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A double post if I do say so myself, so dear ol Pat the fighting American ran away to Ivlog in hopes of hiding his shame no doubt lol


With a handful of viewers his dreams of ever reaching any REAL numbers or VIEWERS was just dropped down the shitter of NO RETURN.


For you see Pat the Vaughn’s don’t care for back stabbing especially those who jump ship.

However with that being in mind our old friend Sam had a number of negative comments about Ivlog, and he decided to share his thoughts on a recent cast not just several hours before I placed this post up. You naughty Sam you lmao.

You have to admit Sam’s right on point with his  comments concerning Ivlog and it’s politics and ban policies so GOOD FOR YOU Sam.

Thanks to everyone for the sceen shots an video


Thanks to those for the YouTube VIDEO…check it out as SAM confronts Babs.

By the way SAM this is the child thats making the THREATS against you…one SMACK and he’s dust… lmao




An amazing fun video of everyone’s favorite silly willy fish eyed fella Sam….ENJOYvefhipj

I’d like to thank our anonymous friend for dropping this in our chat.