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I never thought I’d hear myself say this (or type it) but Whirlwind makes Adambro look like a damn genius.  Of all the dumbass things he could of said, master mind Whirlwind picked this to say in APT’s channel.



So Whirlwind, being of high moral character *cough* ….With a wrap sheet longer than a toilet roll, for stealing lumber…..wants the cops knocking on his door again.

Here’s what the law says:  ” Knowingly removing, altering, defacing, or covering a political sign of any candidate for public office from 45 days before a primary election until seven days after the general election …..blah, blah, BUT, Up to 4 months in prison, up to a $ 750 fine, or both.”  Then there’s the part that will kick Whirl in the ass:  “makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry….”  But Whirlwinds a *cough* smart man……..isn’t he?

whirl knight

His own words. So what do others think of him?


He told us he’s “Mr Deep Pockets” so he should have a large home with an expensive car outside,,,yes? Hum, NO!

Mr Deep Pockets

The home is no bigger than a double wide, and the vehicle is a real junk yard clunker.

But if you listen to Whirlwind, he’s a Christian. A man of God that loves everyone………..


How ironic that Lardo was the one who helped me with this post.  In a nutshell Whirl. You are bat shit crazy. I wont be the one snitching on you, but I hope someone does. Then you can have Warren as your jail cell pen pal.


I truly wish I had recorded this from the beginning, but I wasn’t available. However I did manage to get the tail end of it.

Seems Dave has placed Mark on the SPOT with questions concerning DMCA guidelines..and a number of other topics….A great cast with many laughs.

From MALWARE being discovered to Mark and his phony boat and big spending habits …You might even spot a lil PORN, keep an eye out for it lol


This video is from the night BEFORE Mark and ATP’s call….Thank you InYourFace for sending it in.





LOVE is in the air and for some it’s a very special moment.

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For Pat and SAM I AM ❤‿❤


For the UK PEDOpuppets crew ❤‿❤


For Sarah62 even though she offered an all you can eat at the fish buffet…most found her clam to be rather sour and having an odd smell.


HAPPY VALENTINES day to uncle Lardo an Filthy on their first date together….how cute ❤‿❤

For Foxmanshawn who found ANYTHING handy around the house to insert into his ass ❤‿❤


HAPPY VALENTINES day to Hipperz who……um……well….sure…He found religion…and became very anal. ❤‿❤


For both Warren Buck and Eric Cisar/Billy who decided to GROOM TEEN GIRLS online, if they should FINGER anything I’ll be sure to let you all know with an update..I mean FIND…If they should FIND anything.  ❤‿❤


I’d rather NOT comment on this one.

HAPPY VALENTINES day to the Vaughn’s ❤‿❤


HAPPY VALENTINES day to CUM… ooops I mean Cr3am. ❤‿❤


For this Vaughn live caster ..TRUST ME you’r gonna be hearing about him in the near FUTURE. ❤‿❤


HAPPY VALENTINES day to Cherry and Tobi may they find LOVE after they beat the CRAP outta each other. ❤‿❤


And ME…. ❤‿❤

Thank you to anyone who submitted.


I’d like to thank our friend from the blog for this latest video, and much needed provided information on it concerning a scamming trend being used on the internet. It involves oysters being sold to unsuspecting individuals who make these online purchases in hopes of collecting a $2000 pearl as a prize.

It was Secure who was selling the rip offs on Vaughn live just the other day for $25 a pop….CLICK the  video below to watch.8e2dfcda050d4e61823ca2475d30da3f

However it’s a SCAM and here’s why…… READ BELOW


For the rest of the information on this SCAM click this LINK below.


On a side note I swear these 2 look like brother and sister.