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On the last Brahim Soltani/Babs post I placed an audio/video file of a HARASSING skype call to Chris’s home. That post can be found below.

In the last 48 hours I was emailed more evidence of HARASSMENT directed towards Chris involving this group that took place on a recent weekend skype call.

As you can clearly see there is an admittance of making fraudulent calls to PIZZA take out places and local gas companies.

So WE do know that Chris was charged and admitted to the downloading of child pornography. His court date is scheduled for July 21st 2017, but what concerns me is how this group continues to torment not only Chris but everyone that lives in the same household. Let the courts do their JOB


I do believe there is an existing group and their goal is to torment other lives. Take JSteveio for example how they attack him constantly for pleasure and enjoyment, going as far as to even call his home to create as much of a disturbance to his life as possible. But in the end he did receive a lump sum of CASH, and a PENDING investigation. Into this CRIME

The LINK to those posts can be found here

Then you have Cheerybreeze another individual, but in her case between the alcohol…cutting and threats of suicide is a person who needs desperate HELP. So what does Babs and company do ???? They call her home and make DEATH THREATS and leave her messages telling her to take her own life. Those LINKS are below.

SEPT 2016……..Wintard’s SUICIDE………….

But this is the STRANGEST one of all that was never fully explained… It was in Sept 2016 when WINTARD a young female took her own LIFE with a drug overdose, what was interesting about this was that the same group was involved here as well….See a PATTERN ??    All I did was ask the question WHY ??….Never did I realize the PURE HATE and DEFLECTION that would follow me till this very day.

And that question lead me right to this POST.

It REVEALED possibly something sinister..something hidden away that was to remain a SECRET until I began to ask the right questions.

So what is the AGENDA and WHY ???

Is this UKmuppets group a dedicated online group of killers ??  I don’t  know the answer to this question, but what I do know is that the same group continues to HARASS possible weak or fragile targets with the thought of causing them bodily or emotional harm.

I myself have received comments from this group as well as stating that I should take my life, one such individual from Birmingham England went as far as to place a cartoon illustration of a monkey holding a revolver to his opened mouth. And I do know who that person is infact I have the ip as well as several witnesses to it.

Let us say for example Chris does take his own LIFE or Cherrybreeze what then ?? What if Chris should hurt his family members ?? What drives another to continue to HARASS none stop and receive pleasure from it ??

Is this SOCIAL JUSTICE…VIGILANTE JUSTICE ??….. When does one reach the cross roads and make the realization that this is beyond what constitutes as being normal ?

It’s the internet not a WEAPON. As a blogger I struggle with this dilemma daily, but I know the difference on how to step away and shut it down. As a blogger I don’t create the  content, the content creates itself. And that’s why certain past EX bloggers were removed or rejected from this blog due to poor lack of judgment that blurred their vision.

To the person who sent me todays email…thank you it’s nice to know that there are others who see this for what it is.

“There is a player a coward who hides in the dark…this is pandoras box
he is Babs long time lover since he was 14 he is known as”…………………………..




All credit to an anonymous person who placed this in our chat.

Click the below LINK for some audio NEWS…more to come

Ok so let’s start with the PEDOPHILE charges…Chris is an IDIOT the end…..But most of all he’s on his on now, his online life/entertainment as he knew it is over. ANYONE even associated with him will receive the same treatment….CLASSIC GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION…So if I were you I’d stay clear of him, he’s trouble.

Now in the recent POST, Menellie states… He’s glad he didn’t have Chris on his skype…..NOW HOLD ON didn’t 3 of them meet up a week or 2 ago where Chris pretends to sodomize Menellie as Amy watched on ???

CLICK on the LINK below and listen to the videos yourself.

Make up your mind Menellie one minute you’re friends with him the next you seem to feel the need to distance yourself from Chris…WHY ????

I feel there may be more to this than meets the eye.

And that brings me to UKmuppets….and Darren Lee Sayward. The same individuals who DOXED Chris for the last several years…Who harassed Chris for the last several years…Who threatened Chris for the last several years…..Who called pizza and other fast food places to his home for the last several years…Who spent time talking to Chris on skype and went as far to not only associate them selves with Chris on a daily basis but to make his life as miserable as they possibly could every fcking day.

