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Yeah I know. We are only half way into the week, but man it’s been a loony toons start to this one.  First we had Mark bitching,,,,,,,about his own site.

Mark sausage fest


This may help you Mark.


And what was he crying about? This:-


Yes it’s Cyberman, who we have posted about before. He (rightly so) gets banned, but does that allow someone to be on cam with a finger up their ass?

finger pics

I guess if you want to do a “rim finger” it’s ok.  Next they will beg for money to pay for their stink finger,,,,,or pay for showing tits.


But Scrubby knows all about begging…………

homeless scrubz

I can only wonder at what she offered them for payment.

Now we come to Pat. UnitedAmerican, who is very UN-American.  He was asked a genuine question by Lardo, and he WOULDN’T, or COULDN’T answer……..because if he did, it would prove how fake he is……………….


Now how hard a question is that? I’ll leave you to think about that.


How “honest” can honest be for the Christian Vaughn’s? ( Right here, please start humming “Onward Christian Soldiers” to yourself.)  Lynn [Patrica] Vaughn and her “Copy & Paste” son Mark, sure act like they can tell REAL people anything, and they’ll be believed.

Only recently I did a post on Vaughn lies, and now more have raised their ugly heads.

honest about things

“We are all VERY HONEST about things”?? (Insert mocking laughter here.)  Honest, like GamerGirl can’t ban?

power to ban1

GG banning again

Well, she sure as hell managed to ban in Staff Corner and that’s not her room. Is Patricia “Scrubby” Vaughn telling us lies again?

Then we have Scrubby the megalomaniac showing her true colors. How can this “honest” woman let a known troll and hater back on Vaughn, and then say this shit?

sign into IP's

Her words. If you go into IP’s channel YOU’LL BE BANNED !!!  Jesus H Christ Scrubby. I dislike the potato headed bog trotter as much as most, but what bit of “SITE BANNING” don’t you understand? (or does she just want to show her power?)

Then there’s the fruit of her loins, Mark. ( or should we call him Mr Never Deliver?)  SOON, SOON, Beta for years, SOON……………..


Can someone PLEASE inform me of ANYTHING that Mark has “coded” or made by himself?  The whole site was based on JTV codes. The Vaughn Coins, a copy from JTV. The IM’s, or Private chats (That are NOT private) taken from JTV.  Even his banning of VPN’s is ripped from the internet. So please don’t hold your breath waiting.  Unless he can rip that off as well, it wont be SOON.

Mark has said on numerous occasions that he DOESN’T read the blogs. I think you’ll get the feeling of Déjá vu when you read this………………

mark insults

No Mark. You don’t read the blogs.*sarcastic* You don’t echo what we’ve said, because you’re an HONEST CHRISTIAN. (and I can walk on water, dumbass.)


If anyone wonders why there is so much hate at Vaughn Live it’s because the FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD DOWN.








Scrubby tells Edward that he’s mad cuz they wont let him do what he wants. Too bad the same rule doesnt go to everyone. A few weeks ago someone asked scrubby why does Paradice get away saying the “N” word all day long and scrubby said, “I dont know, why dont you ask her?”  WTF???? There a many many examples of scrubbys favoritism. I dont have enough time or the desire to go through them all.

 scrubby calling people “asshole’s”  what kind of christian is she, oh wait i know. she’s a  christian hypocrite, like so many of them. I hope your site dies a slow and painful death. you are a worthless piece of DUNG scrubby.

Thanks to the Anton for the post.

000_0570 - Copy - Copy

What a  way to start my day as I get up to find PORN pic in the crap chat all leading from Vaughn, so thank you to those for the screen shots used on this post.


Joncalifornia decided to stream porn this morning on a Vaughn live cast, complete with some blonde on blonde action….looks away an blushes….eekkk (º.º)0d2ec3c0f22842d48427fd2d7ab7097a

It’s at this point not sure if the this shot belongs with this post but… EHHHHH. So during the chat the vivacious and most curvy TheEdgeof8  decided to throw his/her  name into the pot as the NEXT Staff  of Vaughn live….faaaaarrrrrtttt


Like a highly sexual MAN BEAST drunk from LUST and perhaps a few pints of beer he charges ahead swearing at the Vaughn’s challenging their authority.Screenshot_6

It’s at this point the Vaughn SS show up and shut the sucker down and remove his stream key for added measures.


