Sean Cleary KAMIKAZE..Drunk/Junkie head dive gone wrong and the TRUTH he refuse to see PART2

As promised PART 2 of the Kamikaze Irish retard in full color, personified and solidified to bring hours of laughter and enjoyment to all. However in this post Cleary reveals  WHY his parents removed him from the home. At one point he states his fudder is a “CUNT”

In this video at 1:08  a guest asks the question did Cleary’s fudder feel pressured/threatened to remove him from the HOME ?

That in itself is an interesting question because WE now know that it was by the fudder’s own hand, HIS decision to remove this idiot autistic mutant fetus, and for good reasons.

At 1:58 he then contradicts himself and states his fudder felt pressured by the harassing PIZZAS being delivered to the home so THAT’S WHY he was removed ? So in other words order a PIZZA to someones home and they literally kick their own children out the door ?????????? Hahahahahahah really it was that easy ?…I smell a number of LIES here.


He then spews about his dreaded “Caine Files”….in them he claims Caine is a ” A MURDERER…A CHILD ABUSER …A SEX OFFENDER …A RAPIST..AND AN IRA KIDNAPPER…for real lmao. What this idiot FAILS to realize is that I had Caine speak to you to create more confusion and it certainly did work. Hats off to Caine.

At 3.50 of the video… “He’s going to FCK us all up”….Well before I become fcked up by the GREAT KAMIKAZE I’d like to at least be able to tell Santa what this lil monkey would like for Christmas, and put out some cookies and milk….Please and thank you.

At 3:54 He now views himself as a “MARTYR”…Hahahahahahahah a religious crusader fighting for his beliefs and ideals ? Oh please spare me the DRAMA.

At 4:00 His LIFE is over and WE have ruined his LIFE….Now this is a RIOT to behold because when you do a GOOGLE SEARCH for SEAN CLEARY this is what you shall FIND.BINGO the“CHILD STALKER”.…Any employer who does a SEARCH will find HIS VIDEOS and HIS CLAIM/THREATS directed towards children by using GOOGLE…What a perfect ending to a loathing self centered sack of feces and it’s called poetic justice in pure brilliant irony.

At 4:14 he then has a master plan to “Get rid of us ”  here on the blog. Even if it means he takes a “BULLET TO THE HEAD”

At 1:35 comes the “BREAK DOWN” …followed by Cleary calling his own fudder a “CUNT”

At 2:45 Is the “CRYING VIDEO “ Where he claims that the video of him CRYING was due to this fudder yelling and not his mudder, however you be the judge. It may be possible that his fudder shrieks like an insane woman, but who am I to judge on this very subject when we all know my own soft weak gay voice trembles from time to time. Enjoy the laughter.

Insanity brought on by over alcohol/drugs mixed with autism and a ton load of stupidity make Sean Cleary the self proclaimed MARTYR …KAMIKAZE Irishman definitely a #1 retard of all time. And remember your “SOLICITOR” did warn you.

Stay tuned for PART 3


  1. hemdroid December 1, 2017 6:38 am 

    LMFAO, really.
    this is one of the best posts EVAH.
    pooy lil’ Kamikaze.

    • monkeysniffer December 1, 2017 8:36 pm 

      SALUTE uncle Pardos
      Sways gently to old BGEE songs an stares at the ceiling counting imaginary unicorns in pink soft felt slacks and matching tops in multi colors like rainbows.

  2. puddintane December 1, 2017 11:42 pm 

    My life is over SMH and LMAO.. Living off mum and da in their house while trolling everyone is not a life .. crybaby Sean ! Get a fucking life and a job Sean…

  3. Nedrauk December 2, 2017 6:36 pm 

    Vaughn and ivlog are full of pedo-philes. Your words MonkeySniffer and you are right.

  4. shawnio's mom December 3, 2017 3:50 pm 

    Shawnio does seem like the perfect candidate to rim job ben lol

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