Here’s what MAY happen, Chris decides to sing like a lil bird and blow the whistle on the whole lot of them BANG….I mean it’s all documented on their site yes ??? lmao

Online harassing and so forth is a HUGE issue in the UK, it carries stiff fines and penalties with it and you never know what Chris is going to say now do you ????

If subpoenaed by Chris’s LAWYER we may see numerous people selling each other out faster than PIZZAS can be delivered….Imagine the ramifications of this ??

With existing investigations still pending on 2 of the members of that blog for identity theft harassment and let’s not forget the fast food deliveries it can’t be too lively over there. Oh you didn’t forget the whole JStevio investigation did you, I sure as hell didn’t.

All credit to my amigo partner in CRIME for this video which features Menellie on a skype call during an Ivlog cast. In it they discuss the SEXY Chris PEDOPHILE CHARGES  in detail.

It all started with this previous post. You may need to click it to understand the videos YESSS he even admits to doing it.

Be PROUD Ivlog….Say it ain’t so … but my dear it is so. And I told you so. Seems one of Ivlog’s finest casters the SEXY one from the high brow UK has gotten himself into legal hot water….again, and this time it’s alleged child porn on his computer…again….For some of you who have little understanding of what this blog truly means you may LEARN something if you could only UNDERSTAND….. This blog was not created to MOAN an OBSESS over a 70 year old man named PAT.. PAT ..PAT.. PAT.. PAT.. PAT.. PAT ..PAT.. PAT ..999999999999999999999 times a day.

It was created to INFORM and EDUCATE those of you who have little understanding on how the internet truly works or the people behind those very keyboards.

This BLOG and POST is FOR THAT REASON….Now sit back an swig on that bottle of Malibu you had sitting next to your bed…Enjoy Ivlog the site you sold out for, and love so much Princess…..Perhaps I shall receive negative comments from those of you who shall say MONKEYSNIFFER is picking on a DISABLED/AUTISTIC person ????….Any comments from PlasticPEDO the old CREEP/CATFISH from the UK????….You know where to find me online.

If you require more details of the mess I have placed 2 LINKS, click on them.

This 3rd LINK is an Ivlog LINK

Thanks to that one individual who sent me the link.





                                                         THE SHIT KING IS HOME
Screenshot_1And now Ivlog can rejoice as the pedo shit master can hopefully bring in some new views to this dead site of 3o viewers. Now lets briefly look at just some of his colorful past antics.Screenshot_3 (3)

Yes he actually did tell his mother on a live cast that he was searching for child porn…Can’t make this shit up.Flower-toilet-seat-e1288721064293-225x300400899_474146402605742_1686140208_n

That’s right CUM needs those viewsScreenshot_12

Who could forget the unsightly SHIT STAIN riding up his ass as he continued to do housework….(。◕‿◕。)yPFVq2T

Or the time he SHIT himself LIVE on cam.

UkPEDOmuppets have a massive archive on Chris exposing his cock and balls, in fact it’s what their entire blog is about. They live for it…(✌゚∀゚)☞

Let’s not forget his chaterbate career as he would masturbate for his viewers….LIVE on cam….Another ukPEDOmuppets exclusive.


But it wasn’t the first time Chris had made his triumphant return back in July 7 2015 was a joyous occasion the SHITTY one arrived.Screenshot_4

The beauty about such a post is when you click on the video you find yourself looking at this below.Screenshot_2

Video was removed by owner…. hahahahahah……..OH WELL……凸(¬◡¬)凸…I so wanted to hear what that video was about, didn’t you ????

A TOP quality caster deserves a TOP quality site and Ivlog is just PERFECT for him. Please take note of the Ivlog LOGO top right, says it all.

Hey let’s look on the bright side at least he didn’t eat his own CUM right ???


Well he didn’t last long, a moderator came in and locked his channel…That is not a BAN folks, so yes Chris can still come back sometime in the near future.0a767502cd9b4719a5df355011baf855dd0341c88fd54f2b82eb4a35ea581e54