Liklik takes a jab at Samosky …thanks for the CASH bro

Like to thank Agent1000 for the 2 screen shots in this post.

As we all know Samosky was interested in Zelda at the times she and Liklik had split up, during this time he sent her a unreported amount of cash and flowers to Zelda, but since then it’s all blown up in Samosky’s face and the poor guy now finds himself on the short end of the stick again.Screenshot_4

Things even take a turn for the worse as an embarrassed Samosky in confronted by Liklik in his own chat.


Lillik ate the flowers  hahahahahahahahabb690115a9a8443da3311e7e3aa451f9

Poor Samosky even gets beaten up by Liklik and just mere hours before I placed this post up even by Shawnio, poor fellas all beat up in one day. All that breast muscle and he can’t even win a online fight.lbpnation_jtv_monkey

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