Everyone’s favorite Charlie Manson look alike had a few words to say concerning his recent wet weeny fiasco.

Hope the next time he decides to play with his rubber ducky in the shower he brings his collection of Gi Joe and Barbie dolls in to the shower with him.

Click on the link below for all the wet willy details.


And so this brings us to the Ivlog sausage fest that took place on April 20th, while during a live cast some hunky chunky white hairy man named Paulie gets up to to reveal his beans and berries on cam.  Little is known if the caster or anyone else was banned, but by now let’s face it Ivlog is no better than Vaughnlive. Paulie the next time you decide to get nude for all your mates on a call just remember they’re all dudes….you do understand that right ????

Finally my thoughts….WHY OH WHY do certain individuals FEEL the need to expose themselves on cam, is there a casting site that’s secretly recruiting all these willy whackers ??? Does no one take responsibility for their actions anymore or perhaps this is the newest form on how to find a cheap date online  ?? Cover up boys and keep your homely tinkles tucked away. Thank you to everyone who submitted any of the information used on this post.


It’s not very often I agree with a caster especially an emotional drunk caster, but in this rare case I find myself agreeing with Karen over 100% .

And to this Fixture an to anyone else confused over in Vaughn…NO I do not wish to DOX or harm Karen, but as things go if it’s placed out there in cyber space it’s FAIR GAME. Karen thank you for your understanding, it’s strange that it takes an intoxicated woman to finally explain to the WORLD how things work. ◉◡◉  ◉◡◉




It started with a place.

That led to a FACE matching a name.


That led to a FATHER matching a name.

That led to a BROTHER not matching a name.


But it was indeed CONFIRMED to be a match.

That led to  a house with….. RED CURTAINS……


notice THE RED CURTAINS in the window.

….RED CURTAINS… in the window



That led to a phone call with an alleged lost cell phone…..And FINALLY the DESTINATION.




Huge thanks to all the partners in crime, the amigos the villains, the bloggers. You know WHO YOU are.

In the last several months leading up to this final post it had become apparent as to how truly angry Sean Cleary had become, leaving me with an estimated 300 or so comments on numerous posts. Let’s face it his online THREATS… DOXXING.. HARASSMENT AND PEDOPHILE COMMENTS have pretty much disgusted an entire online community.

What makes it even worse is it never seems to end, his constant HATE and ANGER may be fueled by some unseen disease. I believe alcohol may only be part of his problem. I also believe his parents have a terrible time dealing with him, unless he’s kept it all a SECRET till NOW. In the future I do hope local law enforcement become involved and finally put an end to his behavior.

Some of the LINKS leading up to this final post.







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