say I nor this blog condone or support SWATTING.

CLICK this LINK for the vid     




What ever a “little gay” is, Foxman is it. (but he would say a little bisexual.)

The audio on this is a recording of a re-casting, so please don’t expect much.

If you manage to understand half of what his drunk ass is saying, you’re doing better than me.


Then Foxman goes on to kiss Mark Vaughns ass by saying what a good man he is. (Yeah ok. Kiss it for an un-banning.) NEWS FLASH. Foxman will only get banned again.


Screenshot_3 (4)



Foxman Yawn showing Cock again at the all male (gay?) review
and yet AGAIN going to the shit, but this time he seems prepared…

Fox Penis Pic 1

Fox Shit Toilet Paper


Rocking that 4G life at his local eatery, reportedly the wifi there is wonky,
Frank “Beg For Dem Benjamins” Taylor is all in a tither, it seems whilst getting
his horn “blown” by his love toy Rich, he’s on and on about his $75.00 refund from Uncle Sam…
Don’t “BLOW” it all in one place frank. I mean the e-begging for travel money, things for your cats,
why not go all OG Gangsta and beg for dat data money right? Well, 4G ain’t free Frankie Baby!

FT Horn Blown FT Money

FT 4g No Wifi

So I guess while they wipe gay love off the White House webpage, it’s ALIVE and WELL with
these fine champions of the LGBTQ community Foxman Yawn, and Frank “Beg For Dem Benjamins” Taylor
will continue to share it loud and proud!!!!!!!!!

GPride FT FS

Thanks to those that gave the tidbits of info (please submit any corrections
or additional tidbits to add for UPDATES as needed to me : [email protected])
and thanks also to those people for the fine images dropped in our chat!

Roper Sig Pic 2

TTFYN – Take Time Feeling Your Nuts!
– That Roper Broad

I wasn’t even sure of what I should call his post…the whole thing seems so surreal that an grown man would place an object into his anus on a live cast.Screenshot_6

But that is EXACTLY what he did, I don’t when but I suspect it’s recent.


Should you be surprised  ????   Not really he’s done before several years ago infact. Added on are the countless ass shows the penis shows and the whole mess all together it’s amazing this clown is still ticking.Screenshot_2 (2)


I was informed this ANUS probing actually took place today and was even featured on Vaughn live….hooray anyone ???  (º_•)

Thanks to all for the pic on this post