Complete with a BAN this ends what is likely to be the FIRST of MANY POSTS today on this Friday the 13th 2017.

And WHO is this Joncalifornia you may ask ???   Well he’s……….Joncalifornia so there that explains it all.







 Chark Movies leaves Vaughnlive.STD

vaughn ship down

The king of the Misc section and Mark’s most prolific provider of pirated copyrighted content is jumping ship.



Chark is leaving Vaughn and striking out on their own. Apparently fed up with the low quality, shitty chat and poor customer service of Vaughlive.STD .

Chark obviously is done with Mark’s empty promises and his mother’s Nazi like control of the site. Not to mention the shit quality offered by Mark’s child like coding.

See below clip for Chark’s farewell scroll.

Remember the scene in the above clip kids. Mark’s next cast may bear a striking resemblance once he realizes how he and his diseased mother have driven their love child into the ground.

One wonders if Chark will be offering some of his fellow casters space on his new website?

Is this the end of the Misc section?

Will Misc be as empty as People Section?

Will Misc go the way of Vapers.TV?


 So Mark. Tell us again how there are six new casters for everyone that leaves 😀


Love and kisses. William Poole ESQ.

This was another shocking development for our chat as one of Vaughn’s caster Cherrybreeze decided it would be a great idea to suck on a can of butane and enjoy it’s mental damaging effects during a late night cast. What’s even more intriguing is how this went on for about an hour or so while nothing was being done about it. I’d like to thank those in chat for the screen shots used in this post. 7d37921fbb954e049bc8b9bfca88c7b7


Upon receiving the news Scruffy came in and made a single comment as can be seen above….MissScruffy: Keep the can off the cast then.

I do know for a fact several of you sent in reports to the Vaughn’s….one is right here, but I’m sure as with everything in Vaughn it’s gonna get lost or simply denied.6329cfef59e947c792b4abd313c232a5

Perhaps a year or so ago I made a comment on a post concerning my thoughts on what the Vaughn’s desire from their site, and here it is again……I feel they desire either a SUICIDE or a DEATH to help their lagging site with views and drama. Too many of you say the exact same thing and sooner or later it’s going to happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Just 2 of many LINKS I found concerning the subject, but if you Google BUTANE or HUFFING you can get more details concerning this trend that’s been around for 35 or more years.



I’d like to thank those for the screen shots in this post.

I can’t really confirm or deny the ages of the young girls in the pic, but I do remember a time the Vaughn’s would be all over this and Scruffy would be asking questions as to the girls ages. Funny now all you see are young ones and a trail of desperate males salivating at the mouths hoping to feast their eyes on their screens.bf92e1847f044054912beeff14b023c4


As I mentioned I cannot confirm or deny the ages, but you do have to wonder.


Numerous screen shots were sent in to me by a number of anons, in those shots you can see Miss Scruffy the site manager demanding that she NOT  be THREATENED.

I have no idea as to how this started, but is did take place in Pat/United America’s room.cefdf4ad95d746fe97a80a2254d5c39e

As you can see she makes the comment ” One of your mods is threatening us”  dd792a7f2fc248c98a5127d5c5266fd7

Miss Scruffy goes on about the threats with one of the mods asking her who is this rogue mod ?3f76d9fc460341b8894fe64d156a3e17

At no point is any such information on the threats given out in the chat nor do I see the identity of the individual making the threats, so it leaves me wondering what is she going on about ???

To sum up the whole Miss Scruffy crying mystery is perhaps rather simple. Miss Scruffy is either bored with a lot of time on her hands or as usual she feels the need to flex and stretch her internet muscles letting us all know she’s in charge.

Screenshot_6 (6)

My last comment is simply this, remember it took the Vaughn’s 4 whole days to respond to Oma’s situation ???  Ya I still remember, but in a matter of minutes Scruffy comes out in clear view making her demands known, yet with not a shred of any proof. So Scruffy PLEASE take your own advice use the REPORT system on Vaughn dear you know the one buried up your ass, ya that one. The same reporting system you chose to ignore as a mother was being ripped to shreds for 4 days with an onslaught of baby death jokes that you never even responded to. Poor cry baby Scruffy boohoo.lbpnation_jtv_monkey