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I cannot confirm or deny the information I was given in the last 24 hours, however a number of folk here do believe Pat Patty the puppy toucher has been arrested.

And this MAY be the reason he no longer casts on CUM’s site IVlog.unnamed

This is the image sent to me from last night.


A warrant demanding his arrest ???? …SAY IT AIN’T SO PAT

My question is how is it that Pat manages to avoid capture from the long arm of the law ???

And this may be WHY, the image I have obtained below may clarify.


For I believe this to be PAT the trans gender caster, notice the bad complexion and severe hairline so wide it resembles Mosses parting the Red sea in the the film The Ten Commandments.

Let’s hope Pat the Unwashed American is well and enjoying a McDonald’s happy meal.MccyDlbpnation_jtv_monkey



So it didn’t take long for Cum ops I mean Cr3am to BAN dear ol Pat from Ivlog and let’s face it Pat is a snore of a caster anyways. But to be honest I don’t think he even did anything except talk about this blog lol…A big thank you too all for the screen shots used on this post.Screenshot_7



Finalizing the BAN…the end

Screenshot_4 (2)

However SAM I am the sodomite amigo to Pat Mr America has decided to jump ship and enter the realm of Cam up…. A another social media site.

Screenshot_6 (2)Screenshot_4 (3)Running back to Vaughn live …dear ol Pat now has Mr and Mrs Scruffy to deal with and let’s not forget all them guests lollbpnation_jtv_monkey