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So it didn’t take long for Cum ops I mean Cr3am to BAN dear ol Pat from Ivlog and let’s face it Pat is a snore of a caster anyways. But to be honest I don’t think he even did anything except talk about this blog lol…A big thank you too all for the screen shots used on this post.Screenshot_7



Finalizing the BAN…the end

Screenshot_4 (2)

However SAM I am the sodomite amigo to Pat Mr America has decided to jump ship and enter the realm of Cam up…. A another social media site.

Screenshot_6 (2)Screenshot_4 (3)Running back to Vaughn live …dear ol Pat now has Mr and Mrs Scruffy to deal with and let’s not forget all them guests lollbpnation_jtv_monkey


Good ole’ Patty is going at it really hard. Forget about his VaughnLive fiascoes. He took a chance and went to Ivlog. I’m sure he was hoping that ms Scrubby was asleep at the wheel. Scrubby will make him walk the plank if she finds out he is a traitor and using Ivlogs services.  Good old’ patty took a chance and banded our special agent Grady Judd. In case you dont know Mr Judd is the sheriff of Pasco county Florida. There was a group of Scuttles fans and Lardo fans there also.

If you cant read it, hold the ctrl key and move the wheel on your mouse towards your monitor.

5b50098e9e0143b8b8e5874dac564c20PATTY BULLSHIT

Now I’m not sure but i think i heard someone say that pat and his good friend Lawrence where leading the Toledo Gay Pride Parade in April. Here he is in last years parade.


We found the reason Patty never bathes and  is so afraid of water. His baptism was a disaster. Hes seen here on his first crying spree. Here he is being dipped in the wash bucket several times because he smelled like urine. It only gets worse from here.

And now that patty has grown up, he has found several ways to scare the crap out of children as pay back for his terrible childhood

Pattys yelling and screaming  went on so long  that little Sammy Punkin Head got bored and fell asleep. Thats quite an accomplishment Patty,  Sammy never sleeps.


        Well Im sure there will be more of the goof. We’ll keep you informed

Patty-poo’s AKA UnitedAmerica will tell you over and over again, that he’s a “good man.” A Christian man. A man that doesn’t lie. A honest man.  So what’s the truth with Patty? What are the “facts” that we know of behind this pontificating blow-hard?

Patty will tell all who will listen that he’s retired. Yes “ceased work”….. BUT, how can you “retire” from not working? You see, Patty is a “word smith.” A twister of the truth. It’s a bit like him saying that he’s NOT doing anything, but he’s stopped to take a break. So not a lie, but without doubt not the truth. (But Patty is a “good man”)

Still on the subject of work. Patty the “good man” sends his wife out to work at McDonalds, so he the “good man” can stop at home on the computer. (But Patty is a “good man.”)

Then there’s the question of draft dodging. Did this “good man” dodge the draft at the time of the Vietnam war? The “good man” tells us he’s no draft dodger. So lets ask a question. Did Patty-poo serve in ANY “uniformed service” for his country?  Patty has so many inconsistencies in his stories that no one knows what to believe. (But Patty is a “good man.”)

Now we have the question: Is Patty a real American patriot?  The answer to that is an unequivocal “NO” he isn’t.  The facts show us that this “good man” is a left wing communist. He’s admitted that he DOESN’T VOTE,,,,,but he sits in judgement of those that do.  Then there’s the fact that if Barack Obama had been assassinated by some one connected to Patty-poo’s site, then Pat would be sitting in a jail cell for a very long time. (But Patty is a “good man.”)

So does Patty the fake patriot support the growth of the country he claims to love so much? HELL NO! The “good man” sucks off the government he hates so much and then conveniently forgets to pay his bills. (But Patty is a “good man.”)

Then there’s Patty-poo’s belief in “chemtrails” (The exhaust vapor trail left by high flying aircraft.) If we are to believe Patty and his conspiracy theorist, we are being “crop sprayed” by the government to control us. ( Yes, and Elvis Presley just landed his flying saucer in my back yard.) Patty will tell you chemtrails are real. (But Patty is a “good man.”)

Now on to SAM the drooling man. I honestly feel sorry for Sam. I believe his a victim of Patty’s manipulation and his desire to control people.  Ok, ok, so Sam is a few drips short of a good piss, but that makes it all the more pitiful. Patty recognized Sam’s weakness and exploited it for his own benefit,,,,,and that makes me wonder if he’s the same with his wife? (But Patty is a “good man.”)

So you’ll see this good man, is not so good. This patriot is nothing more than a communist, or at best an anti-capitalist. He’s no more a “Christian” than Jeffrey Dahmer was. He’s a fake that should be mocked and treated with contemptuous comments.  He’s just scum that likes the sound of his own voice,,,,,,and God help anyone who argues with him. The “good man” will ban you.

May I now turn my attention to the REAL “good” people in the chat box. Yes, you are trolls, pitbull’s and chat hyena’s, BUT you do, or have WORKED. You pay your bills. You vote. You’re honest in what you believe. To you people I say YOU HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO JUDGE SUMBAGS LIKE UNITEDAMERICA. You have served your country and paid your tax and I respect every damn one of you.

It’s a proud day to be a blogger.



I was handed this screen cap of Sam’miches cast.  With SO little to go on, we’ll put it here for now, and update if needed..Enjoy!

Sam Hipperz Ban Pic 1

The players – Pat aka UnitedAmerican Aka The Alex Jones nut sack sucking  summumabeach that blows out the SAME hashed out,  over politicized,   unoriginal heaping pile of crap each “SHOW” ignoramus,  Next we have  Sam’ mich, One time keeper of the key to Pat’tykins realm of shite now busy banning or SO I am told word on the street is, sweet old hippies, and then Our Very Own Crap Chat peace loving Amish portraying Hipperz. Oh and something about Pat’ tykins doing the old TWO FACE TANGO to Hipperz as well….

Pat Sam Hipz Box Ring

I can but put forth what little info I am given (thank you to the person that passed along the screen cap), and rely on you wonderful blog readers and chat supporters to add or subtract the correct or incorrect info!  But for FUCK SAKE, can ya take it easy on our Hipperz, we LOVE the guy! We get so little time with him always beeing off to SPACE CAMP!

Hipz BY 2

Stay tuned for any updates, as I am CERTAIN I will be given some ASAP!  Ta Ta for now!


Thank YOU MrS (see comments section) So old Pat’ Tykins welcomed Our Hipperz into the channel/chat, the turned right around and BLAMMY gave him the Ban Hammer. WOW Pat’tykins, not too cool dude, not too cool AT ALL… SO UNAMERICAN of you. Been hanging with Vladamir Putin much? Ya fuckin’ Communist! :::snickers, that ought to fire you up ya’ old buzzard!:::  – So it was Pat’tykins that banned NOT Sam? . Sorry Sam’mich I sit corrected, but look at you so cute boxing! At any rate, both of ya  BE KIND TO HIPPERZ!

Roper Sig Pic MF

Remember, always wash your buttplugs in pickle juice, no wait, or was it  rub them in Ben Gay??? Damn it all!  – That Roper Broad!