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In the past several months I’ve bloged about the pearl scam that has invaded the internet, those posts can be found below.However recently Vaughnlive has opened a new section dedicated directly towards supporting this pearl internet business.

What I find funny in all this is the fact the Vaughn’s had a booming site dedicated to vaping and supporting the vape community. It only made sense to promote a site that offered a healthier alternative lifestyle, but instead management would prefer to support a SCAM that has been documented world over. The below LINK  has all the details, so click it and check out the facts on this internet SCAM.

As I had already mentioned two previous posts on this topic down below, click them for any past details you may wish to read up on.ಠ︵ಠ凸/







I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a screen shot to this post, but most of all by exposing and informing the internet community we educate folks on the do’s an don’ts online.Screenshot_10

Not here to bash Secure, but the guest in the screen shot is correct.


This above pic was taken directly from Secure’s Facebook page…Note the prices on the pieces of jewelry.


A week or so ago I did  post on Secure and her fake pearls, that LINK can be found on the bottom of this post, however for now we shall discuss over priced jewelry that is being bought wholesale from China with FREE shipping included….Then being resold at a higher price.

Anyone interested in this LINK please do a Google for……


I personally have purchased a number of items from this site and have even recommended the site to others, I in NO WAY or this blog are affiliated with the LINK. I gain nothing by giving you and your loved ones the opportunity to make online purchases at reasonable prices. I have even given you an example of bracelets at much lower prices than you would have had with Secure…

There is absolutely NO monetary gain in this for me, I simply do this to inform you…Enjoy online shopping.

The promised LINK to the Pearl post

Secure’s oyster opening party on Vaughn live….maybe not as SECURE as you may think ಠ︵ಠ凸



I’d like to thank our friend from the blog for this latest video, and much needed provided information on it concerning a scamming trend being used on the internet. It involves oysters being sold to unsuspecting individuals who make these online purchases in hopes of collecting a $2000 pearl as a prize.

It was Secure who was selling the rip offs on Vaughn live just the other day for $25 a pop….CLICK the  video below to watch.8e2dfcda050d4e61823ca2475d30da3f

However it’s a SCAM and here’s why…… READ BELOW


For the rest of the information on this SCAM click this LINK below.


On a side note I swear these 2 look like brother and sister.