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Once again Patricia Lynn Vaughn has screwed her self with her anus of a mouth as she now has a PUBLIC dispute on FB for the world to see…Big thank you to anon for this info.It all started today as Patricia Vaughn announces her bitterness towards SECURE for demanding that Sarah69 be banned from Vaughn. The reason ??? ……

You got it the whole Sarah69 DUI drinking fiasco that Sarah herself made PUBLIC in her FB not so long ago….But look how Secure PUBLICLY BASHES the HYPOCRITE site manager with her words….PERFECTLY put Secure and long over due. Read the juicy CRAP in RED at the bottom it’s a damn riot of laughs and hysterical hypocrisy straight out of the mouth of Cunt Vaughn herself…enjoyPatricia Lynn Vaughn “Keeping it classy there Secure” lmao…really coming from a sloppy cunt as yourself Patricia Lynn Vaughn…hahahahaha you’re a comedian.
Lynn Vaughn you’re as CLASSY as placing peanut butter on your private parts and fantasizing a 10 year old boy is performing fellatio on you while in fact it’s a dog. I rest my caseWhat YOU allow on your site….is CLASSY…. just like you…..Can’t make this shit up.I would almost be tempted to agree with the douche known as Patricia Vaughn on the matter of Sarah’s drinking not be a Vaughn TOS issue if it were not for both herself and Sarah69 who PUBLICLY announced the DUI charges to everyone, and then Patrica Vaughn then goes as far as to make a PUBLIC announcement stating it was Sarah’s PRIVATE business after it was announced PUBLICLY on FB… This only contradicts the whole damn mess to begin with or can’t they see this ??

And the last word goes to Secure………………





My oh my oh my after 7years of pleading with everyone that it is NOT possible to change the views in a channel and increase the numbers ..THE TRUTH  FINALLY COMES OUT….and Miss Scruffy is caught in the act. During a late Thursday Gamergirl cast the most highly corrosive/toxic Patricia Lynn Vaughn puckers up to GG with a “GIFT” ……

As you can see GG’s numbers are at the 322 views, but one must consider how many are actually signed in and how many are guests.

Within mere seconds of the first screen shot IT’s number jump to a whopping 377 viewers…Interesting huh ?   …All in the blink of an eye, how about that ??

But something else happened that only after careful inspection was I to discover a FLAW in Scruffys fake numbers.

Can YOU spot it ??????? …………The numbers 322 and 377 may have changed but even in the sudden spike the channel views have not changed but remain as 124,168 both cases. Interesting huh ?

Now keep in mind for of these years the Vaughns have LIED to their viewers and casters by saying the only way their site could get those numbers or a caster be FEATURED was if the viewers would type feverishly in the channel and that was the only way it could be done. This PROVES this is not the case all Scruffy has to do is change things up and POOF the big FAKE numbers are at the bottom.

Yeah…..I can smell the pig grease and LIES dripping off of you Patricia Lynn Vaughn.

All thanks to a friend of the blogs for this little gem with the screen shots….Oh and Patricia Vaughn…Lardo is still waiting for his COURT PAPERS to ARRIVE lol

All credit to a friend from the blog for this interesting bit of info on what seems to be a very strange security GLITCH.

All you have to do is type Vaughn live in GOOGLE to see this happen. When you’ve done this look down to see an IP address is banned. So far I’ve found 3 you may find more. What’s equally strange is that the ips seems to be GOOGLE bots but when clicked on the LINK they take me directly to the caster in Vaughn live. These “BOTS” are gathering intel on both casters and viewers alike. I was informed that possibly the owners of Vaughn can see your GOOGLE searches I cannot confirm or deny this, but it does bring up some interesting thoughts. 

Check it out for yourself ?

Oh and before the DIE hard Ivlog CUNTS start beating their chests claiming their 2k worthless site that cost 14k is better or more secure than Vaughn. I’ll have another post exposing it’s SECRET security issues that date back for years.

PS CUM/Steve Jones may be too busy with his online putas to actually PAY$$$, but I know he can’t afford the UPGRADE for his shitty EGO site anyways, and I’ll prove it.

All credit to our friend from the blogs for this bit of recent info, you may need to catch up on what transpired yesterday to understand todays post and what took place.

So a WRONG number was placed to Mark’s cell phone something about “Charlie’s car being fixed”…..Mark plays with it a bit but that was the end of it. Seems today he called the guy back and gives out his BUSINESS number during a LIVE CAST…….He then calls the place of business back AGAIN during the CAST and leaves a message on his answering machine….Mark your EGO is gonna be the END of YOU…Take my word for it you messed up BIG TIME with this.

I SMELL LAWSUIT in the making here lol.

He boasts if your’re gonna call the number he’s going to leak it out…..I cut out the last 3 digits, but I do have the original with the entire phone number on it.

To my amigo who handed me this post, believe it or not I was about to place up the one you gave me 3 days ago, thank you again for this.


Now whatever you’re gonna say…I DIDN’T DO IT….SO DON”T BLAME ME…….Oh look at the pretty fishy fish ¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>

All credit to our friend for this video…..Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


CookieSPERMlips is BANNED from Mark’s channel

The ol broad was booted from Mark’s cast today no reason why, but was probably due to her over use of make up and hair spray ?

For anyone feeling a lil risky with messing with this man remember he can eat more then what a Chevy truck weighs, and he lives in his jammies…He’s bad ass in my book….For some reason I bet the ass smell follows him around wherever he walks and he probably makes a shuffle like sound as he moves. All thx to our friends for all the images and video used in this post