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All credit to Karma for this wonderful news…..Unbelievable lol
And did I not tell you so months ago when this whole “GUEST ” thing began that it was about us ???

MissScruffy: Until the blog turned it into a tool to be malicious” ….BINGO I knew it. Read the bottom LINK .🐒/Told ya…………………..🐒 …Apparantly caster were bullied and forced to choose, some had to put guest chat on, so now they lay low in fear of what may happen ??? …Hahahahahahahahah. This is classic Christian FEAR MONGERING brought on by anger and being absolutely clueless as to what you’ve done…BRILLIANT.

To cut off ones nose to spite ones face is admitting you’ve messed up HUGE and in classic denial you MUST blame the non guilty party….”THE BLOG” ..No doubt you baptized yourself in your own urine in hopes of washing away any of your own guilt, but alas my dear this unholy monstrosity of a blog lives up to it’s heinous reputation in once again exposing you as a misfit site manager with no brain and tons of boiling poisonous acid in your womb. Thank you for making my week Scruffy…..🐒




All credit to a friend of the blog for the screen grabs of the BLATANT RACIAL HATE SLURS that recently took place on [VL].Pretty straightforward here as one of Vaughn’s casters was recently playing a gamer during a cast, upon which derogatory RACIAL HATE FILLED words were posted.

As more and more RACIAL HATE comments were played out on the screen, Miss Scruffy decides to make her traditional grand entrance.

She immediately lets the caster know “HE HAS BEEN SHUFFLED” …But wait THEY CAN’T SHUFFLE CASTERS ????  THEY NEVER DO THAT…. RIGHT  ?????…….More on that later on in the post. Well isn’t that special, on one hand HATE filled RACIAL SLURS of MURDER and KILLING are displayed during the cast, but hey look on the bright she’s happy the channel is doing GREAT!…..Seriously can’t make this shit up lolIn fact scroll down any Vaughn channel and you will find the Terms of Service where it states 5. No hate speech/No illegal activity…However on another note I’m not trying making broad stroked insinuations here but in certain parts of the US this sort of thing is deemed…well normal ??????Hard to believe that in this day and age with all our techno gadgets and infinite wisdom that there are folks who actually perpetuate this sort of thing…EVERYDAY.

Odd though that 6.21 of the HATE population are from Tennessee the home State of the Vaughn’s….Bless their Christian sanctified hearts. Even more strange is the FACT that it was Scruffy herself who dubbed this blog the “HATE BLOG” for exposing her LIES,and 2 faced HYPOCRISY. Remember WE are the #1 ranked villains on the net a title I refuse to share with any other so called blog no matter how much they may tickle my anus with their tongues. ◉◡◉I rest my case, so with all this going on it’s no wonder WHY Scruffy ALLOWS such individuals like Shawnio, Adumbs and other assorted degenerates ??? Now you know. At last I did promise the part about the “SHUFFLE”…From the begging Vaughn was created certain casters were given the “SPECIAL TREATMENT” as some would be featured and others simply remained forgotten or in the bottom list of casters. I recall many casters over the years calling the Vaughn’s out on this and being told they simply don’t have the ability to do it. More LIES Scruffy ?















Not exactly sure what took place today but seems alot went on, I have a number of screen grabs with a mentally challenged senile woman babbling about things on other sites and something about a “WAR” ? …And possibly someone wanting some “creamer”. He said she said and so on and so forth ? ….Go figure.

A possible “GROUP” that wishes to DESTROY their site ??? And who are “THEY” she keeps referring to ??

And more about “THEY” as Jessica goes into this Tech Corner channel, I have no idea but it does seem PARANOIA has taken over here.

“They are all together over there now…Let them have them” …”They fact THEY are all over here crying ? Shows WE WON”

More laughter…haha ? …..Ok sure whatever floats your boat. All thanks to those for the screen grabs



On last nights cast Admubs cried foul for another night in a row as he was quick to BASH Dirtywood with OUR POST on the cat abuse issue that’s been allowed to take place on Ivlog. However Ivlog has once again proved their incompetence by allowing the abuse of animals on the site, I do recall several of us here being banned for silly things all because we were placed on the Queen Brit Bitch.. Cum Jones “HIT LIST”…When all some of us did was speak the truth, like now for example.I’m not sure how many nights Adumbs been using this blog to promote his own agenda but the SLIME that he is has all forgotten about his own SEXUAL criminal past, but of course he needed this to take the guilty heat off his shoulders and place it on another’s.Let’s not forget shall we.It is Mark and it’s called Scuttlebutts BLOG you know the BLOG YOU and your mother HATE so much and wish for it to be removed and forgotten, but NOW all of you jump on our coattails and ride the storm and make all sorts of strange claims to cleanse your own filthy hands of any wrong doing.WHO is being THREATENED to go to Ivlog ???…This FAT FOOL creates LIES from thin air like a UK pedo muffin at a teen girls prom dance for autistic basement dwellers. Seriously lets see some PROOF. But then if that wasn’t enough the mongoloid digs real deep and brings up the “Mud bogging incident” ..That WE at this blog covered 3 years ago seriously wtf are they trying to pull here ???

“Two of five people injured in an accident at a 2012 mud bog are suing a driver and the organizations that put on the racing event at Pioneer Park south of Eau Claire, seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Michael Wagner, James Elverum and Elverum’s mother, Kathleen McMahon, all of 661 Wisconsin St., filed the lawsuit last week in Eau Claire County against Richard Woodford of Augusta, the Central Mudracing Association of Onalaska and Chippewa Valley Antique Engine & Model Club of Eau Claire, claiming their negligence resulted in injuries to Wagner and Elverum. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages”

Mark Vaughn NO ONE WAS KILLED YOU MORON. If you need more details on this click the LINK down below. now Miss Scruffy uses Jessica again to promote her theories ? Gee I thought it was the “HATE BLOG” that did everything WHY change the story now Scruffy ?? Are you admitting you knew who it was the whole time but YOU BLAMED us for something WE were innocent of ??? Jessica I really do hope you read this part.

Seems you change at a whim into whatever suites you best for the moment, and are we surprised ?…Course not we know you and what you’re capable of.

My final thoughts on all the SCUM and their LIES 🐒

Let me just say Hardwood is white filthy trash that was allowed to harm an animal on a trash site run by a pussy queen owner who used a woman to gain the finances to build the site and in the process STEAL cash $$$$ from several other sources to build that same worthless site…He can go fck himself with a Black and Decker power tool….The End.

However the only problem with Vaughn is that it’s a BIGGER pile of SHIT worth more than the other small shit , and they allowed all of the above to take place on that same site for years. From the Oma incident to the mud bogging thing to the frozen cat all of the above and more much much more. I haven’t even gotten to point of allowing some thing like Adam Paul Steward Browne to be on your site, but give it time as within the next 6 months to a year the Vaughn’s will have thrown the RAPIST under the bus as well.

At this very moment I’m searching for my “Nuclear RED button” 

The same button I keep upon my desk at all times, don’t tempt me.

Thanks to Karma for the 3 screen grabs in the post and to anyone who submitted a pic.