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Interesting choice of words coming from the site owner, it’s the kind of words that makes one wonder as to the possible HIDDEN MEANING behind them.

Is it possible that it’s Mark Vaughn himself is behind certain illegal activities, I mean after all he has his PET/friend admitting to SWATTING casters and others like Lardo.

Or placing phone numbers in chat ..


I rest my case….Click the LINKS below




All thanks to an anon/friend to the blog for this screen shot of what took place during an Edgeof8 cast.

I guess someone asked Scruffy a question and this what her response was…

QUOTE “Here is how unprofessional scrubby is and the Vaughns think they are Soooo business like, look at the “fuck stickam” when a innocent user is just conversing, what a quack job these Vaughns are”

Scruffy may need a vacation from being online ?




So the the weekend is almost over for some of us but for others the TEST of PROBATION and SOBRIETY is ongoing for both will and nerves that will last years.

And in Sarah69s case she’s already beginning to crumble and crack as she now feels the need to HIDE while posting her FRUSTRATION and ANGER in facebook for all to see. So she decides to lash out in anger in hopes of getting my attention and she succeeded…

I was told her PROBATION began on Tuesday June 27th 2017 and was to last 2 years, but since then the wannabe super model of whining has decided to STOP casting. Most likely in FEAR of being exposed by those of us here, so please continue to HIDE from us booze hag for it’s only a mater of time before your ugly true self is casting again and hundreds of followers of this blog will record the TRUTH. You know the ones I’m referring to on your Facebook on your Twitter on your Instagram…. EVERYWHERE. I mean after all it was your Josh who made this all PUBLIC to begin with and then began to beg for money …it was you who made every statement PUBLIC.

So don’t blame anyone here for your mistakes for it is you who cannot control your urges ….Unless  you’re telling me WE control you ..WE are the reason you mess up…WE are what you fear the most…TRUTH. WE are the ones you now hide from.

Is that it ?????? ……..Is that the real reason or is it because you feel the need to now VICTIMIZE yourself by crying wolf so you may now lay blame on all of us here ???

Bottom line you wont make it….You haven’t the brain or the soul to do it. And I know you’re SHITTING your pants right now, trembling in fear and reaching for that bottle of booze. Remember Sarah I have 2 years to wait on you…don’t slip up.

And to the dumb twat of Vaughn, Miss Scruffy it CERTAINLY is our business and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

However you may wish to see what our anons have uncovered over the weekend.

A THREAT directed towards Adambro from Chicagoknight on a Sarah cast. Please take the time to not only READ it but then to REPORT it to the local authorities per your request…REMEMBER ????

YOUR WORDS… Miss Scruffy…So what ya gonna do big mouth???

UPDATE from Sarah69

Ok and so nothing changes.


For the FIRST time EVER in all the years I have been blogging this would have to be the first POST where I’ve have had to retract the previous post for out right MALICIOUS LIES. What I was given last night were a number of screen shots during an Ivlog cast in Liklik’s room where Walt and Liklik decided to SPILL the TRUTH about LIES…..PUBLICLY ….concerning Miss Scruffy. Did I ever tell you I can’t make this SHIT up..NO I can’t, but Walt sure can…and he did.

I do not support the Vaughns but I also refuse to be used to further another persons HATEFUL AGENDA with DECEIT or to support another who has a Shawnio type mentality.

Might HELP if you first checked out the recent post where Liklik claimed he sold OXIES to Scruffy.

Liklik has NO IDEA as to what he’s yammering on about, so really he can’t be held RESPONSIBLE.Finally Liklik makes the statement that he… DID NOT SUPPLY PILLS TO SCRUFFY.

So NOW we have Liklik confirming the PILL story was an out right LIE and he never SOLD any PILLS to Scruffy. Bottom line he was used by Walt to perpetuate his own HATE about Vaughn live by using Liklik and the pill story.

Later on in the evening Walt lets this SLIP…Waldisneyghost: I had a very specific purpose for being there…..Need I say more ??


At some point he states….Waldisneyghost:976…if it was FAKE…why you so mad?Let me start off with saying I never truly believed or confided in Walt..I always felt he had his own AGENDA right from the start. TO PROVE my point I often would troll the chat as an ANON and make comments such as….SCUTTLBUTT..LARDO and MONKEYNIFFER are PEDOPHILES…Just to see what Walter the MOD would do. He failed as usual and did nothing but allow the comments to slip by him as he ranted and spewed forth for hours and hours on end. On numerous occasions his judgment was impaired for the simple fact he would boast about his weed smoking and vodka drinking. Again I as an ANON would drop LINKS to see if those same LINKS would be removed…they were allowed to stay. I trolled Walt as an ANON to TEST him repeatedly to see if he was up to the task, unfortunately he was not. His own purpose in LIFE was to SPEW his HATE and ANGER about the Vaughns and PAT PAT PAT for up to 16 or more hours. At times this would last on through the night till the very next morning.

As far as my BANNING Walter goes again the BRILLIANT mind of Walt fails for an ADMIN or MOD cannot BAN a fellow ADMIN or MOD in this chat. A mod would have to be unmodded and then banned. The ignorant sissy known as Walter fabricated this story NOT realizing he was a MOD up until Sunday June 25th 2017 5:32 am, and btw it’s all documented in our ARCHIVES. Therefore… FOOL I..Monkeysniffer did NOT could NOT BAN YOU…But HOLY son of a BITCH I LOVE IT wen a GREAT PLAN comes together. I knew you simply couldn’t cut the mustard.

And a BIG thank you to all of you for the screen shots on this post.









Now this particular post is funny to me, we have oOoSoldieroOo the out spoken tech guy in Vaughn who last week BEAT his chest spewing forth several THREATS directed towards DirtWood including THREATS of SWATTING. That LINK is right below.

However today ehhhhh NOT SO MUCH lol……..Ohhhh all thanks to the anon for this.So this is Soldier the tech guy in Vaughn ??? 

This type of COMEDY is really something when the tech guy makes online THREATS and then sizzles out to a wet fart. And you know the Vaughns are PISSING their pants when Scruffy reads this post.

I’m sorry Patricia Vaughn you were saying something about SWATTING an your LAWYER ???

Dear Miss Scruffy I would like to make an OFFICIAL REPORT please….Your tech guy made an online THREAT regarding SWATTING and I would like your immediate attention on this, for I do believe the FBI or local law enforcement may be interested in this matter….Don’t you ????

Need I say more ?????   Oh and btw what does your FANCY SHMANCY LAWYER say about that ??????

A PREDICTION: In 24 hours on Facebook Miss Scruffy reveals another illness of hers…AMNESIA.