I have 2 in one post that include both flip flop Faroe and Masturbating Ben.

And that brings us to the first shit stain the mighty sexual love viking god of big tits (o ) ( o ) the Faroe has left the 14k rip off site Ivlog for the more lusher greener pastures of Vaughn.

I give Faroe 1 hour before he jumps ship again BACK to Ivlog straight into the eagerly awaiting arms of his true love Kourtney.

Yes the ebeggar jack off SLUG from Vaughlive is now a caster over in Ivlog, that’s right the quality of that site has just gone up several notches. Perhaps instead of Vaughn live and Ivlog being 2 separate sites we can just view them under one banner VAUGHN VLOG.

So here’s my thought let’s get flip flop Faroe …masturbating Ben and fish eyed Sam in a 3 way nude match, oil them up and leave them in a wrestling cage. What are your thoughts on this clown act Pay Per View ???







The biggest cry baby of all time is at it again maybe his senior depends diapers burst from excessive leakage who knows, but boy he rants like a major wuss on this WIDEO…. (´ᗣ`)

He claims I RUINED HIS LIFE an that I THREATENEDED him, he claims he knows who I am and what I look like…oh boy should I run ???

He states he will put a monkey to DEATH and he will do it, and he knows how to kill a monkey, the first threateneded could be heard at 1:32 mark of the wideo.

At 2:22 he claims that everyone “FEARS the Monkeysniffer”  He then goes on the state that I’ve ruined his life and his reputation. Odd I never knew Hippz had a worthy reputation to ruin anyway apart from being a pathetic drunk low life white washed sodomite that cries and guzzles down bottles of liquid courage. If that’s what he calls a worthy respectable reputation then I’m a 100% sure Hippz has done an excellent job messing his own life all on his own thank you very much.

He then has a go at Millertimer our chat room sweetheart at 4:01, now if you ask me Hippzz sounds almost jealous of Miller’s beautiful tits at this point, but jus listen to the poison in his voice.  ( 0 ) ( o )

At 4:50 he has a cheap shot at Ordog, Hippzz claims Ordog “FUCKED HIM OVER”

But the best is the part he claims everyone is “SUCKING MY DICK” …eh funny I never noticed all this going on. And to think I hired a team of monkeys to pleasure me on my time off, I could have saved a bundle on bananas.

Maybe he’s jealous you be the judge. Funny how he holds up a blue dildo, could he be sending someone a message to ?? ……..Naw let’s not go there. But who does the dildo belong to anyhow ?

The best is left to the end as dear ol god fearing Christan all mighty man himself the woving <3  Hipperzzz now WISHES DWEATH upon me. He prays to god and begs for my heart would to “ESHPLODE “

He then beats his chest and calls out to me asking if I had some balls I would go to his room, ok Hippzz funny thing for you to say actually. But listen as he gets very VERY agitated over diapers he received in the mail. Just don’t ask him about his diapers lol.

11:15 He states Shawnio I’m not your main enemy, you should be attacking Lardo not me.

But remember when all else fails and people finally see you for what you truly are…Simply pull the ol I’m a Christian defense out of your ass it’s sure to pull the wool over someones eyes right ???? But then again how many years did Warren Bucks try it and in the end it never saved him right dear ol Hipperzz ??

The video in it’s entirety.

All credit and a huge thanks to you know who.







A few of you may know I have a sweet spot for guitar solos, but as of recently one of you out there decide to drop me an incredible find right on my lap. He goes by the name Billy Bebad a NEW VL guitar sensation virtuoso. When I first heard this master of the 6 string sting I was blown away and left on the floor almost in tears, when I came to I knew right then and there I needed to blog this guitar god right here for the world to witness his mad finger skills.

All credit to one of his mods for this unknown raw talent.

The video above has Billy actually giving FREE guitar lessons and his most cherished secret guitar licks. Most of you don’t know this but Billy has tutored Eddie VanHalen in his finger tapping techniques that would mystify and memorize most…….Due to Billy’s influence he has taken the once obscure Eddie VanHalen guitar player to world renowned super rock stardom

In the above video Billy actually plays the Eddie Van Halen signature guitar solo “ERUPTION”……………..