The Real Shawnio.

Mostly I get no pleasure at exposing “yet another” sick individual on a social site, BUT this one we’ve seen before (see post below) and I can’t hide my pleasure at doing this post and showing you all the real Shawnio. Some of you have seen this, but others who don’t click links have not.

For them that still don’t click links and the ones who haven’t seen it, I’ll bring it to you,,,,plus some other things. Let me start with this.


Now that’s just the start. Shawnio’s modus operandi is to go from room to room telling all who will listen that you’re (Me, Lardo, Monkeysniffer, Billycesspool.) a pedophile. Not one of us has any convictions, or even been charged, for pedophilia. So who’s the REAL pedophile? Who’s trying to take the spotlight off himself? The answer is here.



Now if you think that’s not bad enough read this.

his own sister

Maybe his own families words would be better.



But then like a dumbass he utters self incriminating text like this.

admits bulling

and without checking any facts at all, crazy shit like this.

86 on benefits

YES! Laughable, but he said it.  Now a lot of people are starting to wake up to McQuaids hate and lies, so much so that people are turning on him, and/or banning him. Even people who don’t like this blog.



So he knows his reputation and internet credit is ruined, what does he do to inflict hurt or harm on people who have shown him for the scumbag he is? He “tries” to Dox them. Even going so far as to make “anything” look like a Dox.

packers dox

The above (don’t laugh) is what Shawnio calls “JamesPacker’s” Dox. ( I did say don’t laugh.) Now I’m not a fan of Packer, but I must admit he got Shawnio good. (see post below.)  So now we have one VERY MAD Gimpio stalking us. It doesn’t end there.  Here he projects his own failings and crimes on me.

your 65 scutt

Ok, so I sound older than I am on skype, but 65?!?!?! That’s double my age, dumbass. He even had me in a wheelchair and disabled at one time. (it must of been the parrot on my shoulder and the wooden leg that made him think that.)

So now you have it. Shawnio (the Gimp) sister fucker. Sister-inlaw beater. Thief. Stalker. Liar, and that’s the sort of person old Scrubby has taken under her wing.  No wonder people say that Vaughn is corrupt.

It’s a good day to be a blogger, but today has brought an extra big smile to my face.




  1. pope of no hope August 16, 2016 1:30 pm 

    holy moley i’ve been all those presents and flowers i’ve been sending are going to waste? damn, when will i learn?
    oh great post by the way. he had 3 people in his channel last night. you are correct, people are figuring out he is a cancer on society. LOL,
    Amen gimp and stop squirming you look like a fool.

  2. Anonymous August 16, 2016 6:27 pm 

    Shawn w Mcquaid the truth shall set you free, lmao well in your case the truth buries your sorry nasty trolling ass!

  3. scuttlebutt August 18, 2016 4:19 am 

    Apparently I was wrong. Packer DID Dox himself. (that will teach me NOT to trust screen shots placed in chat.) Sorry Packer but I gotta laugh. You got the Gimp, but at what cost dude? As you’re not one of the team here I can’t find any sympathy for you. I guess karma got you for using the blog for your own agenda.

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