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I have 2 in one post that include both flip flop Faroe and Masturbating Ben.

And that brings us to the first shit stain the mighty sexual love viking god of big tits (o ) ( o ) the Faroe has left the 14k rip off site Ivlog for the more lusher greener pastures of Vaughn.

I give Faroe 1 hour before he jumps ship again BACK to Ivlog straight into the eagerly awaiting arms of his true love Kourtney.

Yes the ebeggar jack off SLUG from Vaughlive is now a caster over in Ivlog, that’s right the quality of that site has just gone up several notches. Perhaps instead of Vaughn live and Ivlog being 2 separate sites we can just view them under one banner VAUGHN VLOG.

So here’s my thought let’s get flip flop Faroe …masturbating Ben and fish eyed Sam in a 3 way nude match, oil them up and leave them in a wrestling cage. What are your thoughts on this clown act Pay Per View ???







All credit to you know who for this gut wrenching gagging video of the putrid 400lb Ebegging slug better known as BeninOhio as he pleasures himself on a recent Vaughnlive night cast.

A quote in an email sent to me…..“Here is the link to the video of Ben jerking off live on Vaughn! He grabs tissues half way and climaxes at the end I nearly puked at scrubbys poster child!
Thank me later 🙂”

And some of you out there think your mornings are difficult, imagine what I wake up to from time to time….sheeeeesh…… I must be nuts.

Some of you may be surprised to find out it’s not the first time Ben’s been caught with his pants down while casting on Vaughn live, after all this repugnant individual is a true born attention whore of the highest disorder. Masturbating in front of a camera is a daily achievement for him.As documented in the past on this blog, Ben does have a CAM4 account and delivers live jack off shows….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch…vomit …..puke…. wretch. Tokens anyone ?The above pic pretty much explains it all. And to think this is all VL has left as a social caster, most days he’s the FEATURE.






I woke up in a strange mood, received a message about a strange camel toe floating around in VL, so I checked it out and discovered it’s source. So that and it’s Friday had me do something off the wall post for no reason…eh it’s Friday.


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Thanks to all those who submitted.




A wise monkey once said “I can’t make this shit up” 

And it remains true till this very day. All CREDIT to Shawn Roffey… For this  massive dump on what some say is the “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming video web site on the internet”

BEWARE POOP VIDEO………………….”Realman shows off a toilet filled with his own excrement”

With 2018 in full swing this POOP video and the NO guest chat must be the biggest NEWS to hit, let’s not forget possibly the greatest embarrassment to so far to [VL]. Keep up the great work Mark Scruffy <3.

I can’t help but wonder if this is RMs way of trying to get Holly’s $$$$$ attention $$$$$. As recently Holly money bags has jumped ship to another colossal obese individual and that’s Ben(Is it TINY ?)inOhio. I say we get RM and Ben in a POOP pit and let them grapple it out for the Holly’s cash $$

All credit to the stalker/pedophile Shawn W McQuaid as he sings a song for his beloved web site [VL], and with a few special added effects of my own I thought it turned rather well. Oh and please make sure you listen to the part Shawnio pleads with Ned a 70yr old spandex loving Brit with liver spots to sleep with him. I CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP.