Yep, she’s at it again. Mizzzz Loooooner, who doesn’t beg, is begging. Anyone remember this? 

That’s all changed.  Ol leather face wants, and wants, and wants. This time it’s a new laptop.

But Miz Looner is an easy going sorta gal. If she can’t have the laptop then the money will do.

As she said. Some mug….whoops, some *cough* “donor” will be stupid enough to get it for her. Well, it’s not like she’s asking for a kidney………..yet.





  1. Ryan_Hifi July 11, 2016 8:05 pm 

    picking on another innocent female eh asshole? Typical….and you will respond with an insult to me right? What you’re doing is wrong, she’s got a right to ask for however much or whatever she likes….

    • scuttlebutt July 11, 2016 8:43 pm 

      Ryan. Don’t you have another band to get fired from, assburgers boy? Why would you call me an asshole? I’ve never had anything like you come out of me.

  2. See July 11, 2016 11:03 pm 

    Ryan, please give Luna the $1500.00

  3. pope of no hope July 13, 2016 2:11 am 

    uh oh. loooooooner is broke and ryan is begging for attention. the next time i see them the story will be the same. looooooooner begging and ryan crying.
    Amen you poor souls. why not PRAISE THE LARDO. you stupid bitches.

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