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No idea if this silly pumpkin head jibber jabbering half wit is serious or just playing, but somewhere in her past she MAY have had brain damage. This MAY explain the fact she’s INSANE. Thanks for the first screen grab, 2nd one was my own personal archive stash dating back several years ago.

Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS, and may a baby eat your DINGO





Mark’s at it again, but this time he makes some very suggestive comments on his facebook page.However he’s confronted with someone who decides to challenge the comments and with that an argument ensues. I have no idea as to Mark and his mother’s hundreds of ailments, what I do question is WHY do people insist on placing their woes and troubled lives on facebook for all to see ??? Is this because their sites taken a direct nose dive so now it’s cry me a river on facebook ? We can only guess as to what’s on next weeks ailment of the month, maybe we should take a poll ?

All credit and thanks for Anon sending in the screen grabs.





All credit and thank you to Inyourface for the screen grabs used in this post. What we have here are a number of statements from a recent cast on VL where Scruffy has decided to expose what we here knew from years ago and that’s the hidden truth of Vaughn live.We have Scruffy stating she protected Sarah when the DUI case became public.Then she has some remarks concerning Bubba one of her ex friends, and her theory on his departure from VL.
But to me the most intriguing are her comments concerning the convicted rapist Adam Paul Stuart Browne as it’s stated by Scruffy that he uses his VL account to direct traffic to Ivlog. And what’s ever more interesting is that the caster at this time “InmateJenny” claims she gave Adambro money to purchase Djequipment which he spent on other things.An interesting turn of events as the once staunch Scruffy who had protected her dear caster acomplices now throws them to the 4 winds like vile miscreants, what an odd change indeed I recall the days not to long ago as Scruffy referred to those who spoke the truth as the “HATE BLOG” funny how times have changed.