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So the Shawnio SHIT WATCH continues and what’s funny is Shawnio has decided to place 3 potatoes on the floor to try and throw everyone off of the shit balls that keep miraculously  appearing.

However the dog continues to SHIT in the exact same place.

In the above pic you can see the 3 potatoes on the floor but if you look above them you can clearly see the dog dropping a load… lol.

However at some point in the day a strange thing began to occur with the SHIT BALLS, they began to look as if some message was being sent out to us. Perhaps Bella was reaching out to us here at the blog ????

Upon closer inspection I discovered a hidden message in the SHIT BALLS…..S.O.S……Perhaps a sign ???? 

Did I ever tell you I can’t make this SHIT up well I can’t.

About an hour after the previous Shawnio POOP post exposing his FILTH. The puppet/slave to Monkeysniffer then decides to wash the floor.

Btw Shawnio it’s called S_O_C_I_A_L  ….E_N_G_I_N_E_E_R_I_N_G …remember that lol…I WIN

For the previous post click on the LINK below.

Over the last week or so we have witnessed the ongoing BATTLE for SUPREMACY as Shawnio’s PETS fight over territorial rights as to which one has the floor to SHIT on.

The wooden laminated floor is the battle field as the 2 combatants take turns defecating on the very spot Shawnio has slept on for many months. 

Perhaps the pets are trying to tell him something concerning his SHITTY smells ???

For example the time he was urinating in his kitchen garbage bin.

Or the time he decide to SHIT in his kitchen compost. YES I did say his KITCHEN.

….CONTEST….Shawnio SHIT watch….

Now if any of you out there have a SHIT shot of Shawnio’s apt with his pets DEFECATING on the floor please send it in to me and you may WIN.

1- Premium XSplit for 3 months FREE usage.

2- 6 months FREE All you can eat skin tags from the skin tag man Eric/Billy Pissfool.

3-1 FREE BLOW JOB from Vera with/without her dentures, your choice.

4- FREE extra sweet and salty toenail clippings from Monkeysniffer that date back to 1965.

5- FREE Lardo’s EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA salty belly button lint.




Over the weekend we had this bit of information coming right out of Vaughn itself, seems Scruffy wishes for her HERO to give someone HELL most likely us here at the blog.

Problem with that is WE have other plans you see lmao. We don’t bend over or obey your LAWS. WE don’t jump for you.

So Lynn Patricia Vaughn you keep humping away your lil boy bitch doggy while you can. In the mean time…..As he DESTROYS you dying business from the inside out for us…….. Just keep in mind I did warn you.

For you see the idiot openly admits to SWATTING Lardo 5 years ago. That’s right Lynn your BITCH boy doesn’t have a brain but thanks to all the booze and drugs he takes he sure has a big mouth…Wanna talk about it Scruffy ????

I even have 40+ videos downloaded from Shawnio’s own Youtube account where he crank calls innocent businesses and harasses folks on the internet. Click below for that LINK.

A special thxs for this above pic from a friend.

So you keep doing your deed and KILL off your own business by allowing certain individuals to DOX ..HARASS ..STALK make DEATH THREATS …SWATTING all you want. You and so many others like you WISH deep down inside for this blog to BE GONE.. Truth is this blog makes you choke on your own vile filth and that’s the price you’re going to pay for having a Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio on your site. Just do a GOOGLE for his name and AAALLLLLLLLLLL of the TRUTH comes out.





So this 3 in 1 multi post covers several different individuals. All thx to our anons and anyone else who may have contributed to the post.

THE BIG NEWS is ……………………….

Shawnio was arrested for having SEX with farm animals……..again.

NO NO NO I’m joking around.

THE BIG NEWS is………He was sodomized by his MOMMY ????

NO NO NO I’m joking again……..


Sarah69 was possibly released….hmmmmmm. Let the fireworks pop baby. Our anons tell us that this has indeed taken place, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough as most likely a cast will be scheduled some time in the near future and Sarah can explain the whole mess away.

And is has been confirmed as to her release. So just don’t drive in Nebraska cuz you might get rear ended by a drunk skinny tall female.

So that brings me to this mornings WEENY wagon fest starring Liklik as himself our anons in chat tell me he is now officially BANNED from both Vaughn live and Ivlog, sorry Liklik you could have been a contender……kid.

Along with the BAN news comes DirtyWood  the unwashed outcast who has been officially banned from Vaughn live as well. Guess the lovely Miss Scruffy in all her infinite wisdom after so many years has finally seen the error of her ways and has decided to finally to do something about her dirty laundry (sarcasm laughs)

Or perhaps she’s finally pulled her condescending self out of her self righteous ass ?

Or maybe after being kicked by the Dirtyone she’s decided to retaliate in her own special loving way ??