Pat’tykins, Sam’mich, and Our Very Own Hipperz! What’s The Word?

I was handed this screen cap of Sam’miches cast.  With SO little to go on, we’ll put it here for now, and update if needed..Enjoy!

Sam Hipperz Ban Pic 1

The players – Pat aka UnitedAmerican Aka The Alex Jones nut sack sucking  summumabeach that blows out the SAME hashed out,  over politicized,   unoriginal heaping pile of crap each “SHOW” ignoramus,  Next we have  Sam’ mich, One time keeper of the key to Pat’tykins realm of shite now busy banning or SO I am told word on the street is, sweet old hippies, and then Our Very Own Crap Chat peace loving Amish portraying Hipperz. Oh and something about Pat’ tykins doing the old TWO FACE TANGO to Hipperz as well….

Pat Sam Hipz Box Ring

I can but put forth what little info I am given (thank you to the person that passed along the screen cap), and rely on you wonderful blog readers and chat supporters to add or subtract the correct or incorrect info!  But for FUCK SAKE, can ya take it easy on our Hipperz, we LOVE the guy! We get so little time with him always beeing off to SPACE CAMP!

Hipz BY 2

Stay tuned for any updates, as I am CERTAIN I will be given some ASAP!  Ta Ta for now!


Thank YOU MrS (see comments section) So old Pat’ Tykins welcomed Our Hipperz into the channel/chat, the turned right around and BLAMMY gave him the Ban Hammer. WOW Pat’tykins, not too cool dude, not too cool AT ALL… SO UNAMERICAN of you. Been hanging with Vladamir Putin much? Ya fuckin’ Communist! :::snickers, that ought to fire you up ya’ old buzzard!:::  – So it was Pat’tykins that banned NOT Sam? . Sorry Sam’mich I sit corrected, but look at you so cute boxing! At any rate, both of ya  BE KIND TO HIPPERZ!

Roper Sig Pic MF

Remember, always wash your buttplugs in pickle juice, no wait, or was it  rub them in Ben Gay??? Damn it all!  – That Roper Broad!


  1. scuttlebutt January 19, 2017 4:38 am 

    WARtard welcomed Hippers and then BANNED him, the two faced SOB. That show every one what sort of a “man” he is. He’s nothing but a shit mark on the country he claims to love.

  2. Name January 19, 2017 2:39 pm 

    You literally said the exact same comment about Ned scuttlebutt, do you have Alzheimer’s?

    • hemdroid January 20, 2017 12:25 am 

      poor lil’ gimpo

    • scuttlebutt January 21, 2017 2:25 am 

      Name. You literally said the exact same comment about Scuttlebutt, do you have Alzheimer’s, Name?

      Gimp. How long have you been banging the same ol drum, with the same ol unoriginal crap? Whats wrong Sister Fucker, can’t think of anything new?

  3. Name January 21, 2017 7:20 pm 

    whats the matter scuttlebutt? do you want to talk about it?

    maybe you should get someone else to make a post about it LMAO

    RIP Scuttlebutt’s Corner.

    • scuttlebutt January 21, 2017 9:47 pm 

      Name. (Gimpio) What a pity you’re so stupid and you show every one you can’t use a computer to find how a site is doing. “RIP”? When we are growing? Hahaha. You really are a silly old man, Gimp.

      I will admit, I enjoy mocking you, and you make it easy for me. “Wanna talk about it”?

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