Candy Rayne Poisons Neighbors Dog and a possible FALSE RAPE accusation


I’d like to thank the individual for dropping this video in our chat, it features one of Ivlog’s casters Candy Rayne as she goes on about a neighbors yapping dog and how it’s causing her such emotional distress. She was kind enough to mention how she has fed the dog some possible chill powder in it’s water, but to really add FIRE to this she states that if this issue with the dogs continues she may make a FALSE CLAIM of RAPE. The chill powder comment is at the 1:22 of this video and the rape comment can be heard at the 6:12 portion of the vid. The comments were made on a morning Von Helton cast.



  1. hemdroid November 18, 2016 6:36 pm 

    shes a dumb ass. doesnt she know that pit bulls love chili. powder. what a dumb ass.

  2. AnimalabuseBULLSHIT November 18, 2016 7:03 pm 

    If you don’t like the neighbors dogs barking MOVE TO THE COUNTRY and stfu. It’s called animal cruelty or animal abuse and you can go to jail for it. This girl is so stupid. She gives out her address and full name and location. I think it’s time to report her ass. Someone record that shit and lets put this bitch back in line. I don’t take kindly to animal abuse.

    People like Lardo love their dogs.If they hurt Mojo you are damn right I would be all over their shit.


  3. chucky November 18, 2016 8:17 pm 

    this is a girl who once made fun of a mentally disabled person who was another caster, in her cast while drunk. lol no criminals in her neighbourhood, and how in the fuck would she know that? Did she do a background check on everyone? She always been a drama queen. I’d like to hear the other parties story first before taking her words as truth.

  4. Rayne November 18, 2016 10:05 pm 

    Actually i put nothing in their water, they dont even get water outside. I tossed water from a chilil dish i made in a crixk pot that had remains of sauce with cumin which smells like chili and i call it chili powder, it is not even spicy… I tossed it from the porch which did not even barely touch the fence my side. In which they started sniffing thinking there was food and stopped barking.

    • monkeysniffer November 18, 2016 11:09 pm 

      Rayne I’m sure you’re a nice person who just said a lil too much on a call, I’m also sure you wont hurt or do any of the things you spoke of. Most of all I hope the FALSE RAPE charge never happens, and at some point both your family and the ones next to you can settle the dispute. Take care an be well. Btw be a lil more careful in the future on open chats.

    • Wash3dUp November 19, 2016 1:10 am 

      It sure as fuck wasn’t what you said in the video capture on this post.Are you entirely brain dead?Don’t say things during a broadcast or video you wouldn’t say in a public place.Why would you ever dump something out in the grass in a suburban area like where you live? Rinse it down the drain or put it in the garbage but who gives a fuck as long as you aren’t making it sound like you are trying to kill an innocent animal doing what it does.(protect it’s owner)

      I honestly do not believe a word you say.You are a terrible person with the reputation of being a liar.

      Lets face it,you are getting old,you look like shit anymore.Hang it up.Go get a jobby job and keep yourself busy doing something other than casting to 3 viewers.

      • Rayne November 19, 2016 3:00 am 

        I don’t live in the suburbs, there was no food it was water and in my yard, also i’m not a liar nor known as one, i’m known for being too honest and open and talkative .

        • GetOffTheInternetz November 19, 2016 9:28 am 

          Go fucking hang yourself you useless cunt.Why not pay attention to that cheating husband of yours and spend more time offline?Get your fucking ass in the kitchen where you fucking belong.

          • Rayne November 19, 2016 2:55 pm 

            You are delusinal…..

  5. Anonymous November 19, 2016 8:12 am 

    Candy cunt is a known con artist and compulsive liar.

    • Rage November 19, 2016 9:24 am 

      So candyrayne you don’t live in the suburbs? Well you sure as fuck don’t live in the city.The city has ordinances against dogs which would not permit barking and hence the complaints you have would be “made up” and “fictitious” resulting in false statements which are considered lies.

      You fucking live in the suburbs,stop bullshitting us.So now there was no food and notice you state now there was nothing but water.Which is it? Chili powder and water or just water? Do you lack retention? If you are not known as a liar or known as one why would you state you will lie about someone raping you? Isn’t that the act of a liar? False police reports are a criminal act candyrayne. You are far from “too honest” and quite the opposite. Open? You mean like when someone called you out several times and you broke down into some psychotic rage threatening to delete everything? You are not talkative you are a big mouth who doesn’t know when to stfu.

      If you cannot handle being called out on your bullshit you don’t belong here.You see this is what we do,call people out on their bullshit.

