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Well so the story goes like this. Edge was DOXED a day or so ago in her/his channel by a guest that she thought she had banned but apparently HAD NOT.So today Edge caught up with the Lovely Scruffy to confront her on this dilemma only Scruffy wasn’t there at THAT time and had moved on to another channel.

Now the REAL issue here is that Edge thought she had the TOOLS to deal with this DOXING guest only to find out she doesn’t, according to Edge her tools don’t work. Now Edge then becomes suspicious and ask Scruffy if she’s the one doing the DOXING.

Imagine that ?  Look on the BRIGHT side Edge no one has threatened to MURDER you…..YET…..WELCOME TO VAUGHN  <3

My words of advice Edge baby……SLAP DAT V YOU ZEXY TANG.

Watch my girl Barbie twerk her plastic ass for ya


So far it has certainly been one of those weekends to the massive tit attack from Karen and her 2 WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION to Liklik and his weeny party it’s been interesting so far.

Until someone decided to drop a screen shot of Liklik making a statement that HE was selling pills to Lynn Vaughn aka Miss Scuffy.

Now PLEASE keep in mind I cannot nor will I confirm or deny these statements when after all it’s Liklik, let’s be REAL HERE folks.

So out of curiosity I decided to inquire as to a possible list of Scruffy’s ailments and diseases, HOLY HELL was I in for an awakening.

Without any particular order WE now have the LIST of all if not most of Scruffy and her ailments that she placed on facebook for all to see. All thx to our anons for this.

Food poisoning at one time not so long ago.

She has Hashimoto Disease.

Allergic to ink and news paper ?

Um and more STUFF she has.

The LIST THAT BROKE the BANK……holy freaking helllllllll

Ahhh yes the MERCURY POISONING….Complete with LINK

Allergic to CHICKEN ???

More STUFF and then some.

I’m completely baffled and in shock as to all of this. Let me be clear in no way am I mocking or making light of anyone with any sickness, but let’s be real I don’t know about you but I’m having a difficult time discerning fact from fiction with Scruffy. Factor in her flip flop history and her rash and irregular decision making, and it all becomes a little clearer to us all she’s insane. Let’s not forget who her looser whiteknight has been for the last 4 years… HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA I rest my case.

DUUUUUHHHHH…spazzing out never looked so funny.


Now before you go on about the whole it’s a TIT post please keep in mind Karen was expressing herself and actually had a point to be made.

Her point is the fact the Vaughns have allowed both Warbuck and Sarah62 back on and that has made some of you upset.

And Karen is correct here because not 24 hours before this Liklik was banned for showing his penis remember ???

I’m sorry Miss Scruffy WHAT WAS THAT about NUDITY and KEEPING YOUR CLOTHES ON. Care to comment ?????????

All thx to my partner in CRIME for this titty fest video of MEGA ( 0 ) ( o )  proportions. Way to go Karen <3 ….and yes Karen was banned

So this 3 in 1 multi post covers several different individuals. All thx to our anons and anyone else who may have contributed to the post.

THE BIG NEWS is ……………………….

Shawnio was arrested for having SEX with farm animals……..again.

NO NO NO I’m joking around.

THE BIG NEWS is………He was sodomized by his MOMMY ????

NO NO NO I’m joking again……..


Sarah69 was possibly released….hmmmmmm. Let the fireworks pop baby. Our anons tell us that this has indeed taken place, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough as most likely a cast will be scheduled some time in the near future and Sarah can explain the whole mess away.

And is has been confirmed as to her release. So just don’t drive in Nebraska cuz you might get rear ended by a drunk skinny tall female.

So that brings me to this mornings WEENY wagon fest starring Liklik as himself our anons in chat tell me he is now officially BANNED from both Vaughn live and Ivlog, sorry Liklik you could have been a contender……kid.

Along with the BAN news comes DirtyWood  the unwashed outcast who has been officially banned from Vaughn live as well. Guess the lovely Miss Scruffy in all her infinite wisdom after so many years has finally seen the error of her ways and has decided to finally to do something about her dirty laundry (sarcasm laughs)

Or perhaps she’s finally pulled her condescending self out of her self righteous ass ?

Or maybe after being kicked by the Dirtyone she’s decided to retaliate in her own special loving way ??


All credit to topcat for this strange video.


Liklik may have lost his marbles and for some reason decides to expose himself on Ivlog and at some point on Vaughn.However during all this he tells the site manager Miss Scruffy to go and FCK herself. Darren Lee Sayward aka Karl Davies became sexual frustrated and wasn’t impressed only because his main penis toy wasn’t on. And WE all know that’s the cock he enjoys most of all.Not sure as to the details, but eh it’s Friday. I’m sure more is to come.

Don’t CLICK the above LINK if you DON’T wish to see a white ASS an DICK. What a way to start the weekend.