Another one bites the dust

 Chark Movies leaves Vaughnlive.STD

vaughn ship down

The king of the Misc section and Mark’s most prolific provider of pirated copyrighted content is jumping ship.



Chark is leaving Vaughn and striking out on their own. Apparently fed up with the low quality, shitty chat and poor customer service of Vaughlive.STD .

Chark obviously is done with Mark’s empty promises and his mother’s Nazi like control of the site. Not to mention the shit quality offered by Mark’s child like coding.

See below clip for Chark’s farewell scroll.

Remember the scene in the above clip kids. Mark’s next cast may bear a striking resemblance once he realizes how he and his diseased mother have driven their love child into the ground.

One wonders if Chark will be offering some of his fellow casters space on his new website?

Is this the end of the Misc section?

Will Misc be as empty as People Section?

Will Misc go the way of Vapers.TV?


 So Mark. Tell us again how there are six new casters for everyone that leaves 😀


Love and kisses. William Poole ESQ.


  1. ryan_hifi September 7, 2016 3:18 pm 

    Sure, frame it up to your agenda Eric. The video only shows the caster is leaving to start their own website. YOU feel that they are leaving because they agree with your sick and twisted views, but they don’t. We can see through the smokescreen bullshit. Stop grasping at straws trying to find people leaving vaughn that feel like you do, because they don’t.

    • williampooleesq. September 7, 2016 4:03 pm 

      Ok Butter cup.

    • Anonymous September 9, 2016 5:58 am 

      Cryin’ Ryan FatFi the hamburglar of Windsor. Do you realize no one gives a flying fuck what you have to say, fatass?

  2. Anonymous September 7, 2016 11:53 pm 

    Cryan Rayan are you retarded or do you not know how to read ? Clark movies is leaving VL for exactly what was stated in this post, eat shit and go fuck yourself fat ass!

  3. Ryan Deep-Fri September 8, 2016 3:20 am 

    settle down ryan. go have yourself a few #8 combos from the nearest fast food place and chill out for a bit. ….let the pros handle this

  4. CharkLover September 10, 2016 1:35 am 

    Truth be told, the reasons are correct. Chark is done with being micro-managed by Scruffy. Over the last month staff had resorted to banning at least 10 regular chatters for failure to moderate the room. Can’t blame a caster for wanting freedom from a staff who insists on treating people like a bunch of children.

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