      You are a liar and very dishonest.You are not to be trusted.You stab people in the back.You are very two faced.You cannot be considered anything but a piece of shit has been. You surround yourself with the likes of von helton, a mentally ill,delusional psychopath.

      • Rayne November 19, 2016 2:50 pm 

        I live rual LOL

        • Anonymous November 19, 2016 7:25 pm 


      • Rayne November 19, 2016 2:54 pm 

        You obviously didn’t understand that I was making a joke about feminism by the tone of my voice and my laugh should give it away have you forgotten basic human actions? Called out?? Lmao you seriously have me confused for somebody else. I’ve never lied nor been “called out” i’m sorry about your luck.

      • Rayne November 19, 2016 3:00 pm 

        There was no food there was dried remanence of chili that I had made in the crock pot and the chili powder that I use is called cumin which is not spicy hot or anything at all but definitely does smell like chili you should check it out they use it in chili con Carne. So the crockpot had a little remanence of Dried sauce cause i left it onthe counter over night. I filled the crock pot up with water and tossed it outside which barely touched the fence my side which means nothing touched the Dogs at all. they started sniffing around thinking there was food which resulted in they’re shutting the fuck up.

      • Rayne November 19, 2016 3:09 pm 

        You also have me confused for someone else I’m never dishonest I’ve never stabbed anyone in the back I am an excellent friend I am not even close to being considered Too Faced in any Realm at all. I’m sorry I have dry humor and I was making a stab feminism which anyone could tell by the laugh and tone in my voice about it. Because it is true you don’t have to prove shit you just gotta say you’ve been raped and thanks to feminism people have to believe you hahahahaa ( still joking about feminisim HAHAHAHAAAAA) I’m awful sorry I didn’t stay to every little single detail in the video so here goes. I ate before then I ate a vegan sandwich and then while I was standing outside talking the water I may have farted a little bit, I definitely sniffled my nose and then I coughed……

        • Anonymous November 19, 2016 7:29 pm 

          You’re friends with a 52 year old toothless hick who believes he is “the Punisher” and fought crime and you NEVER call him out on his fairy tales. You enable that lazy bum instead of encouraging him to be a better father and a productive person or just being a fucking man. And you dumb cunt, RE3 JHJ is an “Unsatisfactory Conduct” code. Its plain and simple. Stop enabling him.

  6. monkeysniffer November 19, 2016 9:31 am 

    I dont think CandyRayne is doing so well in the comment section of this post

    • Rayne November 19, 2016 3:23 pm 

      Doing well?? I didn’t realize that this was something I was going to be graded on I thought my comment was just my comments and that’s it, I didn’t know it was a competition lol but im willing to talk but by voice, conmenting like this is exausting. ]

      • Troll101 November 20, 2016 7:42 pm 

        You are as fucked up as Von. I hope you never ever have kids.

    • GetTr0ll3dBITCH November 19, 2016 7:25 pm 

      I think she sort of fucked herself deep.Don’t fuck with the trolls candyrayne. They cannot be defeated. You see you messed up too many times.

  7. AnimalabuseBITCH November 19, 2016 7:21 pm 

    Candyrayne writes a fucking book in reply to do whatever she can to do damage control.Great job proving you are a liar.Only a liar would go to great lengths to prove otherwise……..

  8. Carley Flynn November 20, 2016 2:13 am 

    Hey Spokes Model for David Jon Sponheim, tell David I want my $1900 donation back. I’m scheduled for a kidney transplant on December 22nd and I need every dollar I can get my hands on. He owes me at least that much for throwing me under the bus for the likes of that vermin Rodney, who never donated a dime.

    • Fuuuuuu November 20, 2016 7:09 am 

      Its hard to tell who is the most mentally ill.David Sponheim or candyrayne.Don’t get me started on redundant Rodney the obsessive retard following an elderly retired school teacher around like a puppy.Making recordings of people with his 1980’s camcorder.Look, people get what they deserve….it’s coming for candyrayne.

  9. hemdroid November 20, 2016 2:53 pm 

    hey wait a minute, i thought she was talking about making a false police report that the dogs raped her. she was right? oh man im confused now.

  10. Troll101 November 20, 2016 7:39 pm 

    What a sick fucking bitch, Candy you say it all in the video so deal with it. Your best friend is Von do I need say anymore?

  11. Troll101 November 20, 2016 7:41 pm 

    Also Candy you never call Von out do you. What are your thoughts on him shaving them poor girls hair off? They say like mined people will hang with each other. I think you should marry Von as it’s clear he has a thing for you.

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