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Odd is the only word I an describe it after looking at Samosky’s hight school pic, and I dare you to tell me he doesn’t look like a teen girl. Be careful cuz you know ol Darren Lee Sayward might get a boner and froth at the mouth at the near mention of teen girl hahahah. But they would make such a cute couple don’t you think ??? I’d like to thank our friend for the pic used in this post.915dbknRosemary Jennings.JPGScreenshot_1 (9)And who would have thought that sweet ol teen girl Erica would grown up to become earth’s mightiest super hero…. SUPER UDDER MAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN or WOMAN ?? Screenshot_3 (4)



Is Zelda pregnant with Liklik’s urine love child ????

So this latest bit of news from the atrocious gypsy caster known as Zelda would have us believe…she may be pregnant with Liklike’s pee child. Hard to imagine all the times Liklik has urinated in her vagina that now a tiny seed has made it’s way to the forbidden zone, the TOXIC land of NO return.0badac6b2bb746a695819b48ad9c2a2db9e5b97650c14d3bb54e66f8d46e8467

Any who this was Liklik comment upon getting the news from an unknown guest.fe6ea4d57cba429fa2682c700f0bb6e1I cannot confirm or deny this latest watery laughable mess in the never ending saga of Liklik and Zelda’s love life, except to ask the question where is Jerry Springer and WHY isn’t he doing a show on this deranged couple ??? Perhaps poor ol Jerry is terrified of meeting the couple only to be beaten and chopped up into mouth size pieces ?27db0231db2d3d06648e402565ebe4ddAnd what about Mr Chubsy wubsy the swinging weight lifter ?? He to had a romantic interest in Zelda, now that she’s pregnant with Liklik’s child will Samosky’s fire be extinguished forever ?Screenshot_8Screenshot_4Either suffering from a severe bowel movement or just vomiting from sheer delight in this passion triangle, these 3 individuals deserve each other in the deepest most depraved way I can only imagine..God I hope she’s not pregnant, and Samosky….go fck yourself with a power drill….kniw kniw.Screenshot_1Screenshot_33

Some times folks are generous and crazy with material, but this is just insane funny, enjoy the video. Special thanks to a certain someone for this.

Screenshot_10 (2)

When the LOVE is dried up an all the MONEY spent.

And please say hello to my happy cock.Brown_Leghorn_rooster_in_Australia


And NO spanking the monkey

Screenshot_3 (4)

All credit to Jimmy for this fun lil video, takes place right after the recent post I placed up that LINK can be found here.

In it Samosky can be seen swinging weights and not actually lifting them, well cuz he can’t hahahahaha.Screenshot_1

In this recent vid Jimmy makes some hilarious comments directed towards the weight lifting champ Arnold Samosky about his horrible weight lifting exercises, now anyone who knows weight lifting or physical activity  knows that James is indeed right on all counts.

Rosemary Jennings.JPGScreenshot_3 (4)

Like to thank Agent1000 for the 2 screen shots in this post.

As we all know Samosky was interested in Zelda at the times she and Liklik had split up, during this time he sent her a unreported amount of cash and flowers to Zelda, but since then it’s all blown up in Samosky’s face and the poor guy now finds himself on the short end of the stick again.Screenshot_4

Things even take a turn for the worse as an embarrassed Samosky in confronted by Liklik in his own chat.


Lillik ate the flowers  hahahahahahahahabb690115a9a8443da3311e7e3aa451f9

Poor Samosky even gets beaten up by Liklik and just mere hours before I placed this post up even by Shawnio, poor fellas all beat up in one day. All that breast muscle and he can’t even win a online fight.lbpnation_jtv_monkey

You know you hit the bottom of the barrel when Shawnio the PEDO/Stalker poops on you when all this time he’s all you ever had for moral support. d105197a7bb94c7ba83cab98e89aaf75


I think the above screen shot clearly illustrates just how ridiculous Samosky looks to everyone including Shawnio, now that’s real bad. I’d like to thank an anon for some the screen shots used in this post.585578d52f2a4e17a42121485f34e816Screenshot_2 (10)The big man with solid muscle has become a solid joke to everyone all over the internet.Screenshot_4

Samosky seriously invest your nickels and dimes into a solid good bra one that will finally support those sagging man tits you so proudly show off.lkRbbg3

Screenshot_1 (13)

Keep your fantasy alive Shawnio your life was over the moment you stepped foot in this blog….we buried you.Screenshot_5Screenshot_3 (4)