Over the last week or so we have witnessed the ongoing BATTLE for SUPREMACY as Shawnio’s PETS fight over territorial rights as to which one has the floor to SHIT on.

The wooden laminated floor is the battle field as the 2 combatants take turns defecating on the very spot Shawnio has slept on for many months. 

Perhaps the pets are trying to tell him something concerning his SHITTY smells ???

For example the time he was urinating in his kitchen garbage bin.

Or the time he decide to SHIT in his kitchen compost. YES I did say his KITCHEN.

….CONTEST….Shawnio SHIT watch….

Now if any of you out there have a SHIT shot of Shawnio’s apt with his pets DEFECATING on the floor please send it in to me and you may WIN.

1- Premium XSplit for 3 months FREE usage.

2- 6 months FREE All you can eat skin tags from the skin tag man Eric/Billy Pissfool.

3-1 FREE BLOW JOB from Vera with/without her dentures, your choice.

4- FREE extra sweet and salty toenail clippings from Monkeysniffer that date back to 1965.

5- FREE Lardo’s EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA salty belly button lint.





  1. hemdroid June 12, 2017 9:17 pm 

    made me lol, “the ghetto dweller”

    me lol

  2. Anonymous June 12, 2017 10:42 pm 

    ewwww nasty shawnio

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