ADAM blow gets BITCH slapped for allowing DOXXING, and the Vaughn’s NOW lay down the LAW after YEARS of nothing

Adam gets the BITCH SLAP of the century 

Now if I were to have said “I told you so”  I know you’d say I never said that….So here’s the POSTs/ LINKs that clearly state my position and the stories you may wish to read before heading right into this one…If not please continue on….Oh and btw …I TOLD YOU SO.

The 3 above LINKs go into full details as to what has taken place over the last week or so. Now what I haven’t shown you is what has taken place for the last 4/5 years at Vaughn. So you’re going to just have to make due or find out the hard way just like rest of us here.

But what did take place tonight was PURE MAGICAL as both Mark and his mother finally decide to lay a good SMACK on Adamblo for allowing Jessica’s DOX to be splattered all over his cast…Keep up lol

Remember is was Adam who was all PROTECTIVE for Jessica and insisted Bri had the right to DOX whomever she felt like because simply she was a female, and she was DOXED first…Not true Adam, not true at all. 

So when the Vaughn’s finally step and simply TURN OFF THE GUEST CHAT….Oh ya right that lil thing I brought up, do you remember in one of the recent POSTS ???? Sure you do lol………TURNING OFF GUEST CHAT.

So the Vaughn’s take FULL CONTROL, POOF no more guest chat right ? Adam gets all cry cry over it.

Mark at some point even lets Adam know this could be a permanent thing forever lol… ٩◔‿◔۶

Read above screen shot please…

Do you remember when a few of you became irate over my past posts and comments over DOXXING an the TURN GUEST CHAT OFF thing ???

Look who’s laughing now …I TOLD YOU… It was a simple thing to do had staff intervened when they should have, likewise for casters. None of this would have happened, if it were not for people here who decided to FIGHT FIRE with FIRE, and it did prove a point.

Ok so maybe you’re NEW here, maybe you’re NEW to Vaughn, but the point is this whole mess has been going on for YEARS on that site. Has management finally listened ???

I doubt it…However i’t might be due to local law enforcement and other agencies now keeping a watchful eye on the site that, things may finally begin to happen. You never know. Thank you for the screen shots.


  1. mrsroper April 4, 2017 2:57 am 

    Fantastic Post, Sniffs!!!!
    With the exception that seeing that creepy AdumB next to the chat is gross, it is AWESOME!!!


    • monkeysniffer April 4, 2017 3:31 am 

      Thx you Roper but it was the screen shots that helped alot.

  2. scuttlebutt April 4, 2017 3:05 am 

    Sniffs. You repeatedly told them, but did they listen? NO. As per, they always know better…or so they think.

    But wasn’t it great to watch Adamblo get verbally ass raped by the Vaughns. Hahahaha, and what did he do? He sucked up to them like a well spanked girl.

    Sniffs. It was a good day for you to be a blogger.

    • monkeysniffer April 4, 2017 3:30 am 

      Yes Sctrumplbitts you’re right it was good, it was harsh I know. But beneath it all I was trying to make a point, and MAYBE who knows.

  3. Boo April 4, 2017 3:17 pm 

    Iharrens and I (and the rest of her cast) were having a damn good time during all this. We watched that rapist cry like a bitch and try to hide his face behind the Kirsten Dunst photo. I have no idea what Briii or Jessica see in this fool. Maybe Briii is more desperate than we thought.

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