The Vaughn’s are threatened ??

Numerous screen shots were sent in to me by a number of anons, in those shots you can see Miss Scruffy the site manager demanding that she NOT  be THREATENED.

I have no idea as to how this started, but is did take place in Pat/United America’s room.cefdf4ad95d746fe97a80a2254d5c39e

As you can see she makes the comment ” One of your mods is threatening us”  dd792a7f2fc248c98a5127d5c5266fd7

Miss Scruffy goes on about the threats with one of the mods asking her who is this rogue mod ?3f76d9fc460341b8894fe64d156a3e17

At no point is any such information on the threats given out in the chat nor do I see the identity of the individual making the threats, so it leaves me wondering what is she going on about ???

To sum up the whole Miss Scruffy crying mystery is perhaps rather simple. Miss Scruffy is either bored with a lot of time on her hands or as usual she feels the need to flex and stretch her internet muscles letting us all know she’s in charge.

Screenshot_6 (6)

My last comment is simply this, remember it took the Vaughn’s 4 whole days to respond to Oma’s situation ???  Ya I still remember, but in a matter of minutes Scruffy comes out in clear view making her demands known, yet with not a shred of any proof. So Scruffy PLEASE take your own advice use the REPORT system on Vaughn dear you know the one buried up your ass, ya that one. The same reporting system you chose to ignore as a mother was being ripped to shreds for 4 days with an onslaught of baby death jokes that you never even responded to. Poor cry baby Scruffy boohoo.lbpnation_jtv_monkey



  1. LookIt'sMe August 3, 2016 5:53 am 

    In the past few days I left several emails to someone from vaughnlive indicating they were miss scruffy in reply.

    I had been being dox’d in the chat in several rooms on vaughnlive and did not take kindly to the fact vaughnlive staff openly REFUSED to do anything about it though it was against the vaughnlive TOS.

    I told missscruffy in an email reply that I would be doxing them in return since they refused to stop it from happening to me all over their website.I won’t be saying who I am but I am a mod in that broadcast.Looks like missscruffy might be desperate.

  2. JazzDude August 3, 2016 12:39 pm 

    Flash API uses MAC-ADDRESS, so in case you want to be anonymous, you need a router with “change MAC ADDRESS” function. This is a bit “hacking” stuff because u might duplicate an existing MAC adress , which should not happen by the idea of a MAC adress. (MAC ADRESSES identify HARDWARE components, like Lan Cards)
    But if you understand the possible leaks like Javascipting, FLASH and so on u still can be “anonymous”.
    Dont forget, every browser sends “more infos ” u even thought of , like screensize , FONTS installed etc.
    Check with this website, what can be found abt you

    BTW: VL acts kinda PARANOID, which is another step into unprofessional behaviour. As a business man i can tell you, you beat ur competition with a better SERVICE and good Customer relationship, people should TRUST you. The Conversation means the opposite. Send Scruffy back to the kitchen where she belongs.
    Trust went down in VL the last 3 years.
    Mark, i know u will read this, THINK abt it, Veetle is off now too, you know, very soon u are next and the complete Misc and illegal Moviestreams are gone.
    What will be left? 90% of viewers will disappear then.

  3. pope of no hope August 3, 2016 4:31 pm 

    oh man, hit the red X scrubby. LOL.
    Amen you nazi bitch.

  4. Herschel Pendon August 30, 2016 6:48 am 

    He had at least nine children. One son named Rowland, and three daughters whose mother was probably Anne, Vaughan’s relationship with Helier soon deteriorated with the Vaughan threatening Helier with his dagger, in court, over the expected outcome of a land ownership dispute. Helier responded by drawing his own dagger, and threatening to kill Vaughan and his men if they made a move.

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