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I’d like to thank our friend of the blog for this rather odd yet self admitting video of Sean Cleary where he refers to an article of him raping 2 children. Now the odd thing is I have never heard of such an article being written and I know for a fact I have never posted such information to this blog, so my question is………
Where is this article ???
Who wrote this article ???
And WHY is IP mentioning an article no one else has seem to have heard of ???
Is he making this up for attention or are the accusations against him legitimate ???To me Helton seems uninterested in what IP has to offer, with simple nods or shaking his head to whatever IP says. One gets the feeling Helton is clearly bored with the incoherent babbles of one drunken Sean Clearly.
Listen to IP as he states he has a photographic memory and can read a 20 page essay in an hour. He can then re write every word of it exactly to the letter.
Helton vaguely acknowledges IP or simply seems too tired as he yawns through out the video, it becomes apparent that Helton is allowing IP to ramble about himself non stop as if knowing full well at any given moment IP may burst and chucks of his BULL SHIT may fly across the room.

And that is why Helton clearly outwits IP hands down, it’s a first I’ve seen Helton be victorious in a video but you have admit he plays IP to the hilt and WINS.

Once that’s out the way the rest of the video is IP bragging like a teen boy passing through puberty as if once wasn’t enough….. He brags his way through the conversation beating his chest about taking “TREE sticks of XANAX” while consuming alcohol.It’s clear he fancies himself some sort of potato SEX boy toy and states he has multiple female partners as many as 3 per week. The young girls desire him so badly while the rest of us quiver in jealousy as to his self promoting sexual exploits. Funny not one female has ever come forward to admit it, perhaps either from SHAME or self loathing his female conquests have all gone silent, not even one beats his drum on his behalf.
During the conversation he admits to being a fucking retard, something all of us would definitely agree with.
The video was originally 30+min of non stop Sean Cleary going full stupid, way too much for one poor person to digest in one sitting. So I have decided to make this POST a 2 part POST, with the 2nd part being placed up tomorrow.


All credit to Candy for emailing me this video. Click the LINK below for the Helton family video.

So now he has his elderly mother on cam and a direct quote  from Candy herself….

“Shes afraid of him and he’s obviously strong armed her to do this, like he did with his kids. how sick”

It does make you wonder WHY his mother had an eviction notice all planned out to remove Helton the HOME only to later DROP the whole court case and sweep it under the rug…WHY  DO IT ??


All credit to those responsible for making the video and to whoever dropped it in our chat.

This is just one of those times I have to laugh to myself, for as I watch this video it becomes crystal clear as to Helton’s agenda of claiming he’s nothing more than  poor victim his own eyes. Watch as he uses his own children to further his own deceit and manipulation. Delusional and diabolical don’t begin to cover it.

For any of those unclear as to the conditions of his home please CLICK the LINK below.



All credit to Candy….Helton’s cleaning lady and the editor of the video.

I was informed that Helton was legally given the children back into his custody. Shocking the legal system completely failed those children, but I’m sure the monitoring of the home will be more intense now, and hopefully things will improve.

I was also informed that Ma Helton hired the cleaning lady who took the pics herself, that can be seen in the video.



A brief Helton update video, but along with this latest video is a screen shot of an apparent conversation between Andrea, his beloved and some of her facebook friends. 

Thank you to all for the video and the screenshot on this post.