Adumbs needs CASH $$ …Will his cries go unheard ?

The big spender guy who flashes the CASH$ the guy who makes online purchases to fast food restaurants every single night, is now BEGGING YOU to purchase his VIP on Vaughnlive. 

He states it costs him 19.99 CENTS a month, so he’s telling us this doesn’t add to $1 a month… $12 a year ? There is NO such thing as 19.99 CENTS.

But wait didn’t he say he was going to purchase a VIP from Vaughn months ago ???

Right so he did PAY for 1 month then ditches the VIP Pro and claims “People were saying I was kissing Scruffys ASS…VIP= too much drama so I got rid of it Jess”

HA you cry baby lil cum spot NO you didn’t you simply can’t afford it..THE END. So now you BEG folks to pay for the very thing you can’t get on your own lol…What a joke you are.

But remember this is the same BIG spender who flashes loads of CASH $$ money telling everyone he’s filthy rich. The same BIG shot who knows the cops who btw were going to track me down and expose me. And lets not forget his major announcement about getting a lawyer and suing this blog and removing it from the internet completely. None of which has ever happened lol, so cmon Adumbs what ya waiting for BIG mouth ?I figure this lil pussy boy needs a lil incentive, so I decided to put together a GO Fund me account to help Adumbs with his lawyer expenses.






  1. hemdroid November 25, 2017 6:13 pm 


  2. puddintane November 25, 2017 10:17 pm 

    lmfao really adum get a fucking job you useless handout taking scumbag.

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