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All credit to an anon in chat for this vid, it features Shawnio during a Vaughn live cast making crank calls to what ..HE BELIEVES…to be Michelle Stacey’s neighbor. He holds his nose pretending to disguise his voice. Just remember this was allowed on Vaughn, and is SUPPORTED by management.

To those of you NEW to this blog about a year ago I discovered his Youtube cache of PRANK CALL videos and made a post, here are some of those videos.

To briefly name some of the businesses he’s harassed on his PRANK list.

McDonalds…CAA…Chinese food delivery…Pizza delivery…Limousine services …Kmart…Red Lobster…Government Agencies….Security guard agencies….Jack in the BOX…Pet shops…Telemarketers..Craigslist….Tattoo shops….FTD florist shop…and many more.

If you would like to see his other videos and need confirmation as to my statements on this post.

Just go to Youtube and SEARCH for” Shawnio prank videos”  or just type in “Shawnio” I’m sure most of them have been DELETED, but I have them all. 

Even a retarded basement living “burka boy” can say something very perceptive.

Now please remember Adamblo’s words as you read on.

That’s the same Scrubby that admits to trolling and spamming casts.  The same Scrubby who allowed this man to cast on Vaughn……until he hit his mother on cam.

Who believes you can plea bargain and then get the case thrown out of court? (Yeah. When pigs fly.) This is the same Scrubby that listened to Adamblo masturbate to Frank Taylor, while watching porn.

(And Adamblo will swear he’s not gay.)  The same Scrubby who has this man-child as a friend.

And he’s been doing it for years. (CREDIT To Mr “J” for this.)

Yes. He’s a police snitch……as well as a snitch for Vaughn.

Ok, ok. That’s the “Gits”….now for the Shiggles. (Well we all need a laugh.)

And you can’t talk about Frank without his UK lover Neddy.

But there’s a darker side to Neddy.

What was that again about Vaughn? “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming…….blah blah blah”

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS POST. With out you guys this blog would be nothing. You’re all appreciated. Thanks again. (So now to go out on a giggle. He’s the one and only POTATO head, to entertain you.)

Sorry. I forgot he can’t sing, but Irelands bog trotter did his best….bless him.

All credit to Walt for this post and a pretty decent find, just goes to show you do not trust Facebook and people online. Anyone can disguise themselves and here’s the proof. Yes you guessed it SHAWNIO or as he’s known as Shawn W Mcquaid and if you need more information do a GOOLE for his name and do the research yourself, you’ll find a whole heap of PROOF. Did I ever tell you I can’t make this shit up.

I don’t recall doing a post quite like this really, it certainly is sickening and most disturbing. But what it says about the character of the ones WE expose are the size of unspeakable volumes that will never go away, and that is WHY we do what we do here in this BLOG. This is our true calling.Walt received this THREAT directed toward Michelle’s children, and it has been reported to the authorities. I’d like to add even though we have no definitive PROOF as to who would do this. I guarantee you folks such as Lardo…Roper…Scuttlebutt…myself and many others have but one person in mind…Shawnio the Champion of Vaughn live and Patricia’s Lynn Vaughn’s pet. He uses the online name wereallpedos to spark anger and shock, not only to make death threats directed towards children but then make a comment to me about his desire to have SEX with CHILDREN. It’s CLASSIC Shawnio and we know it.

Years of being here on this blog tell me this without any doubt in my mind, it’s the sort of SICK thing he needs to do just to somehow remain relevant in some form or another. Shawnio has NO character…NO integrity..NO self respect …NO human decency and that is EXACTLY why Lynn Vaughn is a FOUL human being to align herself with something as vile as him. 

Do you remember the last post entitled…… ” Jessica DOXES Patricia Vaughn aka Miss Scruffy and the gift that keeps on giving”

CLICK below for that POST.

Well this just may be the follow up to it, you decide.

During last nights conversation between the site manager and her favorite PEDOPHILE/TEEN STALKER/DRUG DEALER/white knight Shawn W McQuaid/Shawnio…..….. Some DOXXING occurred right under the site managers very nose. What did she do ???    NOTHING.Remember the site owners have the RIGHT TO REMOVE GUEST CHAT  IF THINGS ARE NOT CONTROLLED ?

That LINK to that POST is right below.

Something I did in a previous post not one or two days ago, funny right ?? Couldn’t the site manager have taken control to prevent that DOX from being spammed or MAYBE she allowed it due to Jessica calling her “PATRICIA”  Something that we now know REALLY REALLY PISSES the Christian BITCH OFF….Amen. But then to be honest Jessica is no victim here she allowed DOXING in her channel herself and was aware of it, she even DOXED her friends and they DOXED her in return on Vaughn live before she ever came to the blog. In fact that’s what brought her to us in the first place.

Please take note this is the same caster who in the previous 24hours made this THREAT on VL, and no action has been taken against him for it….. WHY ????

Is making THREATS NOW ALLOWED…IS IT A NEW RULE OF SCRUFFY’S ??????  Maybe I should try and make a THREAT directed towards Shawnio and see what happens ???

As you can clearly see with your own eyes the site manager partakes in the THREAT herself..mocking the situation but doing nothing about it…Only MORE PROOF.

This sort of thing has been going on for years, I mean ask yourself this WHY DO YOU THINK WE DO THIS AFTER ALL ?????

Don’t be stupid and fool yourself in to thinking you are protected because you’re not, the owners don’t care about you they never did….Deal with it.

However we now have another individual seeing things take place and has made an official complaint.

Let’s sum this up shall we ??? We have a site manager who allows DOXING right under her very nose…We have a site manger who allows DEATH THREATS on her site. We have the same site manager who seems pretty chummy with an individual like Shawnio who has one of the most FILTHIEST reputations online EVER., including a history of RAPE..DRUG DEALING …. MULTIPLE ARRESTS…SOME ARRESTS WERE MADE ONLINE …OPEN DRUG USE…SWATTING…PRANK PHONE CALLS…SEXUAL PEDOPHILE COMMENTS  INVOLVING 10 YEAR CHILDREN….STALKING…CYBER BULLYING…BOMB THREATS ….just to name a few.  And remember the site manager is a Christian who you think by now would get off her worthless damn fat dumb ASS and do something about this ????   Well I guess not.Scuttles and I have been blogging about this for years and years and years…When will YOU finally see ????