A meeting of the minds.

Shitlips, (Cookie.) Scabby, (Scrubby.) Ham hocks, (brii.)and Jessica.

Scabby telling Shitlips what what should be done. shitlips telling Scabby what she will do, and Jessica bounces around in the middle of it. Shitlips says Jessica isnt mean spirited she’s just clueless. LMAO.

thanks Walt


  1. scuttlebutt April 11, 2017 12:09 am 

    Lipshits. It’s not called “growing legs” It’s transference of blame, or responsibility when they say “but I know who it was.” For a school teacher you sure are dumb.

    Cookie. We know you love the sound of your own voice. Does the one inside your head sound the same?

    As for Brii, Cookie is just as bad as she is.

    • hemdroid April 11, 2017 12:31 am 

      she is kinda stupid. a 6th grade teacher only needs the bare minimum of education. certainly not a masters degree.

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