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Well well well has Haulin_Ass finally made the move over to TWITCH ???     I’m sure the Vaughn’s wont be happy with this latest development.

Perhaps recent events on VL have opened the eyes of many viewers, I mean ask yourself where is Howard Helms and his BIG interview that was to take place on April 10th ???

Among the missing after being either EXPOSED or DOXED…Bri…Howard…Bubba….Gamergirl, just to name a few.

All credit to an anon in chat for this vid, it features Shawnio during a Vaughn live cast making crank calls to what ..HE BELIEVES…to be Michelle Stacey’s neighbor. He holds his nose pretending to disguise his voice. Just remember this was allowed on Vaughn, and is SUPPORTED by management.

To those of you NEW to this blog about a year ago I discovered his Youtube cache of PRANK CALL videos and made a post, here are some of those videos.

To briefly name some of the businesses he’s harassed on his PRANK list.

McDonalds…CAA…Chinese food delivery…Pizza delivery…Limousine services …Kmart…Red Lobster…Government Agencies….Security guard agencies….Jack in the BOX…Pet shops…Telemarketers..Craigslist….Tattoo shops….FTD florist shop…and many more.

If you would like to see his other videos and need confirmation as to my statements on this post.

Just go to Youtube and SEARCH for” Shawnio prank videos”  or just type in “Shawnio” I’m sure most of them have been DELETED, but I have them all. 

All credit to someone in the chat for more of Alice and her body parts.

Here’s the video  with her ASS hanging out the back door >>>>>

And if you need more Alice watch her get a lil crazy

Click here to check out Alice an her tit slip a post from several weeks ago. Ohh Alice you do love us here don’t you ?⨀ᴥ⨀-has-a-tit-0-o-slip-on-vaughnlive/

Even a retarded basement living “burka boy” can say something very perceptive.

Now please remember Adamblo’s words as you read on.

That’s the same Scrubby that admits to trolling and spamming casts.  The same Scrubby who allowed this man to cast on Vaughn……until he hit his mother on cam.

Who believes you can plea bargain and then get the case thrown out of court? (Yeah. When pigs fly.) This is the same Scrubby that listened to Adamblo masturbate to Frank Taylor, while watching porn.

(And Adamblo will swear he’s not gay.)  The same Scrubby who has this man-child as a friend.

And he’s been doing it for years. (CREDIT To Mr “J” for this.)

Yes. He’s a police snitch……as well as a snitch for Vaughn.

Ok, ok. That’s the “Gits”….now for the Shiggles. (Well we all need a laugh.)

And you can’t talk about Frank without his UK lover Neddy.

But there’s a darker side to Neddy.

What was that again about Vaughn? “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming…….blah blah blah”

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS POST. With out you guys this blog would be nothing. You’re all appreciated. Thanks again. (So now to go out on a giggle. He’s the one and only POTATO head, to entertain you.)

Sorry. I forgot he can’t sing, but Irelands bog trotter did his best….bless him.

Well as I’ve said before …I CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP…. And today was no different, when Scruffy the site manager turns on the most holy of fungus dream girls Jessica. 

Scruffy even states it herself how Jess blamed Vaughn over and over, but that’s the price you pay for not enforcing your rules and allowing private information to be spewed all over your site Scruffy..You allowed this remember ???

But what’s more interesting is how both of them admit to feeling “STABBED IN THE BACK” when Jess came to us only after she was DOXED in VL…FIRST. Bri even goes as far as to say Jess DOXED her in VL, only further proves everything I said in past posts. Vaughn live is a complete mess of retarded staff and rules that are never enforced.

And in other NEWS Shawnio has massive craving for a thick black penis…..I can’t make this shit up.


Odd how THEY keep turning on Jess, but at the same time it was THEY who begged her to be on Vaughn and leave us. REMEMBER ?

That’s right Jess you’re old news and no longer wanted or needed, so THEY shuffle you around in hopes you become lost and forgotten. Unfortunately for them you’ve become an embarrassment and now they resent you Jess. Too bad for you, this is how it goes in Vaughn after THEY’VE used you up and spit you out. Face it you were used and nothing more than a SHEEP led to the slaughter.

But on with some other NEWS as  Jeemy Jizzo the old grizzled fart has swallowed another large salty GULP of JUICE straight out of Scruffie’s PROSTATE GLAND…YUM’

Along CUMS Menellie wotever his face is with what appears to be a BUTT PLUG at the bottom screen ?

Menellie and Pablo PLAYED PORN…but so did Jimmy Jizzzooo many many many times…or did you forget ???

WAIT a second ???? Ryderback danced NAKED but I left him alone, but took his stream key ????

What the hell is goin on in Vaughn live ???

Thanks to everyone who submitted a pic on this post.