Helton now changes his story about CPS and the trust fund

Well say what you will but I knew something wasn’t right about the TRUST FUND comments that Helton had mentioned on my previous post, when he states if CPS/ Children’s Services were contacted that THEY would remove the TRUST FUND from his children, which in turn would have them grow up living in poverty.

Now Helton says something COMPLETELY different, that it’s him and his mother that would remove the TRUST FUND with one phone call if the children were to be handed over to another family. He sings a completely different tune.

I cut this short piece out from the video that btw is over 30min in length. For anyone wishing to hear the Youtube in it’s entirety check out the video below. And scroll to the 21:39 part of the video to hear his contradicting comments.

The previous post on CPS removing his children’s TRUST FUND can be found here.



Oh ya …..and I told you so.





  1. scuttlebutt November 17, 2016 2:06 am 

    Who the fuck is this “Frank Fort” Helton refers to? Is he FBI, CIA,or women’s temperance movement? (As long as he’s not a jehovah’s witnesses, I aint scared.)

  2. chucky November 18, 2016 8:33 pm 

    he maybe using this trust fund story as a scare tactic so trolls will back off. if there is a trust fund set up they wouldn’t see it till they became of age any ways and it shouldn’t affect it even if the kids were in foster care.

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