Cr3am BANS one of the owners of

I’d like to thank a certain individual for this sweet tid bit, it’s of a single screen shot detailing  a conversation between Lulu one of the site owners of and another individual who shall remain nameless. In the shot Lulu explains what she believes are the reasons for the ban.rtrtrtttrtr

Could it be possible that Steve Jones aka Cr3am could be feeling the pressure of the new site and is trembling at night curled up in the fetal position crying ??? My sources say YES, not only does he want everyone to stop talking about it, but he’s prepared to BAN folks in hopes of shutting them up…..Just like he did to ME.313024_277899195556829_4521605_n





  1. pope of no hope October 21, 2016 4:11 am 

    uh oh cream is feeling the heat. he knows that ivlog is there because of vaughn rejects, but blog tv will crush them both. (i hope)
    Amen cream, its time to read that king james thing and beg that blog tv explodes.

  2. PSNnetworkSux October 21, 2016 7:59 pm 

    I have witnessed radio rock cafe display a side of themselves I did not particularly care for back on the original blogtv. I really hope they have changed their ways since then or we are all in for quite the experience on This will become more interesting as they launch officially.

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