Von Helton the DOMEMAN cometh

I’d like to thank an anon for this hilariously amazing video featuring non other than Von the “DOME MAN” Helton, as he tries to explain his FLAT EARTH theory, and YES he’s serious about this belief.291eaeacc1574274b9158e0753be1872

Factor in his new BALD look and he’s the DOMEMAN.



As if shaving all 3 of your children’s heads wasn’t enough when you found the wrong color bugs…but now he believes that there is actually a FLAT EARTH THEORY, and we all live under this immense dome that covers the earth, with this now complimenting his half witted autistic thoughts makes you wonder how he manages to even survive in the real world. Cmon man get real here Von ffs you lost your marbles long ago.



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  1. scuttlebutt November 14, 2016 2:47 pm 

    Now I know the origin of the term “Gum flapping.” You’re right Von. We all live under this giant glass wok. ANYONE FOR STIR FRY?

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