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Now all credit to a friend of the blogs for this video, as it features Bubba of the SCRAG having a midnight RANT and spilling the TRUTH about his former Commanding Officer Patricia Lynne Vaughn.

Now what I find humorous about this video is the fact Bubba apart from BASHING Miss Scruffy brings up some past issues in regarding Warren Bucks fingering a 14 year old girl and his blatant beat down of his mother during a live cast about a year and a half ago. He goes as far as mentions the Shawnio casting of Lardo’s sister in laws DOX and the fact children were being brought into this mess. His rant also included a well known fact that Patricia Lynn Vaughn has been reported to stalking or ghosting others as a guest, and has flexed her muscles on numerous casters and viewers in the past. Now MY CONFUSION in all this is the FACT he brings up his CHILDREN.

I never received ANY such information regarding CHILDREN, nor has anyone on this blog received any such information regarding his CHILDREN. So either he has been mis informed or he’s creating a diversion as to the REAL reason HE LEFT Vaughn.


Now also lets keep in mind he’s no HERO and has ZERO INTEGRITY ..WHY you ask ???   Let us not forget the Oma situation when both he Hardwood and Gamergirl made numerous mocking DEATH jokes about babies that lasted for 3/4 days with out any repercussions.

Now as to the authenticity of this video……I simply don’t care…..But what does intrigue me is the FACT he SPILLS the complete TRUTH on the Vaughn’s and that is just BRILLIANT in my eyes. I do hope you enjoy it cuz I sure did…

All credit to those for the screen shots thank you.

So as with the Lardo’s family DOX being allowed on Shawnio’s cast so can be said of Michelle and her DOX. Both allowed on Vaughn live, need I say more ???

As you can see on the above shot much like the Lardo DOX post I have painted out the links to avoid the actual DOX from being exposed….WHY you ask ????

Because I will not confirm or deny any of the above DOX as being legit, what if that information is incorrect and an innocent person is PRANKED ????   In fact in the past Shawnio has even admitted to giving out the FALSE DOX and joked about it.

As you can clearly see in the above shot a guest asking questions about the incorrect DOX….little did Shawnio know THAT GUEST WAS ME…SURPRISE it’s called SOCIAL ENGINEERING Shawnio. Again not only do I expose you, but you dragged Vaughnlive in the same feces heap such as yourself…BRAVO lil boy toy.

Only hours after does Scruffy make these comments in a caters channel.

And finally a comment made about 2 years ago by Scruffy herself, and you know what ???   It’s actually TRUE I did learn alot from both Shawnio and Scruffy and that’s to FIGHT FIRE with FIRE. An EYE for an EYE …etc etc. As harsh as I may seem at times I did learn that RULES only apply sometimes to some people and others not at all.


All CREDIT to Shawnio on this lame brained retard move as the FOOL of FOOLS decided to post screen shots of Lardo’s sister inlaw and children on his Saturday cast.

Such PURE ANGER/HATRED he has for Lardo that he felt the need to involve his family and DOX them, and to further add insult to injury even adds the words…

“Because no one gives a flying crap about Lardo”

As Vaughn STAFF stood by and did absolutely NOTHING, this was allowed to go on Vaughn for several hours until Shawnio decided to clear his chat.

For those of YOU NEW to this blog and being witness to the recent events in Vaughn concerning the DOXING, this is WHY WE do what WE do. Vaughn staff have allowed this type of behavior on their site for years from SWATTING to DOXING. Everything is allowed with no consequences or rules only further proving my point dating back years ago. Shawnio is untouchable on Vaughn and he knows it, as long as he follows their rules like the lil bitch he is then it’s fine. “FIGHT FIRE with FIRE” has become my motto, harsh maybe but at this point what other option exist ????

As long as this blog and it’s VOICE remain intact then WE shall always be a thorn in the side of the Vaughns and any other site owner who can’t stand by their own rules or integrity. Remember this is not a business this blog has never asked for one dime or penny to remain active. However places like Vaughn and Ivlog ask for cash to keep their services alive with the promise of PROFESSIONALISM and PRIVACY. Everything here is FREE at your disposal with no hidden FEES or FALSE PROMISES.

Please keep that in mind.


All credit to an anon in chat for this vid, it features Shawnio during a Vaughn live cast making crank calls to what ..HE BELIEVES…to be Michelle Stacey’s neighbor. He holds his nose pretending to disguise his voice. Just remember this was allowed on Vaughn, and is SUPPORTED by management.

To those of you NEW to this blog about a year ago I discovered his Youtube cache of PRANK CALL videos and made a post, here are some of those videos.

To briefly name some of the businesses he’s harassed on his PRANK list.

McDonalds…CAA…Chinese food delivery…Pizza delivery…Limousine services …Kmart…Red Lobster…Government Agencies….Security guard agencies….Jack in the BOX…Pet shops…Telemarketers..Craigslist….Tattoo shops….FTD florist shop…and many more.

If you would like to see his other videos and need confirmation as to my statements on this post.

Just go to Youtube and SEARCH for” Shawnio prank videos”  or just type in “Shawnio” I’m sure most of them have been DELETED, but I have them all.