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I was not aware of the recent development between Candyrayne and Helton until today, so enjoy the tongue lashing Helton receives at the hands of his former friend.

If the LINK wont work CLICK again and go toYoutube.


All credit to Barry Mandela and Candy for the video.



This is a 7hour long vid from Youtube so if you can get through it then hats off to you.

Bottom line is Helton needs money or he’s in BIG time do do.


If only the rest of the Xmen would HELP Helton out then I have a feeling everything would be fine, but let’s face it a mutant with retractable  metal claws wouldn’t be an ideal  house guest if you purchased new furniture.



Poor helton, he will be evicted soon. He claims his mama has put her foot down and is throwing them out. She got sick of the 56 year old man child mooching off of everyone in sight. Now, we are not sure what will become of the kids. I cant imagine she would just kick the kids to the curb. In fact no one is sure if helton is even telling us the truth. He might be doing this as a way to gain sympathy and get a few more donations so when the weather breaks he can walk to town and retain a lawyer. To enlarge click and hold ctrl key then while holding move the wheel on your mouse towards the monitor 0812549622af407eb9503e9d6488b170 screenshot_69 180px-vonfreakout
The mama frost might take custody of the kids (I believe she has custody already) and once helton is far down the road she might give them up for adoption. Who knows? Only time will tell.
b9fb618d1e9b42eabab1c3434a71f20bscreenshot_71 Scuttlebutts will keep you up to date on this developing story.

Amen you sons of beaches.

Amen you sons of beaches.