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I’d like to thank MadQuade for inspiring me to do this silly post in Shawnio’s honor, you see MadQuade dropped the below pic in chat and I thought it was so damn funny I decided to post it.be79f516dfa54933b0de9d71c025760ePLEASE READ this above screen shot. If you are familiar with Shawnio and his bizarre cabbage fetish then you have an understanding of the humor in this post.e8e842355ce649f29393c030bbf0944a


Furthermore his poor lifestyle choices have gained popularity in his local newspaper on more than one occasion.ar8Hyfv

For the past 5years Shawnio sits watching this blog in hopes of one day becoming one of us instead of the rejected weak outcast no body wishes to be near.

This post was made with love understanding and a hope that even someone as retarded as Shawnio may one day have a LIFE….Naaaawwww who the FCK WE kidding lol.Screenshot_6lbpnation_jtv_monkey

Who let the GIMP out ???


Damn SHE-BOY when you ever gonna learnzzz you is a silly willy.


Screenshot_1 (4)

However special thanks to James we have a new Youtube video we can all enjoy. In it we have James explaining how he has been doxed by Shawnio the GREAT doxer and his life is never gonna be the same againScreenshot_4ggggggggggScreenshot_16

After having a giggle with that vid you may wish to check out the Shawnio vid where about 10 months ago he fell over unconscious from too much beer. Can’t make this SHIT up I tell ya, hahahahahahaha






How to make a gimp dance for you.


Yet another fail from the Canadian department of I love Billy Bob Cesspool.

Shawnio as he is wont to do had reported yet another one of my superior You Tube videos for copyright violation. Our beloved dancing fool has yet again demonstrated the correct way to fail. I mean FFS folks the boy is a pro when it comes to setting himself up for disaster.


So this makes two successful counter notifications and one out right “You’re Kidding Right” from You Tube. Yes, You Tube was notified on one video and they laughed and said sorry little girl it’s fair use, here is a band aid for your butt little Shawnio.


I wake up everyday knowing I am perhaps the luckiest man on Earth. I have an awesome woman who loves me. I have friends who I love dearly. I have a good job cleaning toilets at the school.  And best of all a certain someone is so infatuated with me they live to spend every waking moment trying to get my attention. I mean here I am just living my life, enjoying everything that comes my way. Meanwhile there he is, pouring over every aspect of my life looking for ways to show me his love.


 Yet still here we all are. Still.


How did that work out for you?


And for those of you in the third world who may not be able to view due to restrictions:



he mad



And that brings me to this post I did a year back in May2015, featuring Shawnio the great chopper of garbage and junk. Some of you may remember what started all this as a number of comments were directed towards Lardo and his green house from non other than Shawnio the Lumberjack. So jealous and bent out of shape was dear ol Shawnio that he began his own lil backyard green house project of his own just to show up Lardo.612FJ3R6V4L

Being the master grade A craftsmen that Shawnio is known for he hacks into a pill of wooden junk with a rusty ol hatchet, a power drill and a black plastic garbage bag. What I recorded was PURE GOLDEN laughs just be prepared at the 3min part of the video as you witness him drill the plastic bag to the wood using a power drill, I seriously can’t make this SHIT UP.

Screenshot_3 (2)Screenshot_4

Screenshot_3 (4)

You know you hit the bottom of the barrel when Shawnio the PEDO/Stalker poops on you when all this time he’s all you ever had for moral support. d105197a7bb94c7ba83cab98e89aaf75


I think the above screen shot clearly illustrates just how ridiculous Samosky looks to everyone including Shawnio, now that’s real bad. I’d like to thank an anon for some the screen shots used in this post.585578d52f2a4e17a42121485f34e816Screenshot_2 (10)The big man with solid muscle has become a solid joke to everyone all over the internet.Screenshot_4

Samosky seriously invest your nickels and dimes into a solid good bra one that will finally support those sagging man tits you so proudly show off.lkRbbg3

Screenshot_1 (13)

Keep your fantasy alive Shawnio your life was over the moment you stepped foot in this blog….we buried you.Screenshot_5Screenshot_3 (4)

It’s one of those rare casts that Pope Lardo decided to have for no reason but to have a lil fun with all them turds. But it’s also an opitinity to expose the PEDO/Stalker she-boy known as Shawnio.


So without further ado I’d like to thank the Amish porn Lord Hipperzz for sharing this most illustrious and  hilarious post with me, myself and I, Monkeysniffer, together we have doxed Shawnio. However even though Lardo was the first to dox him Hipperzz and I are now the second to do it.


It started off with a Facebook listing I found where he needed to rent a moving van to help with his move from Acton to Georgetown Ontario.

The move was to take place at these apts, the LINK is down below 



 What even made it more possible to track him down was the fact he made numerous mistakes which both Hipzz and I capitalized on such as his balcony and the cement joining walls.


 The cement balcony was identical as those in the Realestate post pic which had the apt up for viewing.

Another was the detailing like the orange brick and neighbouring apartments that are indenticle to one another.


















  YES Shawnio it is indeed possible to find you not only once but twice, so enjoy it.