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I’d say a pretty powerful anal thrust punch directed at poor Faroe, seriously at times I feel bad for him as he hasn’t a clue on how he brings so much drama on to himself. I would assume that the next 24 to 48 hours will be spent vent casting along with massive bans and blocking. Along the way some stupid monkey may decide to profess his love for him but I highly doubt it.  🐒

But then this appears.

Personally I’d rather debate on how red painted toenails would look on unshaven legs or how a leather thong may be used as a make shift sling shot, but then it’s Ivlog and where will we be without drama and porn ? 🐒

Thanks to the person from Ivlog who sent me in the nude images I promise not to use them, but only in case of an emergency or if I burn my toast.

Gracious xoxoxoxox





I’d like to thank the person who sent me in the 2 vids of last nights cast, personally I hadn’t thought of what to place up until about 4am as I was tinkling in the kitchen sink, the idea came upon me and so here you have it.

I thought it so cute the chubby man child letting everyone know in his cast that he wanted Jessica for Christmas …so cute….°~•♥ஜ♥•~°

He then states that Jess will be his girlfriend and be his greatest gift on the Christmas….How romantic <3…..°~•♥ஜ♥•~°

Some videos from past posts and a thank you to the person who sent them into me.

All credit and thank you to the person who submitted this to me a few days ago as the king man child Faroe demands his  supporters do as they are told.


In the above pic you can see as Faroes enters the chat and then begins to spew his stupidity about bad supporters being disloyal to their king.

By the way Faroe this is what I think of your claim to being a KING of anything. I break wind in your face…enjoy lol



Ya know it’s one of those things that’s been happening for about 7 or 8 years when on JTV Chiwave as he was known back then would be trolled and that same results would take place, but if anyone were to tell me in 2018 the SAME thing would happen again and again and again, I’d tell them they’re an idiot and walk away. However all credit and thank you for the video in this post…nice job.

I’m left speechless that what I started back then is now taking place again on another site lol….

I can’t make this up…

In the video Faroe proudly announces to the world he has met a female who wishes to have sex with him (giggles) However poor Faroe has recently come to discover his sweet heart was not the princess he had hoped for….poor silly bastard.

So imagine you spend the next 3 years of your life chatting up sexy talk with a person you have NO IDEA as to their sexuality or anything about them. Except YOU THINK and HOPE it’s a female, and then one day POOF she does a cast and OOHHHH MMMYYYYY GAAAWDD the relief you feel explodes from your anus like a nuclear killa ton explosion…And……….suddenly…………you…………are…………a…………

And to think there’s more than one of them out there….imagine that lol.