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What ever a “little gay” is, Foxman is it. (but he would say a little bisexual.)

The audio on this is a recording of a re-casting, so please don’t expect much.

If you manage to understand half of what his drunk ass is saying, you’re doing better than me.


Then Foxman goes on to kiss Mark Vaughns ass by saying what a good man he is. (Yeah ok. Kiss it for an un-banning.) NEWS FLASH. Foxman will only get banned again.


Screenshot_3 (4)


Some months ago the fail bloggers over at UK Muppets and their new head of “special” intelligence, Shawnio, had proven conclusively that Michelle Stacy was chatting over at Vaughn Live.STD as one Sweet Tears. As per usual the folks at UK Muppets did not do their foot work nor did they vet the information provided to them from their new head of DOXing.

End result? Watch the below video.

WARNING: Do NOT consume fluids during the viewing of this video!

As you can clearly see Sweet Tears and Michelle Stacy are two completely different individuals!

But how can this be!?!?! Did not the wunderkinds of UK Muppets prove with several blog posts that they were one in the same? Yes ladies and gentlemen once again the credibility of the fail blog UK Muppets and their head of disinformation, Shawnio, is right where it always has been. IN THE SHITER.

Karl, Darren, Babs, Sharron, Louise whatever you call yourselves these days might I recommend once again that you at least try and use your two brain cells before making a claim or DOXing someone. I mean seriously girls you look more and more incompetent with every post and every lame attempt to coat tail this blog and the gloriously fabulous people who work here.


William Poole ESQ.



It’s something we have all witnessed over the internet at one time or another as well as in real life, attention whores do exist but in various forms. During my time on the internet, I to have witnessed many that I would consider to be attention whores. Most are in the form of cheap over painted females that consume vast amounts of alcohol or drugs as old fat greasy bald men feel the need to make over sexualized comments directed towards these same females. Funny thing is I know a few of these individuals both the casters as well as the females who feel the need to allow themselves to be humiliated and passed around like cheap bottles of $2 wine for the entire chat to enjoy. If it be low self esteem or lack of intelligence I hope these dim witted types see them self for what they truly are….CHEAP and PATHETIC.Selfie-HGCbIaW9RUsAAai1ZOne such attention whore is the selfie whore, ya she/he has a ton of accounts all over the net with hundreds of shots of their vain self, yet all the while trying to maintain their innocence by claiming their either too fat or not attractive enough, I personally can’t take this type seriously after all if you’re that damn UGLY an FAT get the fck outta here with your UGLY ass an don’t bother coming back, and ya you know who they are, infact we all do chances are YOU know at least one or more…. <3 XOXOXOXOXXOXOScreenshot_2 (2)Others are more drastic and shallow, in one particular case a certain individual decided to to lie about her own suicide causing mass grief through out an entire website just to get attention. Then had the nerve to blame her parents. Waaa waaaaa waaaaaaa .d4fb654da5d24bdb9d5e8b508e3a2174

Others are just too damn whiny or beautiful for their own good take this humpa lumpa CookiePISSLips for example she whines all day in hopes of getting attention from males online, she even claims to be a virgin at 60+ years of age and you wonder WHY ??de3669ac67f74c0ab4ce719e4ab9c1deWe all know who the clown in the above screen shot is, but really what’s his issue, drugs…booze or did his parents dump him outside in a cow field somewhere in hopes of never seeing him again ?

He sits there all the while claiming he has a hand gun and other assorted weapons of mass destruction, is it FEAR an PARANOIA that have finally taken him by his singular tiny testicle that he feels the need to try and intimidate others online ???

Seriously WHY do they feel the need to show off weapons during a cast ??l_254My thoughts are simply this if you had or have children would you be happy with their behavior if they were an attention whore ? Furthermore would you be comfortable having family or parents witness for themselves these actions ?? Truth hurting so far ?Screenshot_33