Monkeysniffer Will ‘Rue The Day’ She Angered The PedoPuppets! >:O

Oh The Horror!

Our very own Monkeysniffer has been called out and today is the day of reckoning!

tear Monkey apart

Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently owning a twitch account means you are a pedo. O.o

Oh Monkeysniffer, you sexy bitch, you!

MS Twitch

As you can see, Monkeysniffer is beside herself with concern :

chimp chewing

Oh the horror and agony of being torn apart! We shall miss you oh Monkeysniffer!

Crying Gif

Yeah so…………

The UKPedopuppets  love to cry PEDO! PEDO! PEDO! for just about everyone they come in contact with. Perhaps this goes back to something they experienced when they themselves were children. A tragedy indeed if that is the case. Which seems to have led to them using that word more times than we can keep track of.  You’re full of shit pedopuppets and you failed experiment that is the gimp.


This shit is getting to you. Time to take a holiday from the internet.


In other news :  Hipperz Where are you? Has God gotten tired of you sucking on his left nut?


Your Humble Servant,

SD Border


  1. monkeysniffer March 5, 2017 8:57 pm 

    A 2010 Twitch account I didn’t use for 4 years, and only till recently attended Courtney’s cast. And so due to supposedly certain people who have placed an age on those accounts. I NOW have been deemed a PEDOPHILE. Well you click the LINK I’m a 19 year old female, so there case closed.
    Oh one last thing concerning my DOX etc….You morons over at that pedo blog have ME as a….WOMAN….LESBIAN…MARRIED..MOTHER…PEDO…Now process all of the misguided hate and anger and think about how stupid you sound. I won’t even go into the past DOX of ME being a GAY 17 year old boy, or a 62 year old man.

    And tonight I’m feeling kinda beautiful
    tonight I’m feeling kinda warm
    and there’s a touch of humour
    in everything I see
    oh there’s a touch of scorn

    • scuttlebutt March 6, 2017 4:28 am 

      @ Sniffy. If you listen to them. I’ve been a 98 yo woman. A 65 yo man. A 63 yo man. A 55 yo man “AND” a 55 yo woman. One (The Gimp) even had me in a wheelchair.

      Now as stated by Shawnio. “EVERY ONE” he hates is a pedophile and a convicted child molester. Saying that is his favorite insult, but if you look at HIM, you’ll see that he was banned from BlogTV for asking young boys for nude photos. So who’s the REAL pedophile Shawnio? YES That’s right. IT’S YOU !!

      • monkeysniffer March 6, 2017 11:46 am 

        Scuttle Darren’s own words “The little girl you followed wasn’t even alive in 2010 LOL” ….So I have no idea what this even means but holy hell Darren you’re as dumb as shawnio and sean cleary…In fact the whole lot of you Ukmuppet retards are lost in each others stupidity…Trying to hold me accountable for a outdated troll account hahaha…Give me a break desperate moron.

        And the screen shot as PROOF I rest my case.

        • scuttlebutt March 6, 2017 3:05 pm 

          Sniffy sir. I don’t know that woman, but the MAD Muppets say she wasn’t born in 2010. The screen cap shows Haley LOves Joe as 21. Maybe math is not MAD Muppets forté.

          Anyway It’s good poking fun at them. It’s like they are so MAD they don’t take time to think.

          • monkeysniffer March 6, 2017 8:22 pm 

            I don’t even know what to say about this lol

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