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Some things are better left unsaid and the pic below is one of them. 

On the other hand let’s just say an idiot made a FALSE REPORT that triggered an “INVESTMENT”  hahahahahhaahah, and it came and boomeranged right back. You know what I mean you idiot.Well the bad news is Shawnio didn’t get his dream date with a 10 yr old BOY to lick the peanut butter from his penis, but instead he did get his sweet heart Bella his faithful dog to do it.



I decided to give Cleary the Irish Kamikaze a break for a bit to have a lil fun with Vaughn’s newest love couple Ben and Shawnio.Ben might be enjoying this blogging thing more than I realized as of 2 nights ago he decided to place up a side by side video cast, it was so damn funny many of you sent in screen shots and some commented in the blog chat over it.Shawnio is so into it he even fingers his own ASS sending Ben internet love signals like a COW in heat calling her male BULL.I think the couple have a great chance at love. I can only imagine the SEX TALK in the bedroom as Shawnio makes the request for Ben to pretend he’s a 10 year old boy and then lick the peanut butter from Shawnio’s penis….Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿And with Shawnio’s top notch culinary skills he’s going to please Ben at the dinner table as well.With such mouth watering meals as bologna in a rusty pan he’s bound to have Ben drooling.So tastyAnd of course who could forget his 7 years of cooking to achieve the meal in the above shot, never mind it’s taken me about 4years to TRY and understand what it is that he cooked in that same very shot, and I still have no idea as to what it is. All we know about is it’s wet and brown and in a pan. ◉︵◉When the baby is due we all know Shawnio wouldn’t have the skills to be a mother but he would have the perfect BREASTS to feed many.If he’s out on the town or just looking sexy posing as a model Shawn W McQuaid is the perfect male catch for those husky lovers, if you know what I mean Ohh la laaaaaa.

I suppose I’m to await the 60 or so usual angry comments from a certain Georgetown resident lmao. 凸(¬◡¬)凸



All credit to a friend for this POOP pic of fecal proof. Check out the POOP pic below need  I say more ???  LMAO

The post that started all is now starting a new…..THE SHIT WATCH CONTINUES….Did I ever tell you I can’t make this SHIT up ? 2 fecal loving sodomites get together POOP is the only way to go, some even make it their home.


So several hours later the dimwitted one changes his camera view around so WE can’t laugh at his POOP fiasco.

Hey Shawnio it’s called “SOCIAL ENGINEERING”…You do recall what that means right ?  I WIN again hahahahahahaha.