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Esteban Creme closes the Ivlog Facebook account and decides to cast on Younow ????

Well after the last 24hours of getting his FB account SMASHED in by our mutual friend, you know the one who sent a number of images over to the Ivlog Facebook group as a joke. Well our mutual friend was at it again but this time the Admins in the Ivlog group had enough and either deleted or temporally shut the account down.bfd1c6170b7041008c7d6e4cd71c4928Seems our friend was more than a match for them. ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿      The LINK to the entire previous post can be found here..CLICK BELOW

PRANK played on the Ivlog FACEBOOK group


So what our friend then decided to do was to plant a phony pic on the Vaughn Facebook group as a joke. (。◕‿◕。)final



After such an ASS beating Steve Jones?/Cream then decided to cast in YouNow and watch some of the other sites and what they had yo offer….ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Mark Vaughn then decided to have the pic remain on the page, so I guess he rather enjoyed our lil Facebook prank as well…ヾ(*´∀`*)ノlbpnation_jtv_monkey

Did I just say YOUS ??


The rumor that could NEVER be in a million years was started last night and as of today it has been officially confirmed that Gamergirl the mutant female of tainted pork/ rancid toxic vagina mouth and baby death jokes is now the newest member of Vaughn lives staff.screenshot_3-2Personally I gave the rumor zero credence only thinking it was a hoax, but no it’s for real and I can only imagine how casters and viewers are going to react to this news. That’s where YOUS come in.

Yeah YOUS I’m talking to YOUS………………………..




My thoughts………..

It wasn’t all that that long ago when both Scuttles and myself posted a number of articles exposing the hideous and mocking BABY DEATH COMMENTS directed to Oma from GG’s own lips which lasted for 4days without any retribution from Vaughn staff. The result was myself being IP site banned from Vaughn but my account was left intact. What was even funnier was the fact I was never in Vaughn to begin with at the time, letting me know that this was a personal move against me very much reminesant of Cr3am’s own site ban… an act of anger and revenge for exposing the truth.


I’ve never been one to shy away from a fight  or an opinin and I won’t start now, but for Mark to seriously to have considered GG as staff was the most foolish thing he could have ever done, with BLOG.TV just months away and Ivlog in the shitters with it’s 30 viewers count now wasn’t the time to make a dumb move. But hand it to the retarded FAT GUY to do this, oh well only time will tell.screenshot_5

I said it once and I’ll say it again I CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP





It was shocking to see nude pics of Courtney in our chat but sure enough as I went to Vaughn this is what I managed to capture just before a Vaughn live admin shut the channel down turning it to a blank screen. At one point she had decided to cup both her breasts with her hands, I think this was leading up to something so before any thing else could take place POW Courtney is banned


Later I get this screen grab of Cortney having some strange desire to show off her cleavage, not sure what got into her but whatever meds or alcohol she’s on I hope she wakes up from it.Screenshot_3 (4)


Some months ago the fail bloggers over at UK Muppets and their new head of “special” intelligence, Shawnio, had proven conclusively that Michelle Stacy was chatting over at Vaughn Live.STD as one Sweet Tears. As per usual the folks at UK Muppets did not do their foot work nor did they vet the information provided to them from their new head of DOXing.

End result? Watch the below video.

WARNING: Do NOT consume fluids during the viewing of this video!

As you can clearly see Sweet Tears and Michelle Stacy are two completely different individuals!

But how can this be!?!?! Did not the wunderkinds of UK Muppets prove with several blog posts that they were one in the same? Yes ladies and gentlemen once again the credibility of the fail blog UK Muppets and their head of disinformation, Shawnio, is right where it always has been. IN THE SHITER.

Karl, Darren, Babs, Sharron, Louise whatever you call yourselves these days might I recommend once again that you at least try and use your two brain cells before making a claim or DOXing someone. I mean seriously girls you look more and more incompetent with every post and every lame attempt to coat tail this blog and the gloriously fabulous people who work here.


William Poole ESQ.



 Chark Movies leaves Vaughnlive.STD

vaughn ship down

The king of the Misc section and Mark’s most prolific provider of pirated copyrighted content is jumping ship.



