Full moon isn’t until Feb 19th, however a few of you seem to be working over time in trying to bring it sooner upon us. It’s basically a 2 in 1 post with just how odd things can be in Ivlog. Yes I know who gave me the video, so thanks to those for screen grabs and vids used on this post.

Oma good luck with finding Horus, and be well dear.

Crazy woman I have nothing to say to you, except you’re nasty. Now go close your legs you’re letting the flies out.

To be perfectly honest I can’t take credit on this one, so all credit to who ever you are and partial credit to the person who emailed the screen grab. Nice job all around. From what I gather he’s had 38 other possible Game of Throne channels that have been deleted and I’m sure more to come.

Now my intention was to place this post up last night as a comical piece, but due to my on going work with helping Shawnio find shelters for him to sleep in and keep warm during the harsh Canadian winters or helping him locate free WIFI for him to troll with I’ve just been busy. Now we won’t mention any of this or the fact that other blog (hush hush) upsets him so. Nope I shall keep this all to myself and PROMISE I won’t say a WORD to anyone…pinky swear. So with that being said on with the post.

Here we have Billybebad an Ivlog caster I’ve done several posts on before, claiming some sort of LEGAL blah blah in regards to VIOLATING HIM and possible RAMIFICATIONS. Sounds completely anal and somewhat sordid it’s possible an oily phallus object may have been used for deep penetration I wont elaborate on this except to say this video was recorded sometime in 2018 and thank you to the person who sent it in to me.

However as usual this fountain of intellectual liquid feces spews his ongoing views on Mark Vaughn not paying him for his work on the site a possible (25k) in lost wages…lol

But the juicy stuff doesn’t arrive until the almost end part of the vid, say about 6:56 where Billy states ” Scuttles you ain’t got nothing on me”

And get this I’m WANTED in 7 or 8 different states in the US for 🐒  HARASSMENT CHARGES and CRIMINAL behavior, damn I’m going down man this is NO JOKE lol. He then goes on to say at any given time he could easily hack his way into the blog and type a few numbers under a CODE and we would be at his mercy. 🐒

Keep in mind I’ve labeled this PART 1 for a reason, remember we have NOTHING on Billy and his so called claims of my legal plight have now been exposed…hahahahahahaah.

In PART 2 all will be revealed and by now whether you be Shawnio…Sean Cleary…David Bawden….Darren Sayward….David Blount and many many more..


This topic has come up more times than I can recall, but odd how Fox seems to be in the midst of it all when it comes to such discussions. Years ago during a Vaughn cast I watched as Fox stated that he had beat some 15 yr old boy semi conscious and then forced his penis into that same boy’s mouth, Foxman explained that he was 17 yrs old at the time, but it makes you wonder about people online and just how awful some can truly be and the past that they keep hidden.

All credit and thanks to the individual who sent this in, funny I do seem to recollect doing this post before, or maybe I’m dreaming ?

The above video was sent in Feb 5th 2017, seems not much has changed. You may wish to give it a listen, perhaps Foxman still imagines what a man’s ASS still tastes like ?

All credit and thank you to the person who sent me this image today, I’m assuming this took place recently, as apparently Jackie had a slip during a cast.

I’ve never truly or completely understood what I was looking at, perhaps you can tell me ? Look closely.

I refuse to look