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A quote emailed to me……

“We have known Foxman Shawn has said some racist shit in the past, but here is a recent video someone posted to YouTube where he admits to hating certain minorities.

Shawn Roffey explain why he doesn’t like Black people or Jewish people”

So you don’t like people who swing from trees and eat bananas all day huh ??? RACIST SON OF A BITCH…The video was made Sep 14, 2018. All credit and thanks to the individual who sent it in.

As always WHAT WERE YOU THINKING…or were you thinking at all ????





This Foxman story seems to be an ongoing issue as now the person who now admits to being the culprit is some caster named “Mully”.I asked around and apparently Mully is a CUMvlog caster, and to be honest this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the fella. I’m curious as to why such anger towards Foxman, why would any one go to such lengths as to get the silly bastard fired from his job ?But then another person claims to be the one responsible for having Foxman BANNED. All I can say is that it certainly wasn’t me that had the sloppy toothless drunk FIRED or BANNED.

The video sent to me is certainly odd, as a FoolmanShawn admits to being afraid of Joe Walsh and even states that Joe has ruined his show and everything about him. He then he states he can’t argue with Joe in fear of being reported and charged as a PEDOPHILE. No clue as what’s been going on since FuxkmanShawn left VL but seems he may be getting his arse handed to him. The video on this FIRED situation can be found down below in the LINK.

I don’t know… comment.








A two in one post, credit and thank you for those who sent me the videos.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on the convicted crying rapist but here he is trying to capture his 2 seconds worth of fame and glory by bashing literally every caster on a site he himself condemned for months. As usual this sociopath narcissistic rapist has no proof to support his claims in fact he never does instead he sits there ranting like a child who needs his mother’s tit shoved deep into his mouth. Let’s face it his anger is due to the fact not only was he EXPOSED by this blog but the fact he did indeed spend a year or so in prison for a crime he plead guilty to.

From Jessica…Faroe…..Hardwood…Bpink…..and several other casters. His hate is what drives him and fuels his nonchalant snotty behavior, but deep inside he fears the TRUTH and what may come next.

I’d like to thank several people recently who have contacted me here in this blog, it was much appreciated. I’m sure Adam’s future will be an unfruitful reality soon.


I’m not sure what to make of this video but it seems that Foxman appears to be desperate as he speaks to a female on his cell concerning some videos and pictures that may have leaked out to his employer ?  Not sure of the details however the video was entitled “Fox got fired again”.



I cannot confirm or deny this latest bit, but this announcement was placed in our chat. Full credit to Sam’s filthybritches for the screen grab.Where did it all go so wrong, the once internet lovers may have separated but will their love blossom once again ? Be well Joe and return swiftly. 






All credit to Infamousjoewalsh for this recent email sent to me.

I personally cannot confirm or deny this latest news on Fartmanspawn but………..

I do remember Foxman making online threats of beating the shit out of men and women alike and then letting them know he would force rape their mouth with his penis….For those of you who remember his teen story of a much younger Foxman at the age of 18, beating up a 15 year old boy and then forcing his penis into that boys mouth, and bragging about it….. well there ya go. (º.º)…..(º_•)

I can’t say I’m surprised to read this news….I personally thought his repressed sexual desires were common knowledge all over the internet.