I’d like to thank our friend from the blog for this latest video, and much needed provided information on it concerning a scamming trend being used on the internet. It involves oysters being sold to unsuspecting individuals who make these online purchases in hopes of collecting a $2000 pearl as a prize.

It was Secure who was selling the rip offs on Vaughn live just the other day for $25 a pop….CLICK the  video below to watch.8e2dfcda050d4e61823ca2475d30da3f


However it’s a SCAM and here’s why…… READ BELOW


For the rest of the information on this SCAM click this LINK below.



On a side note I swear these 2 look like brother and sister.








So it didn’t take long for Cum ops I mean Cr3am to BAN dear ol Pat from Ivlog and let’s face it Pat is a snore of a caster anyways. But to be honest I don’t think he even did anything except talk about this blog lol…A big thank you too all for the screen shots used on this post.Screenshot_7



Finalizing the BAN…the end

Screenshot_4 (2)

However SAM I am the sodomite amigo to Pat Mr America has decided to jump ship and enter the realm of Cam up…. A another social media site.

Screenshot_6 (2)Screenshot_4 (3)Running back to Vaughn live …dear ol Pat now has Mr and Mrs Scruffy to deal with and let’s not forget all them guests lollbpnation_jtv_monkey


I was sent this video this afternoon, however I was not a blogger at the time, but as you can clearly see I’m back.

However please keep in mind she walks off camera with some guy, but as the cast continues in the background you can HEAR the MOANS of ORGASMIC DELIGHT…Oh Sarah you naughty girl you. Thank you to who ever sent me this video as an email

However if you are having AUDIO problems with the above video you can listen to the cut up version I made, hope it works for you.


OHHHHh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



Remember that you can’t UN-see things. There’s is no delete in eye balls.

All credit to br4k3r who sent this in. Thanks sir.


I think I said at the time (of first watching) it was like a sack of potatoes on a trampoline.

If you need therapy after watching this, then go see Lardo at The Church of Confusion. He’s very cheap at only 500$ and hour. (or we can lock you in a room with Hipperz for a week, and you honestly wont care after that.)

LoveLeigh keep twerking it,,,,Mark Vaughn will make you staff soon.


I must of missed where people said Sam was “e begging”…. Maybe I blinked at the wrong time. Enjoy this…….

Sorry Sam. The people have spoken and they say you’re an idiot.

UPDATE. This was sent in by Anon0580. Thanks 🙂



Yeah I know. We are only half way into the week, but man it’s been a loony toons start to this one.  First we had Mark bitching,,,,,,,about his own site.

Mark sausage fest


This may help you Mark.


And what was he crying about? This:-


Yes it’s Cyberman, who we have posted about before. He (rightly so) gets banned, but does that allow someone to be on cam with a finger up their ass?

finger pics

I guess if you want to do a “rim finger” it’s ok.  Next they will beg for money to pay for their stink finger,,,,,or pay for showing tits.


But Scrubby knows all about begging…………

homeless scrubz

I can only wonder at what she offered them for payment.

Now we come to Pat. UnitedAmerican, who is very UN-American.  He was asked a genuine question by Lardo, and he WOULDN’T, or COULDN’T answer……..because if he did, it would prove how fake he is……………….


Now how hard a question is that? I’ll leave you to think about that.


What ever a “little gay” is, Foxman is it. (but he would say a little bisexual.)

The audio on this is a recording of a re-casting, so please don’t expect much.

If you manage to understand half of what his drunk ass is saying, you’re doing better than me.


Then Foxman goes on to kiss Mark Vaughns ass by saying what a good man he is. (Yeah ok. Kiss it for an un-banning.) NEWS FLASH. Foxman will only get banned again.


Screenshot_3 (4)


How “honest” can honest be for the Christian Vaughn’s? ( Right here, please start humming “Onward Christian Soldiers” to yourself.)  Lynn [Patrica] Vaughn and her “Copy & Paste” son Mark, sure act like they can tell REAL people anything, and they’ll be believed.

Only recently I did a post on Vaughn lies, and now more have raised their ugly heads.

honest about things

“We are all VERY HONEST about things”?? (Insert mocking laughter here.)  Honest, like GamerGirl can’t ban?

power to ban1

GG banning again

Well, she sure as hell managed to ban in Staff Corner and that’s not her room. Is Patricia “Scrubby” Vaughn telling us lies again?

Then we have Scrubby the megalomaniac showing her true colors. How can this “honest” woman let a known troll and hater back on Vaughn, and then say this shit?

sign into IP's

Her words. If you go into IP’s channel YOU’LL BE BANNED !!!  Jesus H Christ Scrubby. I dislike the potato headed bog trotter as much as most, but what bit of “SITE BANNING” don’t you understand? (or does she just want to show her power?)

Then there’s the fruit of her loins, Mark. ( or should we call him Mr Never Deliver?)  SOON, SOON, Beta for years, SOON……………..


Can someone PLEASE inform me of ANYTHING that Mark has “coded” or made by himself?  The whole site was based on JTV codes. The Vaughn Coins, a copy from JTV. The IM’s, or Private chats (That are NOT private) taken from JTV.  Even his banning of VPN’s is ripped from the internet. So please don’t hold your breath waiting.  Unless he can rip that off as well, it wont be SOON.

Mark has said on numerous occasions that he DOESN’T read the blogs. I think you’ll get the feeling of Déjá vu when you read this………………

mark insults

No Mark. You don’t read the blogs.*sarcastic* You don’t echo what we’ve said, because you’re an HONEST CHRISTIAN. (and I can walk on water, dumbass.)