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I’ve been vague on the recent JStevio posts for reasons I cannot fully explain except to say it’s an on going process that in time will finally be dealt with by the proper authorities.

However I do have this 10min video that was taken on a recent Lardo Sunday afternoon cast. In it JStevio goes into some of the details surrounding his experiences and how he’s managed to claim €750 euros in cash due to online harassment all thanks to several morons who may soon be crying the blues.

Now if you’ve been keeping up on past posts leading up to this one you may recall some the previous information regarding this ongoing investigation. If you don’t’ please feel free to click the below LINKS. The posts are just a sample of what has been going on for the last several months.

I have included the DOX and information on Darren Lee Sayward…Sean Cleary and  Brahim Soltani, 3 members of the UK PEDOmuppets. As I have previously stated the authorities are currently involved and as any new developments arise I shall be posting them. All credit to JStevio for his videos/emails and information.



I held off with this rather disturbing post due to the fact it involved Caine and his mothers DOX being plastered online for all to see. So with that being said, I thank our friend Caine for his blessing on allowing me to present this information on a post.

On a live Sam cast yesterday afternoon Sean Cleary/Irelandspatriot, going by the name “Pringles” set out to humiliate and desecrate the memory of Caine’s mother in an Ivlog chat.As you can see not only does he mock in chat but to further add insult to injury places Caine’s mothers pic in Ivlog to cause more hurt and anger. As you see I have painted out his mothers image in hopes of trying to protect the family from further pain.As Sam carries on the cast he seems unaware of what has taken place right under his very nose. With taunts directed towards Caine’s deceased mother Sean Cleary/Irelands patriot(Pringles) continues the assault in plain view of everyone.In this image a guest finally confronts Sean Cleary (Pringle)calling him a “SICK FUCK”…No truer words were ever spoken.

I’d like to thank Sean Cleary (Pringles) for not only exposing himself but also exposing Ivlog as an unprofessional site I always knew it to be. BRAVO Sean Cleary BRAVO.

Once again you have outdone yourself and have become a SICK FUCK in the eyes of so many not only here but on Ivlog.

However I am far from being done.

The above image was taken at the same time in the UKmuppets blog as both Karl Davies/Darren Sayward and Irelandspatriot/Sean Cleary BOTH go as far as to PLAN the assault, even commenting “It’s a good laugh” and “Post away mate”…. Both comments can clearly be seen only further proof as to the type of heinous individuals they both are.

What more can I say ????    And how many of you call us the HATE BLOG ? …I’ve said once and I’ll say it again. AN EYE FOR AN EYE.

All thanks to those for the above screen shots used on this post.


I could have just made an update and be done with it, but I figure this sorta thing deserves some special treatment.

Now as I’ve stated on the previous post I could not confirm or deny the DOX that Chris has placed on his cast, and the same goes for this latest information. However all thanks to a friend of the blogs this latest bit was sent to me this morning in my email. And this source is EXTREMELY reliable concerning this latest DOX.Now it is possible that Brahim Soltani’s parents may reside there along with him, but either way something tells me theres going to be a SHIT STORM of EPIC proportions headed Babs way. For the previous post CLICK the LINK below





All credit to SexyChris for blowing away the UKPEDOmuppets lil boy bitch Babs. For months maybe even years this UKmuppets group have terrorized Chris with prank calls, pizza delivery the works, and now tonight was PAYBACK TIME.

Now to be honest I cannot confirm or deny the DOX, so check out the 3 videos I’ve laid for you,and you be the judge. Is it his DOX ??????

Are you MAD Babs ?… are you Mad ?…are you MAD ?…Yeah you’re MAD lulzzyy….Listen as Pizza delivery guys and gas service men show up at 4 am. Chris even tries to blackmail Babs into handing over money in excess of a $1000 to leave him alone. It’s just PRICELESS.


Now this cast ends up with Chris being banned, but I’m sure it was worth it to Chris. Oh and one last thing I’m wondering if any of this DOX info is gonna end up on the Muppet’s blog ????? …..Naw I doubt it hahahahahahahahahahaah


I have left doing this post so I can cause maximum embarrassment to UkMuppets and Shawnio, as well as giving me the topmost enjoyment at the same time.  (It’s a good day to be a blogger)

UkMuppets (Darren Sayward, aka Soultrain.) Did a post about me (Scuttlebutt) being a pedophile. The post itself was “manufactured” by Shawnio. (Who left Muppets to take the shit for it,,,,and I guess is laughing himself silly now)

So lets look at the FACTS behind this post. Facts that you all can check, but Muppets failed to do. (and he calls himself a blogger)

I have never owned the name “scuttlebutt” on Twitch. The name was stolen by Shawnio.  Now as stated by Muppets the scuttlebutt name had a “young girl” as a friend on Twitch. This is the girl he showed.

Now that’s kinda funny. (for me anyway.) If you put her image through Tineye, or Google images, you’ll get this.

No mention of Twitch, or any other site. McQuaid didn’t think this out before he fabricated his lies. Then he goes on to call me a pedophile for being friends with Cortney. (who I’ve known from our JTV days)

Yes. 18 or 19 Muppets. But that brings up another question. According to Muppets you’re a pedophile if you know, or are friends with, anyone under the age of 18. But wasn’t Shawnio friends with young boys?

Apparently yes he was, and wanted naked pictures of them. So what about others who visit Muppets. Do they have “young” friends?

So by Darren Saywards own words, are they pedophiles as well, and if the answer is “yes” why are they on the Muppet site? Is Muppets just a nest of pedos? (maybe not, but Darren does have some very suspect friends.)

Now let me get onto the subject of Granny14 and her lies.

“FIRST OFF I DON’T LIE AND I HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN TO LIE”  Her words.  Twice she Skyped me and BOTH times she tried to get me too hate on Shauna ( “Retards” on JTV)

Shauna is the sort of woman who will speak her mind and had called Granny out on numerous occasions because of her bullshit. Granny14 was even banned on JTV because of her lies and shit stirring. Granny loved to start drama.  When Granny told me she once lived in Arizona, I got suspicious. Look at this place:-

NO local would call that place “no gales”  The name is Mexican and pronounced “Ni Gall ez”  When I called Granny a liar, she made up stories (just like shawnio) and spread them to anyone who would listen.

Now lets look back at Shawnio. Wasn’t Shawnio “feeding” dox’es to his good friend Warrrbuck? Warrrbuck who finger banged a 15yo girl? The same warrrbuck who hit his own mother?  Didn’t War offer to PAY shawnio for doxing people? ( It’s kinda funny because Shawnio made them dox’es up and even admitted it)

YEP, He calls telling lies “social engineering”.  So was the post about me social engineering as well?  Sayward/McQuaid you’ll have to do better than this. YES, IT’S A GOOD DAY TO BE A BLOGGER, as long as your not attached to Muppets blog.

ALL OF THE ABOVE CAN BE CHECKED BY ANYONE. Muppets only had to look, but he failed to do that.