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Must be tit season or maybe it’s the drinking water, but odd how so may females have decided to expose themselves as of late. Mushroom has decided to show off her tits recently on Ivlog no idea as to when this took place, but then down below she did the same thing on Vaughn live a while back. She likes to show off. All credit and thanks to those for both images and the vid.


Personally I think i have the best tits around just ask the other monkeys.


A quote from Zane: “That picture was not from mushrooms cast. She she is listed as a mod. That’s pink holding up his phone.. hence the glare and sideways image. Some desperate gross shit to post this”

I cannot confirm or deny this latest info, but from what I’m to gather bpink is her boyfriend who exposed her naked body himself on Vaughnlive with the use of his cell. Unbelievable he would do it but seems all fingers would point to him I mean he had the pic that was sent to him RIGHT ??? I’d like to thank Zane for this latest NEWS on the tit slip pic on this post.



I liked the comment so much I decided to make a shinning example of it and post it.

A quote in the comments 

“AAAAAAND he’s back. Took all of 6 days. And THIS is why NOBODY on these social media sites can be trusted. Sorry folks, dont care what you think, time and time again I’m proven right. No backbone. Liars. Cowards. Thieves. Pedophiles. Drunkards. Beggars. You’re fun to laugh and make examples of though, and trust me, people ARE laughing at you”

Full credit to BoscoMoney who made the comment. And the title quote is from Voltaire.