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A few of you may know I have a sweet spot for guitar solos, but as of recently one of you out there decide to drop me an incredible find right on my lap. He goes by the name Billy Bebad a NEW VL guitar sensation virtuoso. When I first heard this master of the 6 string sting I was blown away and left on the floor almost in tears, when I came to I knew right then and there I needed to blog this guitar god right here for the world to witness his mad finger skills.

All credit to one of his mods for this unknown raw talent.

The video above has Billy actually giving FREE guitar lessons and his most cherished secret guitar licks. Most of you don’t know this but Billy has tutored Eddie VanHalen in his finger tapping techniques that would mystify and memorize most…….Due to Billy’s influence he has taken the once obscure Eddie VanHalen guitar player to world renowned super rock stardom

In the above video Billy actually plays the Eddie Van Halen signature guitar solo “ERUPTION”……………..




All credit to a friend of the blogs for this  ANGRY yet insightful look into the true mechanical workings of Vaughnlive.

A quote….

“Billypeeps self appointed part Vaughnlive owner (in his own mind) and one of Marks secret master coders who allegedly coded much of Vaughn live, had a Friday night rant as to why Vaughn site so is laggy. All the while he was casting and watching “My Free Cams”, he also built the my free cams site”………And word on the street is he actually created the internet.

I kid you not…..This may EXPLAIN a lot of peculiar things we never knew ..hahahahahahaha

The MAN….the LEGEND…the CREATOR of the INTERNET and Vaughnlive….With his very first post ever……I give you BILLYPOOPS.