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I had never heard of this Bobb before all this death cancer talk, but now I’m being bombarded with videos from the past with him either praying or wishing death on pit bulls or some fella named Ed with cancer. Not cool Mr Bobb with 3 Bs in your name, if you’re so damn unhappy online get off the internet maybe have your wife spend less time jacking off horses and tend to your needs. The video below is a 2 part vid so watch the whole thing through.

More of Bobb with 3 Bs and his angry death wishing mocking comments can be found on the LINKS below.

Indeed CUMvlog has grown and it’s vile disease along with it, so odd how this owner has his egotistical head so far up his own ass he’s too afraid to actually do anything to mend this cesspool that he created. Funny as how HISTORY now repeats itself and what was once Vaughn is now CUMvlog the NEW CESSPOOL of miscreants.

Seriously can’t make this shit up.




I was handed the recent comments that Boob had made just days ago in JackieLee’s cast the same cast that her mods went rogue and stormed the chat in anger.

Wasn’t all that long ago sometime in 2016 when an ex blogger/comrade decided to contact the Vaughn’s by calling them on their bullshit and unprofessionalism, he stated if the owners would not make the necessary changes on their site by removing key individuals then as far as he was concerned Vaughn would be nothing more than a PEDO site supporting trash and would be considered wait for it……………….“a cesspool”.

Well it’s 2018 and that “cesspool” now lives elsewhere a different name a different site a different owner but the same stinking shit it was always meant to be. Oddly enough that same ex blogger made the decision to side with that same site owner of ivlog, and I’m sure he regrets it everyday by not standing by those who now can boast and use the words …..I WAS RIGHT.

The two links below that explain and lead up to this recent post.










During a JackieLee cast yesterday morning things went completely haywire as Jackie decided to allow Bobb to make disgusting negative comments about another mods battle with CANCER. From what I gather this particular mod has bravely fought cancer for years and has been silent on the matter choosing to keep it private. However this prompted a number of mods to become less than satisfied with how Jackie so poorly handled things, so a coup took place in the very chat.Michelle decided to cast and voice her opinion on the matter so this allowed all of Jackie’s viewers to abandon the once popular caster and to side with Michelle in her cast. When Ohio Begging Ben has better numbers than you it may be time to quit casting for good.Things became so chaotic that an Ivlog moderator sat and watched the events unfold as more and more of Jackie’s sign ins quickly turned into guests. Taking mocking swings at JackieLee, I think JackieLee’s expression says it all.

My thoughts…. I can’t believe in this day and age people are so hideous as to mock an individual with cancer in an open chat, I can’t believe that any normal human being would condone such behavior, furthermore I personally believe in KARMA having her way and I’m sure in time she will. For now I do believe Bobb or any person who speaks such words needs to be removed indefinitely from a site that at one time took pride in itself. Things certainly have slid into the wrong direction, time for a more positive change.

Finally the site owner SPEAKS…(took you long enough)

My only question is this comment due to the recent behavior on Ivlog and if so what changes will occur ??? Thanks to all those who provided screen grabs on the post.










All credit to Topcat for this lil peekaboo at some boobs and some jelly belly during a BBQ. From what I’m told this is Bobb’s wife I cannot confirm or deny it so eh.