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All credit to Casper for the above screen shot, but there’s not really much to say I mean after all when the site manager hasn’t the BRAIN to simply BAN a DISGUSTING individual such as Warren Bucks. And to use a site GLITCH as a LAME excuse to allow him back simply to bolster their weak views is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Was all of this was a GLITCH. ????  Like when he beat the hell out of his mother, and decide to remove his clothes on numerous occasions was all of that a GLITCH as well ??

But that’s fine after all this blog, and the rest of us shall continue to be here exposing your GLITCHES with every post. After all it’s just a GLITCH right ?

Or maybe the HAND OF GOD shall finally render a verdict ?


So with his first cast after a year long absence the the most holy man of teen girl delights decides to change his bandage during a live cast. The unsightly size of his swollen pregnant belly is enough to make anyone nauseous, but when he begins to change the pad on his mangina. Things become really sickening, no clue as to what this injury is all about. But you have to admit WE all knew it was going to get FREAKY when the PEDO PRIEST decided to start casting again.

A lil bird gave me this screen shot and attached to it were the words, “Apparently he’s coming back”

It may be true, a year ago I did predict he would return in mid 2017. The reason I stated this was I believe he was reprimanded by a judge for his behavior towards his mother and ordered by the courts not to use the internet or cast for a year. That year is now up, so it’s most likely he will officially return soon. I’m sure when he does several key individuals that were  will be called out, those who made THREATS towards Warren ..TAUNTED him and made other comments that were PEDOPHILE in nature against him will be the ones who’s integrity will then be placed on the chopping block for all to see. It’s called HYPOCRISY and along with tiny miniature penises hanging off your GUILTY face your SHAME and LIES shall also be EXPOSED. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes fat guy, oh and btw how’s DISCORD these days a lil empty perhaps, did the SMART ones LEAVE  ????

It’s called KARMA.

Click on the above picture to see a faint image in the dark background, if you pay attention you just might see it.


Approximately an hour and 15 min after this post was placed up dear ol Warren Bucks makes his first appearance in nearly over 1 year. Now how’s that for timing ?


Even a retarded basement living “burka boy” can say something very perceptive.

Now please remember Adamblo’s words as you read on.

That’s the same Scrubby that admits to trolling and spamming casts.  The same Scrubby who allowed this man to cast on Vaughn……until he hit his mother on cam.

Who believes you can plea bargain and then get the case thrown out of court? (Yeah. When pigs fly.) This is the same Scrubby that listened to Adamblo masturbate to Frank Taylor, while watching porn.

(And Adamblo will swear he’s not gay.)  The same Scrubby who has this man-child as a friend.

And he’s been doing it for years. (CREDIT To Mr “J” for this.)

Yes. He’s a police snitch……as well as a snitch for Vaughn.

Ok, ok. That’s the “Gits”….now for the Shiggles. (Well we all need a laugh.)

And you can’t talk about Frank without his UK lover Neddy.

But there’s a darker side to Neddy.

What was that again about Vaughn? “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming…….blah blah blah”

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS POST. With out you guys this blog would be nothing. You’re all appreciated. Thanks again. (So now to go out on a giggle. He’s the one and only POTATO head, to entertain you.)

Sorry. I forgot he can’t sing, but Irelands bog trotter did his best….bless him.

It was back in August when I did the first part of this post and realized it takes all kinds of people to be online, most of which need attention in their empty lives. That brings me to a couple of individuals who claim to be the most HIGH and most RIGHTEOUS CHRISTIANS of em all, I simply call them HYPOCRITES, and wash my hands of them. For now I believe it may be time for some long overdue house cleaning. Spring is quickly approaching and maybe the over clutter has become stale and unneeded.Jessica your comments smell foul of a lunatic who has forgotten that it was Vaughn that allowed your DOX on their site, furthermore it was individuals like Adam and Shawnio that attacked you and threatened you in Vaughn. They DOXED you, we never needed you, this blog is growing and your kind are simply not needed. But I do believe my greatest asset is time, and in time you’re going to find your judgment was poorly misplaced.

A year or more ago another self appointed holy man called Warren Buck was a caster on Vaughn, he to reaped what he sowed and what became of him ??????

No one cares. However everyone REMEMBERS ….People never forget nor do they forgive.

We don’t have to call them out in the end, THEY expose themselves to us, every single time.


Just remember YOU came to US, WE  didn’t go to you.

A person once told me she didn’t wish to get involved. I told her too late, if you don’t pick a side one will be chosen for you.

The first PART of the post can be found on the below LINK