The missing TEXT messages from Melanie and her friends….Her PARENTS did what ???

First I’d like to thank everyone for submitting the screen shots used in this post, and as I promised yesterday the actual TEXT messages from both Melanie and her friends during the time of her so called suicide revealed.

As I promised I have painted out any phone numbers and names to protect those who sent Melanie the messages as to not place them in any negative light for sending me this info. Again thank you. As you can see as soon as the announcement of her suicide was made a number of you decided to test the waters and contact Melanie in the form of texts.

Just remember what she said on the last post ?????   “I have not had access to my phone or computer so there was no way of me to let you guys know”   ……….Remember this.f574acc228cb400c8a79cd4a6158bd91

Dear mom has a text chat with one of Melanie’s online friends.


Caller: Melanie right ??

Melanie: Yes


The above screen shots were sent to me not 15min after the announcement that Melanie was alive, however I was told that due to the pressure of this being viewed as a hoax Melanie felt to the need to finally expose the fake suicide and try to come clean. Screenshot_6

Remember what she said ?????   “I have not had access to my phone or computer so there was no way of me to let you guys know”   …….But wait then who was it.. Who played this cruel HOAX on Ivlog and Melanie’s friends  ??????Screenshot_3


That’s right straight from the not so DEAD girls mouth who has all the CROCKED answers it was her PARENTS all along, they did it….  Seriously what kind of brain dead messed up parents would do such a horrid thing to their only child????

However I’m still not convinced it was the parents but MELANIE, in FEAR of finally being exposed she drops the SHIT BOMB on her parents blaming them for her faults. All pretty easy if you ask me.


Then this was sent to me, another Melanie text but this one takes a heavy hitting swing at poor ol Melanie.

My final thoughts on this flaky cracker ….LEAVE HER ALONE and STAY THE HELL WAY FROM THIS EXPLOSIVE BAG OF VERBAL DIARRHEA…You don’t need her shit on your face.

And thank you to all for the screen shots on all the posts concerning Melanie and her poop mouth….Melanie go and change your diaper.lbpnation_jtv_monkey



  1. noforehead August 10, 2016 7:56 pm 

    her parents?? I do not think so her parents never knew anything,

  2. Leonardo da Vinci August 11, 2016 8:31 am 

    Be advised she is currently sporting the user IDs of “roofer” and “sourmilk” on Ivlog. Needless to say, they belong on your ban list.

  3. Anonymous August 11, 2016 3:59 pm 

    It was her. Her parents had nothing to do with it. She’s a drama whore desperate for attention.

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