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As we’ve all known for the last 2 years Darren Lee Sayward is Karl Davies from the PEDOpuppets. However it began sometime back in 2013/14 as Darren Sayward was rejected by a group of UK dj casters. Unable to cope he then quickly fell into hate mode by making the following statement during a Vaughn live cast.



The angry death statement hit list can be seen on the above pic, it was this very statement that had Darren Sayward BANNED from Vaughn. A clear indication as to his frail mental health and hatred for the same group of UK djs that refused Darren/Karl into their casting group. So sad old man…have a pint.

To cover up his identity he has made a weak attempts to pretend to be 2 different individuals, we know this is the same person. He even went as far as mentioning how he made his blog for the soul purpose to troll and attack the same UK dj group by admitting the anger he felt towards them for rejecting him from their clique. Such a sad state of affairs was Darren/Karl’s mental state at the time that he went as far as using a British actors name (Karl Davies) as his own to try an promote his site.So senile and ridiculous is simple Darren Sayward/Karl he not only pretends to be another person making silly posts on another blog, but he makes the same mistake twice in a row…By making another “Happy Birthday Wintard” post……hahahahahahaah this guys a moron of the highest disorder.

You may recall this from 2016 as he was EXPOSED for his perverted lust of a vulnerable teen girl called Wintard who took her own life ???

The LINK down below documents and exposes Darren Sayward/Karl with his very own lusty Youtube video. the above pic you can see a guest warning Windtard about the advances of Darren Sayward/Karl, no one would guess in time she would take her own life perhaps it was a warning/foreboding of things to come.

You’re a pathetic excuse little man, a real nobody who cried over a teen girl who you openly admitted to STALKING and MAKING SEXUAL comments and advances in chat rooms. Sooner or later KARMA’S going to catch up to you….pervert of young teen girls. I can’t begin to imagine what other depraved secrets lay in your dark closet. Thanks to all for the screen grabs and information used on this post.














What some of you are saying…..


ivlog makes pedos so cuddly and comfortable big sexual child predators like menellie feel so cozy he sits in his underpants masturbates with toothless John seeing menellie milky body was enough to make be bring up ,menellie has a body of someone who has not worked for 20 years ,menellie the 45 year old wanna be ice Poseidon ,who thinks we have forgotten what he has done ,watching his greasy perv smile high on alcohol feeling like hes got away with abusing and sexualy abusing a special mental needs man and then destroying his victim for exposing him,yes Christopher While was manipulated,and brain washed and sexually abused by menellie, don’t forget menellie came down from Scotland to see chris before strange things came up on his computer shortly after.ENTER _ the Court Clerks records:

In reply to huntingBobb…..

well i think Karl Davis aka Darren Sayward [Sports Media Mogul ] and his trash gossip blog also played a considerable role in the downfall of their once loved ‘comedy-gold’ obsession.
Davis one of the UKs greatest online hypocrites and gossip mongers used and also abused this person on a sycophantic and unending as a daily topic of their concentrated gang stalking harassment and trollstalking of that individual.
When Mr Whiles antics were revealed by Sayward/Davis Proxy Nellie as both these men have a noteworthy and disturbing interest in young underage internet users; they then threw their once golden egg to the wolves, while some say they actually instigated and provided Mr While with the files /sharing that got him eventually prosecuted .Sayward knows various organizations have been regularly monitoring his blog, exactly why it is as dead as his brainwave pattern. The very Fact his blog regulars gloated in their gang stalking and harassment, their perverse enjoyment of tormenting this man on a again unending scale, certainly openly appreciating the visible and marked deterioration of their victims life, mental wellbeing and decision making impaired skill set and decision making abilities,after months of non stop Karl Davis attention and comedy gold fan club attention.
Fortunately there are still examples of gang/group harassment, skype calls, group fraudulent and ultimately criminal harassment activity all openly chatted and shared on Davis’Saywards chat group on his online gossip blog.
Saywards criminal online activities have not singularly been devoted to mentally challenged online victims but has also been criminally prosecuted in public court for piracy and theft of DMCA protected property. The fact such a prosecution exists is not only very telling of how unoriginal and criminally culpable behavior Sayward is prepared to resort to.
Davis/Sayward shares his disturbing obsession with young online persons with Nellie and a few of the known associates you can expect to encounter on his Notorious gossip site or its chatroom.We were recently made privy to an upcoming piece on Mr Whiles gang stalking victimization and how even funds were secured to cover travel costs of a few of the Main antagonists in the [Ongoing] While case, Court Clerk notes even document the expulsion and blatant disregard for law order or the Queens Court regulations, as attempts were even made to film their victim during one of the most influential and impending moments of his life ,appearing in said court.
The reality and fact these individuals were even present is bizarre in itself but that they ultimately were expelled from the court hearing, their obsession even resulting in them being apprehended trying unsuccessfully to re enter the court building they were ejected from earlier, a sad and shocking fact of just how far and criminally obsessed these people will go to further their vindictive and cruel pleasure derived from their victims public court appearance.
The almost daily calls While received,threatening extensive custodial sentences , sharing their cruel pleasure even with While often.
The upcoming article not only collates whiles decent into criminal obscene online criminal offenses but the inextricably linked association with Sayward ,Nellie and their willing proxies influence and gang stalking activities.
the ultimate conclusion whether if or not their roles hugely affected While his decision making and the Fact Sayward and Nellie provided the criminal media ,While was prosecuted for is left to the reader but again its roles influence and association is now and always linked to this confronting reality of social Media and its toxic effect on young peoples lives today.