Chark is leaving Vaughn and striking out on their own. Apparently fed up with the low quality, shitty chat and poor customer service of Vaughlive.STD .

Chark obviously is done with Mark’s empty promises and his mother’s Nazi like control of the site. Not to mention the shit quality offered by Mark’s child like coding.

See below clip for Chark’s farewell scroll.

Remember the scene in the above clip kids. Mark’s next cast may bear a striking resemblance once he realizes how he and his diseased mother have driven their love child into the ground.

One wonders if Chark will be offering some of his fellow casters space on his new website?

Is this the end of the Misc section?

Will Misc be as empty as People Section?

Will Misc go the way of Vapers.TV?


 So Mark. Tell us again how there are six new casters for everyone that leaves 😀


Love and kisses. William Poole ESQ.

All credit goes to Hamilton for this lil fun video of the epileptic drunken retard known as Shane as he stands in front of his cam fondling his willy. Apparently this took place today just a few hours ago, but bottom line is this guy is simply an idiot so enjoy the vid.Screenshot_2

     If you wish to see the video in it’s entirety click the LINK here..

Oh and as a side note for those who remember on a Billy Cesspool cast several weeks ago, this is the same Shane who admitted to having a relationship or experience with a woman who placed a dildo into his anus. I can’t make this shit up, so don’t even try me.



That quote  title of this post rings so true to me in describing Mark Vaughn and his pretentious manager mother. So what was handed to me in to our crap chat was informative, could it be that people are truly seeing just how horrendous the Vaughn’s truly are and it’s now carrying over on into other places ??d4d3f5ac5109488ea8fed14a56936e7e

The above screen shot is interesting due simply to the fact Mark wasn’t very welcomed to the Breakers.TV meet up this year, what’s really interesting is that both he and his mother attended last years event without incident. So what’s changed ??  Well if you the recall the incident in where the Vaughn’s banned the entire Vapor community from Vaughn and allowed some malicious comments to be made to key members of the Vapors group this might have had a boomerang like effect coming right back into Mark’s face. I could be wrong but it does conjure a number of negative possibilities all going very bad for both Mark and his site.


Even mom gets in to the act going so far as to ask for ANY other events that they may attend perhaps go to. The rejection or fall out may be so strong that maybe no ones wants them PERIOD.Screenshot_6 (6) lbpnation_jtv_monkey


Numerous screen shots were sent in to me by a number of anons, in those shots you can see Miss Scruffy the site manager demanding that she NOT  be THREATENED.

I have no idea as to how this started, but is did take place in Pat/United America’s room.cefdf4ad95d746fe97a80a2254d5c39e

As you can see she makes the comment ” One of your mods is threatening us”  dd792a7f2fc248c98a5127d5c5266fd7

Miss Scruffy goes on about the threats with one of the mods asking her who is this rogue mod ?3f76d9fc460341b8894fe64d156a3e17

At no point is any such information on the threats given out in the chat nor do I see the identity of the individual making the threats, so it leaves me wondering what is she going on about ???

To sum up the whole Miss Scruffy crying mystery is perhaps rather simple. Miss Scruffy is either bored with a lot of time on her hands or as usual she feels the need to flex and stretch her internet muscles letting us all know she’s in charge.

Screenshot_6 (6)

My last comment is simply this, remember it took the Vaughn’s 4 whole days to respond to Oma’s situation ???  Ya I still remember, but in a matter of minutes Scruffy comes out in clear view making her demands known, yet with not a shred of any proof. So Scruffy PLEASE take your own advice use the REPORT system on Vaughn dear you know the one buried up your ass, ya that one. The same reporting system you chose to ignore as a mother was being ripped to shreds for 4 days with an onslaught of baby death jokes that you never even responded to. Poor cry baby Scruffy boohoo.lbpnation_jtv_monkey


His words not mine and here’s why.


Well no idea who Ashlynd is certainly not from the Lion the Witch and the wardrobe ??

But lets be honest Mark you allowed so much hate on your beloved site and in many cases perpetuated the hate along with your mother to get your way, so what do you expect now TEARS ??

a52fKr0img (2)See Mark WE don’t forget


Dear sweet boy what goes around comes around so enjoy the sour fruit from the the trees you planted.Screenshot_7 (3)