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How many times do I have to say I can’t make this shit up ??????

No matter how much THEY may cry or whine it is THEY who EXPOSED them self to me and this blog, it was just 2 nights ago on the previous post that Ryan Fields or as he’s known on Ivlog …Modlycheese repeated comments that in the past he venomously denied.ย Back in April 28 2017 is when the first comment about having sex with a 6 week old child was made by Ryan Fields.

From that point as usual Ryan Fields has maintained he never made those comments, however he has made similar sexual comments many times before, but as usual denies he made those comments as well. Until now.

I’ve posted up some of the recent comments from several of the posts, as you can see Ryan claims everything here is FAKE and has never been proven. But on March 18th he changes his story and admits to the very thing he’s been denying all this time.The only FOOL wishing to have SEX with a 6 week old child is YOU Ryan Fields……..YOU……..No matter times you may change or back track your cry cry sob story I know what you said and so do others on this blog, live with the SHAME that you so foolishly bestowed upon your self in the mean time stop coming here and flush yourself away like MOLDY FECES.ย 

Your presence here makes me feel ill inside and for some reason I have a desire to witness a 200 ton piano drop on your head crushing you into jelly, or to see you roast alive in a fire pit and hear you scream as your eye balls explode into boiling liquid. Call me sadistic but let’s face it you’re sick.










A wise monkey once said “You can’t make this shit up”ย ๐Ÿ’ย So on the heels of the previous post came one comment that mad me laugh out loud.

myfakename: “Shawnio ip and darren sayward have nothing better to do, then make fun of people using fake names. darren if you canโ€™t make a post just make fake names and fake posts”

And no truer words were ever spoken infact this isn’t the first time such lies have been created in our blessed names, do you remember the FAKE Lardo video where they claimed he states it’s ok to have sex with a 15 year old ?ย ย

I’m sure those idiots would like everyone to forget that major UK embarrassment, even Adam Paul Stuart Browne the registered lying SEX offender no longer blows that false horn.

And of course who could forget this FALSE accusation of “CHILD PORN images” found on this blog ???

As I again clearly dissected the LIES and exposed that group and it’s allegations. This was brought on by sub intelligent intoxicated individuals spewing desperation and rage. You’re out of your league Darren go suck back another pint of beer an wish on some teen girl to show you attention.Notice how everything seems to go all hush hush and they change to something else when I expose their LIES ?ย  The reason for that is they look completely ridiculous, so they then try and create more LIES to cover up the previous LIES they have just been exposed for.

You can’t make this shit up….No really you can’t.ย ๐Ÿ™Šย ๐Ÿ’

But when all else fails simply repeat yourself like so…Are you mad…Are you mad….Are you mad ?…..Yeah you’re mad. Well are you mad ?

So after repeating that over and over and over the next best sensible step is to swarm me with 20 to 200 angry threats and comments, and then AGAIN remind me how angry I am…Are you mad ? Yeah you’re mad. Holy moly and to once think trolling was such an art form only a few years ago, glad I retired when I did.ย ๐Ÿ’ย And there you have it when one of your own have to state the obvious in your own chat you know things are dire indeed.

Oh btw …..Are you mad ….are you mad ???ย 












I was handed the screen grabs dating back from Jan 2018 after being informed of not only the child sex talk that was spewing from that other blog, but of the hateful racist comments that were emanating from that same place. All I can do is wonder at what emotional disease makes such hate exist. This time around the hate was thrown towards Lardo as they suspect he may be a Jew, imagine what these individuals daily lives are truly like ?As most of you now know or have to come to realize the decision to close off our chat was largely due to this type of behavior as those same individuals would spew similar hate in our chat claiming that they were part of our blog when in truth they were not. They would hide behind FAKE ip address and FAKE names in hopes of damaging our chat and blog.

Their blog continues to spiral out of control like some frenzied rabid animal that needs to be put down for good.

I wonder what’s next Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist threats directed towards ethnic minorities. ? From the 200+ child sex comments a day, to racist hateful anti semitic slurs that blog remains diseased as the brains that spit out those type of comments.