The above comments definitely speak for themselves. I’m sure there will be more to come for by now we all know just how touchy and frightened the individuals being mentioned in the post truly are. Great comments, thank you for taking the time to write them out and send them to me appreciate them all.



When 2 Djs are in passionate manly lust for one another nothing can hold them back ,it’s throbbing bung hole drop dead sweat bursting anus action like only Darren can provide.

All credit to you know who for this jaw dropping anus scorching hawt lovin video….Sorry Dj Boo but it’s the nature of the beast to throw you under the same bus as the other twat with no brain you dig ?



If such an award were to be handed out to the dumbest person to have ever lived it would surely go to Darren Lee Sayward aka Karl Davies of that PEDO blog, stupidity is his forte and bumbling blindly his bread an butter (not that he’s ever worked in his life).To have not only DOXED himself repeatedly all over the internet, but his mother Sandra …ex wife Joanne and his daughter Chelsey, it’s no surprise that the pent up frustration that sits in his bloated toxic belly drives him to create such lies. This desire for retribution fuels his anger and desperate need for some pitiful revenge against me, but as usual I swat him aside like some broken mosquito by using common sense basic research skills and a higher level of intelligence that seem to blind and confuse the weaker Darren Sayward into a vortex of incoherent babbling.When a lower form reaches out BEGGING me to acknowledge them day in day out (like Shawn McQuaid or Hipperzz) I usually just ignore them and quietly sip my coffee, I’m more than confidant as to what my agenda on this blog has been for the last 4 years, and that’s to EXPOSE those on the internet for their LIES and deviant life style. So keep in mind you wanted this so now deal with it. If I were to at any time strayed or crossed an unspoken line my trusted fellow colleagues admins, mods and supporters would inform me of any wrong doing. However that has NEVER been the case which may explain why I am still here blogging and others are not……And with that I rest my case indefinitely. FALSE allegations of RACISM from an unreliable source. As of recently it’s come to my attention that a fabricated post was created with myself in mind, it’s weak content filled with rubbish just like the blogger/owner ass it defecated from. In it there are allegations that both Lardo and I were in a chat where he spammed certain comments and I spammed RACIAL slurs (nigger and Lardo is a pedo)..It’s confusing as he refers to the name “Daniel” as being a possible 3rd party to this, but all I can clearly see are 3 separate ip addresses…..He claims are mine.

LARDOISAPEDOPHILE ….ip….…Country: Republic of Lithuania: Vilnius.

NIGGERS123…ip….…Country: Canada: Toronto.

Above are the 2 names with ip addresses, now remember both are alleged to be me, however please NOTE one is a vpn and the other is not, so how can they both be me and why is one hiding their ip and the other not ???

Also take note all 3 names are in ITALIC form this slants the font in a side hung over like effect, odd how all 3 names have this look don’t you think ??. What’s even stranger is to WHY I would ever feel the desire to spam anything in a chat I never have ever been to, nor have any reason to give them a single view. And WHY SPAM racial slurs without using a vpn, it’s as if a certain party PLANNED a failed attempt at creating more FALSE content on a dying blog.

However in a rush and vengeful desire to create his failed content Karl Davies forgets that he has placed his own ip address on the post on his own blog making the BIGGEST blunder a blogger could ever make.   Karl Davies…ip…. England: Manchester

Now it’s not the first time RACIAL HATE and DEATH THREATS were allowed in that other place take this post for example.

It’s also not the first time this group have LIED to create content on their dead blog. Check out these other LINKS.🐒-🐒-🐒-🐒/

You may recall it was approximately 1 year ago back in May 2017 when I took it upon myself to lock the blog chat down for obvious reasons of SPAMMING, words such as PEDO and such related sexual comments directed toward or about children were not going to be tolerated in our blog…PERIOD. Funny how the sad little Sayward so desperately FAILS again at proving his own projected anger and yet again falls miserably to pieces. With all this content I have supplied is it any wonder Daren can’t catch a break, what with the Police sniffing around them and a number of you out there located in Sayward’s very own back yard screaming for Sayward’s head it’s only a matter of time.







Once again we have the low life junkie IrelandsPatriot/ Sean Cleary as he is seen on this recent Google hangout chat room bragging about his cocaine addicted lifestyle. He goes so far as to hold up a small white bag claiming it’s coke and upon doing so breaks the bag by accident spilling it’s contents. At certain points on the video he samples the coke taking small dabs on his finger and placing it to his mouth.

It’s remarkable just how consistently stupid he really is as he brags about taking coke while on the job, this can be heard at the 3:18 part of the video. Now it does make me wonder if this is a troll, but here’s something to consider if this fool really be trolling he’s just shat any credibility he may have had out of his ass with his local police. Do you recall the same Irish police that have been watching him during the investigation ????

On the other hand if he really is taking coke plus the alcohol and the xanax, then it’s no wonder his brain is so polluted and it would explain his erratic idiotic behavior. The only positive thing we can give Cleary is that he remains true to himself being the jackass he was born to be and not to mention the gift that keeps on giving.

Shine on little Irish star of the Mafia Pedo muppets shine on and be all you can be just remember I’ll be here waiting for you.All credit to our friend of the blog for this video.