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As more top quality casters make CUMvlog their home is it any wonder why they don’t try and cash in on it’s on high values and morals very much like so many did on Vaughn  ????

And with that in mind the great KING himself the mighty Faroe conquerer of many women and slave to no man has now decided to do just that………With so much talent oozing from his anus it would take a fleet of dump trucks just to move it, this master of the female sex has now set his cast to accept donations of all sort. So get ready for even wetter wadio and wetter widio.So enjoy the master of anal illusion as he BANS not only the competition but everyone else under the sun maybe even his own mother ? Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post.








Something I had forgotten all about that took place last week as the mighty one FAROE was completely frustrated over the fact our dear sweet Karuns had given him mods. Imagine that in most cases an individual becomes angry when they don’t receive mods but in Faroe’s case he’s upset when a caster mods him….how odd lol………..Can you say….BI POLAR NUTTY WANG BANG BINGY BOOM BOOM ???

Oh and btw Faroe please come by the blog so I may mod you, and chill lol

Not just any Viking Princess but a special one dear to our hearts <3

Thank you to the person who handed in the video. And of course our #1 Gif maker and the pics on the post.








I can’t keep up with the 3 delinquents. Faroe…Adumbs and Jessica every time I turn to make a banana sandwich the 3 seem to flip flop and turn on each other and within moments are back eagerly suckling each others sour tits.

As some of you may recall Faroe came to this blog begging to make a DEAL which of course became a joke and we quickly put an end to his simple thoughts of deleting any posts or images of him. However sometime during the week Faroe decided to FLAG Jessica’s channel with a FALSE report.Jessica decided to responded with a post, and she was kind enough to explain to everyone that is was due to her presence on Ivlog that the views had increased as of late. So there Ivlog take that in your bum bum. But that’s all over with because both Jess and Faroe are now friends again ….hahahahahahahaah. Until supper time.


This prompts a reaction post from the NOT so owner of Ivlog Cr3am CUM Jones, he explains that it’s against TOS to make such FALSE reports and can result in a ban against the individual making those same reports. But then every things just fine in Disney land so no worry CUM we got this lol…kniw kniw.And of course in PRIME #1 PRIMAMADONNA like grace and style the bloated one of a kind Faroe enters Ivlog and sets up shop to only once again BEG for people to “LIKE” his channel ……please oh pretty pretty please. Can’t make this shit up.

However as fragmented disfigured flip flops decided to join once again in unholy matrimony, the 3rd piece slid into view. The hated and vile convicted PEDO reared his ugly face only to reveal what may be either his latest mentally weak female conquest or ….HIS MOTHER ???There’s is no way for me to fully know if this latest Adumb sloppy mind menstrual cycle be a legit girl friend to the PEDO, but one thing we can always count on with Adumb he simply has NO TASTE. Come to think of it neither do they, so it’s all good riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight lol. Thanks to all for the gifs and screen grabs on the post.

And there ya have 3 of a kind 3♦ 3♠ 3♣ J♣ 7♥ .