We know WHO and WHAT they are, no turning back now.







On a recent Ivlog cast JStevio had some truthful words to hand out and those same words would sting, in fact in an immediate fit of RAGE and RETALIATION a bogus half witted post was constructed from LIES and classic deflection.ย But let me take you back 4 years ago when slanderous untruthful statements were made against JStevio concerning PEDOPHILIA and INCEST. False statements to this day that have never been proven but continue to spew forth from the mouth of drunken junkies and hateful individuals who stalk and hunt for those they can harm online. And it was on MAY 09 2017 that the victim decided to FIGHT BACK.That was to be the first of many posts exposing a disgusting cowardly group of individuals that in time would be DOXED and EXPOSED for what they truly are. Click the LINK below for more details.

FACT this has resulted in the POLICE being involved with possible arrests since MAY 2017, and we know this…………

Because Sean Cleary told us during one of his drunken retarded casts, as he babbled about his SOLICITOR advising him, but it doesn’t end there we also know a number of you out there have contacted the police requesting further action be taken. I’m sure in time things will happen. This has resulted inย a lose of a blog or 2 lmao.ย  Now to many of you this may be old news, but what was also concerning is how twisted this self centered moron Darren Lee Sayward ractually is. He CLAIMS JStevio is a LIAR and goes as far to state that it was JStevio who claimed I am a FEMALE…Me MONKEYSNIFFER.

However it was never JStevio that made this assumption it was the fool himself Darren Lee Sayward and his terrorist PEDO gang. Well let’s see about this…….The idiots chokes on his own words as he contradicts himself in typical retarded fashion. They have even made numerous posts making all sorts of claims about me. Truth be known JStevio has no idea as to who I am in fact most people don’t but they assume they know and lay claim for an honorable badge or bragging rights.ย 

For over 1 year THEY claimed I was this other person, then I became someone else. For those interested in reading up on my DOX feel free to click the LINKS below.โœฟโ—•-โ€ฟ-โ—•โœฟ/

Exposing this kind of filth is what we do best here after all it’s what many of you want and by sending in the information and contacting me it’s clear the majority of you don’t’ support these types. But is it any wonder why this vile group HATE JStevio so much for as he fights back and that makes him a THREAT as does anyone who speaks up against this group. We know the wheels of justice are turning, even though they may be slow things are happening and that burns them deeply.










Imagine my surprise and laughter as one of Ivlog’s very own MOOLDYCHEESE was the FEATURE caster today. Better known as Ryan Fields/Ryan HiFi has decided to change his name as of late to MOOLDYCHEESE perhaps in hopes of blending in with the rest of the Ivlog community without being detected by us.

Perhaps one of the most DISGUSTING sexual predators and full on retards in my years blogging I have ever witnessed, Ryan/Mooldycheese has made numerous PEDOPHILE comments dating back several years which I have exposed on many occasions.One such post, had Ryan/Mooldycheese make the above comment “14 year old? hell I’ll FUCK a 6 week old” ย It’s but one of many DISGUSTING and bizarre comments from an individual who sees himself as an online whiteknight.ย Upon exposing this SICK and TWISTED individual he lays on the THREATS in our comment section, all directed towards myself. Ryan Fields is a notorious creep of the most foul nature, twisted in both his own mind and soul.Another such time, and more PEDOPHILE comments concerning SEX with a 15 year old child, made by Ryan trying to remain anonymous in the chat. Ryan is a demented individual who not only suffers from alcohol abuse but claims to have ASS BURGERS. Perhaps with a side order of fries he may over come his stupidity and PEDOPHILE comments we can only hope. Good luck Ivlog he’s all yours, upon hitting the rock bottom of SHIT seems to be the only direction Ivlog can spiral into it’s a glorious sight indeed when your FEATURE caster makes such heinous sexual comments. Now bring on the skintag dancers with a healthy dosage of HYPOCRISY to begin my weekend……I truly can’t make this shit up lol