James has been destroyed by Shawnio the GREAT doxer ….KNIW KNIW xoxox

Who let the GIMP out ???


Damn SHE-BOY when you ever gonna learnzzz you is a silly willy.


Screenshot_1 (4)

However special thanks to James we have a new Youtube video we can all enjoy. In it we have James explaining how he has been doxed by Shawnio the GREAT doxer and his life is never gonna be the same againScreenshot_4ggggggggggScreenshot_16

After having a giggle with that vid you may wish to check out the Shawnio vid where about 10 months ago he fell over unconscious from too much beer. Can’t make this SHIT up I tell ya, hahahahahahaha






  1. Cleo August 7, 2016 3:10 pm 

    this is literally the 6th time you’ve posted this

    • pope of no hope August 9, 2016 5:16 pm 

      i will persuade the author to post it 10 more times. get ready for #7 gimpo..
      i caught a carp in silver creek.
      Amen and cook that carp on friday. hahahahaha

  2. SorryCharlie August 7, 2016 3:25 pm 

    not sure who the bigger faggot is, Gimpy or Packer…

  3. scuttlebutt August 7, 2016 8:13 pm 

    Packer. I may not be your biggest fan, but thanks for 25 minutes and 32 seconds of Shawnio anal reaming. His butt will be bleeding for weeks. You know he’ll go from room to room telling lies about you now?





    Yes, it’s true he beat the shit out of his sister-inlaw and had sex with his under aged sister. He also did prison time for stalking a Nigerian woman and got banned from BlogTV for asking a young boy for nude photo’s.

    If you look above you’ll see comments by “Cleo” a female. It’s also Shawnio’s alter ego….one of many.

    James is right in his evaluation of Shawnio. He’s mentally unstable, but as such is doing himself more harm than we could ever do by exposing his shenanigans….. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GIMPIO. We just sit back and enjoy laughing at you.

  4. CharlieTheZombieCat August 8, 2016 5:17 pm 

    I think his mom dropped him on his head too many times when he was a baby. All this loser does is talk to himself with 20 tabs open,cackles to himself and rings his little bell, living in his own fantasy world where he’s a master hacker and programmer hahaha. me thinks you’ve been watching mr. robot a tad too much there soupio. everyone knows you’re nothing but a lame ass welfare bum that kills animals you can’t take care of, renting a closet from a guy that you have to suck off twice a day just to keep a roof under your head. sick fucking goof, literally everyone on VL laughs at your retarded ass

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