Sean Cleary in Carlow Ireland


It started with a place.

That led to a FACE matching a name.


That led to a FATHER matching a name.

That led to a BROTHER not matching a name.


But it was indeed CONFIRMED to be a match.

That led to  a house with….. RED CURTAINS……


notice THE RED CURTAINS in the window.

….RED CURTAINS… in the window



That led to a phone call with an alleged lost cell phone…..And FINALLY the DESTINATION.



Huge thanks to all the partners in crime, the amigos the villains, the bloggers. You know WHO YOU are.

In the last several months leading up to this final post it had become apparent as to how truly angry Sean Cleary had become, leaving me with an estimated 300 or so comments on numerous posts. Let’s face it his online THREATS… DOXXING.. HARASSMENT AND PEDOPHILE COMMENTS have pretty much disgusted an entire online community.

What makes it even worse is it never seems to end, his constant HATE and ANGER may be fueled by some unseen disease. I believe alcohol may only be part of his problem. I also believe his parents have a terrible time dealing with him, unless he’s kept it all a SECRET till NOW. In the future I do hope local law enforcement become involved and finally put an end to his behavior.

Some of the LINKS leading up to this final post.

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  1. the3bairs May 14, 2017 4:23 pm 

    good work!!! thers another dick head taken out…….

  2. scuttlebutt May 14, 2017 6:57 pm 

    Awesome post Mr Monkeysniffer….again. I can’t wait for him to have another tantrum and stamp his feet spamming this comment section. Sure, he’ll say he isn’t mad, butthurt or triggered, but the truth is in his actions NOT HIS WORDS.

    So Irelandspatriot. Do you still want to work your mouth doxing people, or what you call “having a laugh”???? Not so much of a laugh when it happens to you, is it? Do you still want to call people pedophiles without proof, or fake proof? Remember that we could do the same, but this isn’t UkMuppets. We check our facts and we don’t post lies because we have a hidden agenda, or are desperate for some one to like us.

    Time to grow up Cleary. Sure, have fun, but stop being an asshole to others.

    • monkeysniffer May 14, 2017 7:02 pm 

      Thank you Sprinkleboots

    • Dazaster May 14, 2017 7:26 pm 

      i can let you know this much Scuttle certain services and other LE organisations have been made aware of certain PuppetPerps activities and allegations recently and ive no doubt you and monkey shall be rewarded with certain facts in the future .

    • Daz May 14, 2017 7:29 pm 

      Scuttlebutt you pathetic waste of life. We have proof that you’re a pedophile that followed and befriended minors on JTV, which was posted on UK Muppets.

      Anyone can check it out for themselves too. Twitch has a little thing called an API where you can view who someone followed and when you moron.

      The fact is Scuttlebutt you followed a 13 year old MINOR called Theresa97 on JTV in 2010 and you tried to lie your way out of it with a pathetic attempt saying that Shawnio hacked your account.

      So Shawnio hacked your account in 2010 before your blog even existed and anyone knew who you were, then waited 7 years to bust you? LMAO

      Your Twitch profile, which was your JTV profile till the sites merged is full of evidence of you befriending teenage girls. The internet is full of examples of you hitting on anything with a pulse. It’s pretty clear what your game on JTV was buddy!

      Do you really want me to to go through your Twitch account to see just how many teenage girls you followed? I’m sure Karl would do another post on it.

      You really are a complete fucking imbecile Scuttlebutt!

      • scuttlebutt May 14, 2017 7:50 pm 

        You’re a liar and even Shawnio admitted it by saying “To late Scuttlebutt the damage is done now.” JTV and Twitch didn’t allow kids that young and that girls photo was found NOT ON A JTV SITE, you dumbass.

        Show me where I said I was hacked. You can’t because your a liar and always will be known as a liar. You sick fucks did the same with Jstevio, WaltDisneysghost, and Monkeysniffer. Are you that dumb you can’t use the (free) software to check if somethings photoshopped? Even a five year old can do that. Do you even know how to use Google images, or Tineye? (and YOU call ME an imbecile?) hahahahaha. Go back to Muppets and make some more fake shit on people. It’s all your good for.

        • Daz May 14, 2017 7:59 pm 

          Scuttlebutt, you’re the liar here. Because all this can be PROVEN.

          JTV did allow 13 year olds, which is ANOTHER lie from you

          • scuttlebutt May 14, 2017 8:10 pm 

            Show how much you know Dumbass. JTV has a over 16 rule, but yes they did let young girls cast there, BUT TWITCH DOESN’T, so that blows your lies right out your ass,

            BTW. Why have you started typing like Shawnio and using his terminology? Hahahahaha Do I smell a rat disguised as a potato?

        • Daz May 14, 2017 8:02 pm 

          I’m like a rabbit caught in the headlights right now Scuttlebutt. Keep digging, this shit is GOLD

        • Daz May 14, 2017 8:10 pm 

          Scuttlebutt are you going to say that you befriending Cortney when she was a young teen is a lie too? It’s not looking good for you bro. I’m sorry, but only pedophiles befriend teenagers.

          Remember how you called Billy a pedo for befriending teens? Your words LMAO

          Years of you accusing hundreds of people of being pedophiles is back firing on you right now

          • scuttlebutt May 14, 2017 8:21 pm 

            Hahahaha GOT YOU!! I knew you’d fall for that “dumbass” Hahahahahaha. Yes I was friends with Cortney back then. (still am.) She was 18 and I was 22. What’s so wrong with that? YOU fucked your 14 year old sister and now you try to judge me for being “friends” with Cortney? Man you’re one sick hypocrite.

            BUT, let me get this right. You’re saying that anyone who has a younger female friend is a pedophile? Man that’s one fucked up comment Shawnio. I guess it’s the product of your very sick mind.

      • monkeysniffer May 14, 2017 7:50 pm 

        Prove anything you jtv/Twitch an report us both and END it.
        You have no proof…Furthermore no sexual comments have been made or sexual skype calls nothing, this is just your anger speaking.
        Placing up a pic and saying “Hi I’m 18” Doesn’t actually mean that person is 18, use your common sense.

        • DonkeyDANdaMAN May 14, 2017 8:34 pm 

          hes pulled that old ‘you spoke to a 16 yo on an 18 + site” BS , he tried to get doll to do what nubby later fell for and claimed on lardo BS fails ,hes that pathetic , once again seans the only one who has a very well documented and alleged sexual demands history on young girls; Once again clearly mr cleary fail projection , Monkey /Sprinkleboots expect a sean chimpMcmickout comment ragefest incoming

          • scuttlebutt May 14, 2017 9:09 pm 

            Yes sir he’s going to rage. Spit his pacifier out and stamp his feet, just before he cries. Than he’ll write 50 stupid comments not really thinking about what he’s saying. My description of him stands. HE’S A DUMBASS !!!

  3. Dazaster May 14, 2017 9:12 pm 

    depends on how many xanax bars hes noshed and cheapo fairgreen beer consumed

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