I’m speechless, did I ever mention I can’t make this SHIT UP ?

After months of praising this woman with his LOVE and AFFECTION he now BASHES her into pieces right infront of everyone LIVE.

He’s talking to another woman and she seem pretty upbeat not like Theleff who stays in bed all day on different prescription medicines ?? ….Wow a lot can change in 24hours… Personally I do believe this has to be a TROLL no one can be this heartless…conceited and egotistical in a span of hours. No wait ADUMB can right lol

Another BIG thank you to those responsible for this video…Great job.

Adam may have lost it last night after the post that was placed up last exposing his wishes of DEATH on another caster during a hurricane.

For those needing to catch up read the link to this post before continuing.


So basically a load of folks bash the poop out of Adam letting him know his comments were simply uncalled for, this leads to Scruffy coming in to smooth the chat and it’s angry chatters sodomizing Adam. After 20min of verbal diarrhea Mark Vaughn finally steps in and expresses an interest in banning Adam from his site.

Check out Adam kiss up by selling his bull shit on making a purchase for the VIP package in hopes of staying, all the while he claims he doesn’t care if he gets banned.

Oh Adam the POOP from the orifice you call a mouth is dripping LIES, but carry on if you must to save your ASS.

Even when his girlfriend Thelef tries to intervene by letting him know he’s wrong he still goes on refusing to admit he’s a dick. The beauty of what takes place is PURE BRILLIANCE as Adam tells his girl to stop typing in caps this results in her not only being muted but being unmoded and BANNED from her own boy friends channel. Adam you are as DUMB as donkey shit for banning your own girl, I bet this day was filled with damage control and begging for her forgiveness. Perhaps she should rename herself from “Theleff” to “THELEFT” and leave you for good lol.

Any one that takes all this SHIT serious over his very own girlfriend is a complete moron and a first class tool. Good luck with any future with her boy.

All credit to our friend for the vids and screen shot used in this post.






All credit to our friend of the blog for this short video rant as Adamblow wishes not only DEATH on a fellow caster but wishes that his home be swept away by hurricane Irma.

With so many folks with their families and loved ones either losing a home or possibly being lost to the storm it takes a special kind of SACK OF SHIT to WISH such harm on another during such troubled times.

Just don’t wonder why so many people dislike you….You earned it….Adam at  some point an award must be handed out to you for AssWipe of the year for 2017, stand up and take a bow.

So many times and so many years blogging has taught me this….KARMA is a MAJOR BITCH and never DISCRIMINATES.


A response from Flashjo directed towards Adamblow for the hateful comments.



Do the words I told ya so mean anything ??

Dear ol HYPOCRITE Hipperzz who bashed us as the “HATE BLOG” who spent DAYS during his casts spewing his verbal diarrhea based on our decision to remove him has returned, but truth be known he just can’t stay away, he needs us more than WE could ever need him and for this….BOOM HE WAS BANNED

Now GO SEARCH for GOD on Vaughn live you pathetic sell out….Move along Hipzz

I held back on posting about Hipperzz for the simple reason I refuse to give him the attention he so desperately needs from us….. Like a lost infant calling out to his parents the man child known as Hipperzz just can’t stay away.